• Mac

    Dude, I totally agree. There were a couple of absolutely meaningless games this year vs. Baltimore and that ilk that had no business whatsoever being over 4 hours. A bullpen with fewer walks would help….

  • Giuseppe Franco

    Are you suggesting that the Yanks abort their strategy of taking pitches and working the counts?

    That’s the biggest reason why they have consistently led the world in lengthy ballgames the last several years.

    They will reduce the length of their games if Yankee pitchers throw more strikes and the next manager doesn’t make 460+ pitching changes throughout the season.

    Get more length from the rotation next season and they will reduce the length of the game.

    • dan

      that’s the best commenter name ive seen anywhere in a long time.

    • http://www.pinstripealley.com John

      Totally agree. We should measure time in defensive half innings: I want the Yankees to pitch the shortest halves in the league.

      At the game yesterday (Game 4 of the motherhumping playoffs) I sat in the left field bleachers next to a ‘Yankee fan’ who bitched about people standing up in front of him and the length of the game starting in the 2nd inning. By the 5th I turned to him and said “I bet the view from your couch is clear, and you can go to bed whenever you get tired.” It didn’t shut him up though.

      Thankfully he left before the 7th inning stretch.

  • Mike R.

    We have a better shot of trading Mussina to Minnesota straight up for Johan Santana than we do of this goal. Yankees and long games are like Summer and Ice Cream.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    The issue isn’t the pitch-taking as much as it is the pitches. How many 3-2 counts did the Yankees relievers pitch into? Waaaaay too many.

  • E-ROC

    Well, we’ll have better starting pitching next year with Joba, Hughes, and IPK to go along with Pettitte and Wang. I think they’ll go longer in games than Clemens and Mussina did this year. There is no way in hell Mussina should see the rotation, unless there is an injury. God help Cashman.