Anticipating Torre’s 2 p.m. press conference

If Torre's really part of the Yankee family...
A very boring DotF

Joe Torre is hosting his own press conference at 2 p.m. ESPN plans to carry it live after an hour-long special on his managerial tenure in the Bronx. You would think from the coverage that Torre had died.

Now, I’m not sure what to expect at this press conference. Torre has always been the consummate professional in New York City. He’s been praised for handling the team, the Boss and the media in a way that had Larry Bowa gushing about him yesterday.

So what happens at 2 p.m.? My bet is absolutely nothing. He’ll thank the Yankees for his tenure, explain why he turned down a $5 million deal and say he’s moving on with his life.

But I could be wrong. What if Joe is simply so fed up with the Yankees and their inept hierarchy of management that he snaps at the press conference? Nothing is stopping Joe from railing into Randy Levine and Levin’s assinine comments yesterday. Nothing is stopping Joe form telling us how he really feels about Steinbrenner. For once, I’d love to see a press conference where something happens.

I doubt honesty would impact Joe’s future job prospects. He already holds a near-legendary status among the rest of baseball and is widely considered one of the most respected faces of the Bronx in this age of chic Yankee hatred. Some people would even laud him for daring to stand up to Steinbrenner.

No matter what, the media circus of the Yankees that has consumed the playoffs this year continues. This, more so than a Cleveland-Colorado World Series, is good for baseball even if it’s bad for the Yankees.

If Torre's really part of the Yankee family...
A very boring DotF
  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Not that we didn’t already know that most of the media, and all of (N)ESPN loathes the Yankees, but this whole circus has let whatever was left of the mask slip.

    An hilarious contrast will be with the coverage when the Sawx let Tito go and the press regurgitate whatever the Sawx loathesome ownership and overrated front office say.

    • Ben K.

      The press has been rightfully sympathetic toward Joe and more critical of the folks who look bad instead of the overall Yankee organization. I don’t see how their supposed bias – which, if you think about it in terms of economics and ratings, doesn’t make much sense – would impact their coverage of this Yankee story.

      • Mike A.

        I’ve gotten the sense that the press has come down even harder on the Yanks. It’s like Torre was the one bright spot, the one classy individual in whole outfit, and now everyone’s bashing for the FO for cutting him loose.

  • marc

    i still find it amazing how money plays sucha large role, Joe has a shitload and if he wanted to manage he could have. I know levine is a douche but this isn’t some other organization but rather it is the Yankees and while he played a large part in bringing the organization back to its winning ways everyone played integral roles. I think i’ll be sadder to see Mo leave than Joe even if i’m currently angrier with Mo than i am anyone else. I’m just so sick and tired of hearing what this organization “owes” to all these players and coaches. The Yankees made Joe, they funded Joe, they tolerated Joe, they fought for Joe I dont wanna hear about disrepectful offers, the man should do his job for free, the yankees never got credit for paying him double what any other manager got, did they “over-“respect him then? A bunch of egos across the board but Joe is as guilty as any of them. Hopefully he’s smart enough to be his gracious self and let the world know how grateful he is that he got 50 million dollars to manage 3 billion dollars worth of talent so that he can be in the HoF. Joe’s great and i’m going to miss him but this disrepect is ludicrous and Mo aint makin it any better.

    • Relaunch

      Very well said. I agree 100%

  • Barry C

    Let Joe Go! 5 Million not enough, seeya Joe….Over the last 2 years his horrid use of the bullpen has lost more games then its won. He sticks with his veterans too long as if he owes them something. It’s time for a change. Joe was handed a playoff caliber team every season and has failed in his last 7 attempts. People seem to forget how great of a manager he was in ATL/NY?STL…here is the recap:

    Year League Team Age G W L WP Finish
    1977 NL East NewYorkM 36 117 49 68 .419 6 Player/Manager
    1978 NL East NewYorkM 37 162 66 96 .407 6
    1979 NL East NewYorkM 38 163 63 99 .389 6
    1980 NL East NewYorkM 39 162 67 95 .414 5
    1981 NL East NewYorkM 40 52 17 34 .333 5 First half of season
    1981 NL East NewYorkM 40 53 24 28 .462 4 Second half of season

    1982 NL West Atlanta 41 162 89 73 .549 1
    1983 NL West Atlanta 42 162 88 74 .543 2
    1984 NL West Atlanta 43 162 80 82 .494 3

    1990 NL East St.Louis 49 58 24 34 .414 6
    1991 NL East St.Louis 50 162 84 78 .519 2
    1992 NL East St.Louis 51 162 83 79 .512 3
    1993 NL East St.Louis 52 162 87 75 .537 3
    1994 NL Cent St.Louis 53 115 53 61 .465 3
    1995 NL Cent St.Louis 54 47 20 27 .426 4

    ONE first place finish, 5 winning seasons (out of 15). Most wins 89, he is mediocre and the best thing he ever did in New York was handle the media with the calss he has always shown, which is the best thing you can say of the man. He is not a good manager….Likeable, profeesional, agreeable, yest to all, but I he stepped into a situation that even he couldn’t mess up….

    • Ben K.

      Over the last 2 years his horrid use of the bullpen has lost more games then its won.

      That is a patently ridiculous claim. Please.

    • Jersey

      Using the records of his previous clubs is a fairly poor indicator of his ability. Have you looked at the personnel he had to work with before NY? Few managers would have had much more success with those ballclubs, just like few managers would have done worse with the personnel in NY. For all we know, Torre might have been able to milk a few more wins out of those clubs each year.

      Let’s not overestimate the impact a manager has on record – good or bad.

    • mw


      Here’s the managerial line on another former Yankee gr8 manager when he skippered teams other than those in the Bronx:

      1934 National Lg Brooklyn 43 153 71 81 .467 6
      1935 National Lg Brooklyn 44 154 70 83 .458 5
      1936 National Lg Brooklyn 45 156 67 87 .435 7

      1938 National Lg BostonBr 47 153 77 75 .507 5
      1939 National Lg BostonBr 48 152 63 88 .417 7
      1940 National Lg BostonBr 49 152 65 87 .428 7
      1941 National Lg BostonBr 50 156 62 92 .403 7
      1942 National Lg BostonBr 51 150 59 89 .399 7

      1943 National Lg BostonBr 52 107 47 60 .439 6

      1962 National Lg NewYorkM 71 161 40 120 .250 10
      1963 National Lg NewYorkM 72 162 51 111 .315 10
      1964 National Lg NewYorkM 73 163 53 109 .327 10
      1965 National Lg NewYorkM 74 96 31 64 .326 10

      So if what you’re saying is true, that Stengel guy was a bum just like Joe ?

      Tom Lasorda once said when asked who the best manager he ever faced was, “the one with the best players”.

      We’ll see how things go into the future as the “Declynesty” hits new levels of depth. Joe managed his butt off to get this team to the playoffs. The Steinbrenner family is classless and the “bandwagon” Yankee fan is always ready to jump off when they don’t win or at least throw someone like Joe under the bus.

      Good luck with Donnie baseball, the posterboy for Yankee mediocrity, as your next manager. You’ll be wishing #6 was there in the dugout.

  • marc

    I’m as concerned as anyone to lose Joe, to change this team, but its almost as if the team has stalled out… its aging and thats self-evident. Its expensive, it has such small ability to change because so many players have no-trade clauses or albatrous contracts. Maybe in order to get back to the top, it has to be completely knocked down first. They weren’t going to dominate forever, we were all spoiled for half a decade and it just isn’t as easy as it looks. They got lucky with some trades and some young players but the league isn’t the same anymore either. Cashman is restricted now, the more he spends the more money it gives other teams to keep their talent so we can’t buy it… eventually you end up with what you create. the yankees created a money making juggernaut in MLb and now they pay for it by paying everyone else to keep players they can’t acquire. I mean if we sign Mo for 3-40 after luxury tax thats what… 3/48? then that extra 8 mill goes to the brewers so they can lock up a kid like Braun and we have no shot at him. Its this new vicious cycle. The Yankees need to end the spending so that they can go back to acquiring talent with their money. Its not like ti was in 96-99. We can’t go and traded for a clemens because poor ass toronto can afford to keep him now. using the money we give them.

  • Mike A.

    I hope Joe goes out during his PC like the guy from Half-Baked “Fuck you (stein), fuck you (levine), you’re cool (yogi), fuck you (cashman), i’m out.”

    All-time greatest PC ever.

  • Relaunch

    These posts are unbelievable. Many of you can have your feelings for Torre and all the things he did here. But are people forgetting, he was paid very, very, very well for doing this stuff. He made almost 3 times more the next manager. When you get paid like that, you have to be accountable.

    The players are crying that he is going and are saying how much they love him and can’t play for the Yanks without him. They could have easily avoided this situation by at least advancing past the first round the last 3 years.