Don’t stay up late for the Torre decision


SI’s Jon Heyman is reporting that we might not hear anything on the Torre situation until next week:

The Yankees’ brass is in the process of arranging a high-powered meeting in which the club’s top decision-makers will consider the cases of Torre, as well as three star players: Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada.

The big sitdown, which would take place in Tampa, Fla., could happen as early as Friday. More likely, it will wait until early next week. The reason for the delay isn’t known.

I hate to see things drag out like this, but I think the longer it takes, the better the chance that Torre stays. Not sure how well that sits with the rest of y’all. The good news: I can finish my assessment of the situation, which I was rushing to get done for tomorrow. So now you might see it Friday.

Oh, and make sure to check out Mike’s mind-blowing Andrew Brackman profile. The dude’s good at writing these, and this is his best. Don’t want it to get buried as we talk about the state of the Yanks.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Random question….but does anyone else remember when Rocket came back he said something along the lines of, “the boss had some choice words (sic) that were very nice to hear but i wont tell you all what he said until after the season.” or some shit like that? Am I imagining things again? Someone please help me.

  2. Stephen says:

    I dunno. My memories of that event mostly involve Suzyn Waldman yelling insanely.

  3. Bart says:

    ARod will break Babe Ruth’s record (oh steroid Bonds record) if he stays healthy and plays

    NYC is likely no longer an issue for him

    He has proven at Texas and NY that he is not weighed upon by the size of his contract (countless other the adverse).

    He will pay for himself economically as he does this

    The new stadium nearly requires him

    At worst (barring injuries) in his deep decline years he will be on overpaid DH

    But if the economics chug along not by much
    – the Yankees as noted by nearly everyone hurt themselves by not locking up players early (they at least make for cheap trades if wrong –avoid the NT clauses)
    – by the time a jeteresque splayer proves exceptional the cost is too high — although with the economics Jeter was maybe only a little late

    If commiting to ARod forces the front office to be more agressive with the young player they will be financially ahead in spite of themselves

    I have been anti-Torre the short series manager forever – we (fans and team have needed too many “miracles” — the team plays tight with the “win or all is lost we are failures pressure”

    Yhe Yankees need a manager who can handle the players, clubhouse, game and reduce the pressure — that person may be so tough to find that Torre even with His “faults” is the better answer –

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