Buster Olney thinks Guidry is no longer a good fit for the Yanks

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ESPN News Services reports that Buster Olney does not think Ron Guidry will be back as the Yanks’ pitching coach. Oleny’s speculation is based on this George King article, the recent availability of Leo Mazzone and the relationship between Dave Eiland and the Yankees rookie pitching trifecta.

News from Tampa
Breaking: News could break at any time
  • Count Zero

    More to the point – was Guidry ever a good fit for the Yanks? ;-)

  • Dan

    It’s been said a million times, but great players usually don’t make great managers/coaches. The adage that “those who can’t, teach” is especially true in sports. It’s another reason why so many of the great managers of the game (Torre included) were mediocre players themselves. And it’s no coincidence that Kevin Long ended up being a much better hitting instructor than Mattingly (even if Mattingly did ressurrect Giambi’s career for awhile.) It’s also why I am weary of the Yanks hiring Mattingly as their manager (that, and it’s almost a proven fact that catchers generally make the best managers, but that’s another story).

    I would really like to see that Yankees shell out the money for Mazzone. Think of the success that he had with Glavine/Maddux/Smoltz… there are three pretty talented young arms in the Yankee system that could benefit from his tutiledge. He may be able to get Farnsworth back on track!

    • steve (different one)

      wait, whaaaa?

      are you implying that Joe Torre was a mediocre player?

      Torre was a great player. probably better than Mattingly.

  • NYFan50

    I’ll be pretty happy if Eiland gets the job. He worked with the kids in the minors and they excelled. I think he should get a shot at continuing what he started.

  • Viasistina

    Everyone loves the Gator, but what I see him doing mostly is calling the bullpen for Joe to see if someone is ready or go out to the mound to give that person more time to get ready. I don’t recall seeing Gator ever engage in a serious conversation with a pitcher while standing on the mound.

    • yankz

      How the hell could you know what they were saying? Are you a lip reader that can see through gloves and catchers’ masks?

      I’m not defending Guidry, but he went to the mound a million times last year, and only he, Posada, and the pitcher know what was said.

  • Alex

    dan, torre wasn’t a mediocre player, we won an mvp.

    this is just a quick question for Mike A.:
    i agree that eliand is great with the youngsters, and would make a great pitching coach for the yanks, but because he is so good with the kids, doesn’t it make sense to leave him as a coach in the minors so he can help develop them? most of anything a player ever learns is in the minors, usually by the time they get to the bigs they are how they are. this is why i think we should go for mazzone, not because he is better than eliand, but because eliand is too good in the minors to go without.

  • davi

    i use to say the only decent thing about the nyp was their sports section, but now even that sucks. While I feel that Eiland is a good fit, the post is garbage. At least it’s not Peter Gammons opinion.

  • brad k

    how important does anyone think a major league pitching coach is anyway? Answer: not very, Mazzone included. Based on what he did with in Baltimore I would say leave it as it is. Guidry has done pretty much the same as anyone else who ever coached pro’s. I got a real kick out of the news footage of the Gator working with the Moose during his struggles in August. How much can you teach a 40 year old pitcher?

    • steve

      i agree 100% … i think only the young rookies will benefit from a pitching coach … and maybe a reminder about mechanis to the veterans from time to time. but what the hell could guidry be telling to moose and clemens?

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        Hopefully, the only thing anyone on the Yankees is telling Clemens is “Go home.”

    • kanst

      I think you give Mazzone credit for Baltimore. I think Guthrie was a classic Mazzone pithcher and he flourished

  • yankz

    Atlanta led the league in ERA for 12 of the 14 years Mazzone was there. For many of those years, they didn’t have the best trifecta in history. He deserves at least SOME credit.

    In fact, someone did a study on the Mazzone effect once and determined it was probably somewhat real. I’ll look for it.

    And I seriously doubt the three-headed beast known as Jophilian is finished learning.

  • Jamal G.

    People keep talking about Mazzone and his effect on the Atlanta Trio, that’s not where he made his dues. His work is based on what he did with Jaret Wright and how he perfected Erik Bedard over the past two years and Jeremy Guthrie this year.

    As to Guidry there seems to be alot of favor to axe him and I have no idea why. Nor do I have any idea why not so I wont defend nor attack him. Our Prospect trio dominated throughout the minors so giving the credit to Eiland for their minor league success is just giving him too much credit. Hughes made only 5 starts for Triple-A Yankees where Eiland coached, Chamberlain pitched in only 3 games and IPK made only 6 starts.

    • steve (different one)

      i think Eiland was the coach at Trenton in 2006 though.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m not giving Eiland credit for the success of the trio. Eiland knows those guys better than anyone else, so I’d be beneficial to have him right there with them.