Bowa may jump ship


The Olympian is reporting that Larry Bowa is heading to Seattle to anchor the third base job in Safeco. The Seattle Times has a slightly different take. Bowa has been offered the job but hasn’t yet accepted. The Yanks should just step in and make Bowa an offer to stay in the Bronx that he can’t refuse. Manager, bench coach, whatever. They can’t afford to lose Torre and Bowa in the same week. This new era of Yankee ownership is off to one stellar start.

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  1. E-ROC says:

    It takes real skill to lose Torre and Bowa in the same week. Hopefully, Bowa stays.

  2. dan says:

    what if the new manager wants to pick his coaches?

  3. E-ROC says:

    I doubt of the new managers coaches are better than Pena or Bowa.

  4. E-ROC says:

    It should be ”if” instead of ”of” and manager’s instead of managers.

  5. yankz says:

    If you believe other people on the internet, this, just like Joe leaving, will have no effect at all. In fact, good 3B/IF coaches are easy to find. Larry Bowa = a white Luis Sojo.

  6. Mac says:

    I was about to say, hey let’s get Sojo back…

  7. steve (different one) says:

    Bowa was clearly better than Sojo, but that said, i think you are overestimating the impact his leaving would have.

  8. Mike R. says:

    I hope Bowa stays, and think he will. Are the Seattle Mariners really that tempting of an offer? If he were offered the manager position then I would be a lot more frightened, but leaving his job as the 3rd base coach for the Yankees to do the same thing with the Mariners? I doubt the Mariners would outbid us for his services and I heard him state in an interview that he would love to work with Mattingly. If I were Larry Bowa I would say thanks, but no thanks to Seattle, wait to see what the managerial situation will be and then decide if I want to leave.

  9. dan says:

    It’s not as much about who’s the best coach available, it’s about who the manager trusts. I’m sure all of Baltimore’s coaches were at least decent a few years ago, but they all wanted Lee Mazzilli’s job, so he couldn’t trust them.

  10. zack says:

    Eh. The Yankees CAN afford to lose Torre and Bowa. Bowa gets credit for helping Cano, and to be fair, hes been a darn good 3b coach. But lets be honest, how much throughout an entire season, does a 3b coach really impact a game? And you’re telling me that Bowa somehow had more of a connection with all the players than Sojo or Willie? Its not that uncommon for a manager to leave and coaches to leave as well…

  11. Jamal G. says:

    The 1B/3B coaches’ primary job is not to be 1B/3B coaches. They are ausually guys who specialize in a certain position(s) on the field so they can help the players. For example Tony Pena specialty is catching and you can tell by the steady improvement Jorge Posada has had defensively over these recent years. Same with Larry Bowa, he is the infield specialist and it has been well publicized that he has taken Cano under his wing and I think most can agree Cano is a Gold Glover waiting to happen.

    I beleive Bowa is going to wait to see who is named the new Yankees manager. If it is Don Mattingly I think he will stay. Also another factor might be if Bowa is interviewed for the job. We have heard already that Pena, Mattingly, and Girardi have already been asked to be interviewed next week but no news on Bowa. That might make him a bit upset that he wasn’t even considered.

    • steve (different one) says:

      posada did improve under Pena in 2006, but he did not improve this year. he clearly took a step backwards in 2007 defensively.

    • Mike R. says:

      Bowa already expressed his lack of interest in Torre’s job. In his own words the person that follows Torre is entering a “Lose-Lose situation”. That might be the reason he wasn’t asked.

  12. Barry says:

    they’re a bunch of pampered assholes they don’t know how to run a baseball team

  13. A. Phil says:

    Bowa was on Chris Russo’s show today, and he said that he would love to come back. I dont think he hinted about the Mariners job.

  14. Lil Jimmy Norden says:

    I loved the energy and knowledge Bowa brought to the table. Hope he stays.

  15. Mike R. says:

    This is completely unrelated but I felt it was worth mentioning.

    There is a rumor that the Yankees will pursue Johan Santana by offering the Twins Wang, Kennedy and Cabrera. Any thoughts?


  16. Travis says:

    I’d pull the trigger with Wang and Kennedy. Not with Melky, too.

  17. dan says:

    I am definitely in favor of the trade provided that they can agree on an extension. One year of johan for 3 years of wang and 6 years of kennedy is not worth it

  18. Lil Jimmy Norden says:

    Id do the Santana trade if we could get a few low level minor leaguers in return. Santana is fantastic, but Wang was great too. With Melky and IPK it may be a bit lopsided.

    Getting Santana locked up but thats a must, they’re not going to deal for him to keep him a year.

  19. yankz says:

    No way in hell would they do the trade unless they knew they’d extend him.

    Santana >>>Wang.

    • dan says:

      No one is saying that Wang is better than Johan… we’re wondering whether Johan is better than wang kennedy and melky. It’s hard to judge kennedy because of the tiny sample size, but his 3.73 FIP is similar to Matt Cain (among several others, but Cain and Kennedy had similar ratios too), who was worth around 2 and a half wins above average.

      Assume the following:

      Kennedy is worth 2-2.5 wins next year
      Melky is leage average, worth zero wins (he was below avg this year, but will be better next year)
      Wang is worth 2.5-3 wins next year

      Santana will be worth about 4.5 wins (he was at 3 last year, but worth between 4-6 in previous years)

      Add in whoever takes melky’s and kennedy’s spot in the rotation, and this is a no-brainer assuming they can keep santana past next season.

  20. yankz says:

    As I posted elsewhere, it’d be comparable to the Beckett trade, which was Hanley+Anibal+a minor leaguer whose name I don’t remember (Jesus something) for Beckett, Lowell (who was solely salary relief at the time), and Mota (who had been abysmal the year before). I think Wang/Melky/IPK is pretty close to Hanley/Anibal/Jesus ?, if not better.

    • Mike A. says:

      It was Beckett-Lowell-Mota for Hanley-Anibal-Jesus Delgado-Harvey Garcia. Everyone forgets the A-ballers, but Delgado throws the ball 100 miles an hour and Garcia struck out 15 in 12.1 IP with Florida this year.

  21. steve says:

    i would love to have santana but i think they need to keep wang and kennedy, hughes and joba are going to be a great 1 2 punch. maybe i’m too bias towards the yankees minor league system but I don’t know i just have a bad feeling about santana, in about 2 or 3 years i think his arm will fall off.

    we have desperately needed a power arm since clemens originally left but i think we have a few now with hughes and joba … personally I dont’ think santana is worth it for melky kennedy and wang

  22. Jamal G. says:

    I don’t know about that Santana deal. IMO it depends on if Andy pettitte comes back. Honestly, if Pettitte decides to retire and we make that proposed Santana deal (Wang, IPK, Melky to Twins), do we really want to depend on Phil hughes this early as a #2 starter? Our rotation would have the best pitcher in the Majors but it would also be too inexperienced and thin. Looking at Hughes numbers and the scout rule to only extend a young pitcher by 30 innings every year, he is not yet a 200 inning guy. Same for Chamberlain. So that means we would have to depend on the likes of Mike Mussina along with a revolving door at the #5 spot which does not look to appeasing.

    I have no problems dealing Wang in a Santana trade but not IPK too, maybe one of our minor-league guys like Alan Horne, Steven White, Ross Ohlendorf, or maybe even Humberto Sanchez. I just think this deal would make our rotation way too thin if Pettitte doesn’t come back. Remember Pettitte says that he “hates the fact that Joe Torre is not the manager anymore”.

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