Kimmel says what we’re all thinking


I’m not a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel, but when I saw this video at The Big Lead today, I laughed. We’re all thinking it. He just has a platform to share.

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  1. John says:

    “Try not to be annoying This time…”


  2. zack says:

    Isn’t Kimmel himself a Sox fan?

    Dont’ worry, Sox fans will just take the rest of the county’s hatred of them as another chip on their shoulder/blue collar me against the world reason to feel entitled…

  3. kris says:

    Somehow the blonde fan in the tight red T-shirt doesn’t bother me at all. I wonder why…

  4. Mike A. says:

    But…but…but the Red Sox are lovable underdogs!

  5. Lisa K. says:

    Jimmy Kimmel? The guy who made his name with girls jumping on trampolines?

    Yeah. He’s got a lot that’s relevant to say.

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