• Josh K

    For once, he may be right…

  • NYFan50

    My only real concern with Girardi is that if he reminds A-Rod of Showalter then the odds may increase of him opting out.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      I’m sure if that was an issue it has already been discussed among involved parties.

      • NYFan50

        If so, then I’d much prefer Girardi to Mattingly. I know very little about Pena, though he’s probably the longshot of the three.

  • http://riveravenuewatch.blogspot.com/ Mike NYY

    Look at what the Marlins pitcher did this year. They all suffered from their overuse by him. You think Torre’s pitching management was bad? Wait until youse Girardi. I like Pena

    • NYFan50

      This is just common misperception. These pitchers were not overworked. The only one of them you can argue for is Sanchez, whose innings increased by 65. He averaged less than 100 pitches per start, though, and if you want to fault Girardi for starting him over 40…well, that’s a front office decision.

    • dan

      I’ve posted on this issue before (can’t find where though)…

      Johnson got hurt, his innings increased by about 20

      Sanchez got hurt, his innings increased by about 65 from 2005-2006…. however, his innings increased by the same amount from 2004-2005 without incident.

      If anyone else from that team got hurt because of an innings increase, post it here

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        Johnson got hurt because Joe Girardi made a mistake in putting him back into a game after a long rain delay. Girardi has certainly indicated that he’s learned his lesson there.

        Anibal Sanchez got hurt for a variety of reasons, not least among them due to some bad communication between him and the team this year. Girardi had little to do with that. His usage patterns for Sanchez were within the realm of what the player development guys in the Marlins were telling them.

        The only legitimate gripe is with the way he handled Johnson, and I’m sure he’s learned from that one.