First three candidates ready their résumés

Torre, discussing the end, leaves the door slightly open

The first three guys on Brian Cashman‘s docket for the managerial job are getting their credentials in order. Would Don Mattingly, Joe Girardi and Tony Peña step on down? Noticeably absent from this list is Larry Bowa who will play a big role on the Yankees next year. My money’s on Mattingly as the manager with Bowa as the heavy-handed (in a good way) bench coach.

Torre, discussing the end, leaves the door slightly open
  • E-ROC

    Larry Bowa jumped ship and landed in Seattle as their third base coach. Peter Abe has the story.

  • Tim Tohnson

    I remember reading that Bowa said that he would sign a lifetime contract to coach under Joe Torre if he could. He likes the man that much.


    • Jim Johnson

      Err.. right.

  • E-ROC

    Outside of the big three that Cashman mentioned, who are the darkhorses? Ken Macha? Bobby V? Tony Larussa(OH HELL NO!!)? Bob Brenly(very long longshot)?

    • Joseph P.

      Oh, please, anyone but Ken Macha. I’d rather have LaRussa, and my sentiments about the man are the same as you expressed.

      • Jim Johnson

        Long-term, Mattingly is probably the man for the job. But I don’t think this is a good time to want to manage the Yankees. It’s a bad situation.

        • kris

          A bad situation created thanks to our genius ownership.

  • Zack

    I am really intrigued by Pena and would actually really like to see him manage the Yanks for a lot of reasons, and I really really hope he gets a legit shot instead of the token “minority” interview demanded. That said, I think anyone but Mattingly and ‘maybe” Girardi would have a very hard time if the team starts off slow, as they have their Yankee capital…

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    That was bad news about Bowa, I thought he did a great job at 3rd and worked very well with Cano. Let’s play manager derby;

    Don Mattingly
    There is a first time for everything, but keep in mind that in the entire post World War II era I can’t think of one example of a superstar player who returned to the team he was a superstar with and became a a successful manager. Don has no experience whatsoever and the job of Yankee manager is not what one would call a walk on the beach. This is a high risk move that would have little chance of paying off.

    He’s ready, I think he would be a great choice (all things considered he might be the best choice).

    I think Pena would also be a great choice.

    La Russa
    I know many fans are not crazy about this remote possibility but I’d have no problem with the Yanks going in this direction. I think the Yankees might put a few more World Series title flags up before La Russa wore out his welcome.

    Buck Showalter
    I’ve heard some talk about this possibility, Buck can manage there is no question of that but if he comes say goodbye to AROD (that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering) .