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AFL Javelinas win
RAB goes to Venezuela

If Tim McCarver and Joe Buck love Jonathan Papelbon so much, why don’t they just marry him?

Meanwhile, considering how poorly Sabathia and Carmona have pitched the last two nights, I’m starting to get the sinking suspicion that the Yanks just flat-out sucked during the ALDS. Cleveland’s pitching isn’t really that good.

Update 1:11 a.m.: Unsurprisingly, Eric Wedge’s stupid decision to pinch run for Travis Hafner with two outs in the 9th of a tie game has come back to haunt him. Trot Nixon will now bat against a lefty with two on and one out in the 11th. Do these managers never learn? Pinch-running against Papelbon with two outs is pretty useless.

Update 1:16 a.m.: Nevermind. That worked. And I sure am glad the Yanks never made that Melky-for-Gagne trade. What idiot suggested that?

AFL Javelinas win
RAB goes to Venezuela
  • cjc

    seriously what’s the big deal about the stare everyone wets themself talking about how intimidating his stare down is honestly when ever I see it I think he has to poop

  • Ivan

    Nah Cleveland’s top two are great but after that they are a little subpar.

    To be honest I think Boston starting rotation is a little bit overrated except beckett.

    • Ben K.

      What really bugs me about the ALDS is that the Yanks would have run over the Red Sox’s rotation. Outside of Beckett, these guys pretty much suck. Schilling and Dice-K are simply out of gas, and Lester/Buchholz is such a wild card. It’s too bad the Yanks bats went silent at the same time.

  • Ivan

    Ben K.

    What ya gonna do though? Cleveland won and the Yankees didn’t period. They are facing boston, were not period.

    I tell ya this though, Boston didn’t want to face the yanks, not to say we would of won but the last team they wanted to face was us. And you know when they gonna say whew thank god were facing cleveland, when they see Borowski trying to get them out.

  • John

    Pinch running: I died a little when Hafner was taken out.

    But Nixon came through. [sarcasm] He’s so clutch [/sarcasm].

  • Mike R.

    I could normally care less about baseball once my Yanks are out of it, but in watching tonight with my new found appreciation for player development (Thanks in no small part to you guys) I can’t help but marvel at the job that Shapiro has done with the Indians. Through the draft, internatioanl scouting and the scrap heap he has put together quite the team.

    Ben, You have a typo in the “Announcer idioms” tab. It’s actually spelled with a T not an M.

  • Mike R.

    Oh and one last thing…Is it just me or does Eric Wedge ALWAYS look drunk?

    • steve

      ha i thought that during the ALDS, he always has the ‘i’m too hung over to shave’ look

      • kanst


        I love it, he literally looks like he always is recovering from a hard night of drinking.

  • Adam B.

    Javier Lopez is a lefty with a reverse split, so it wasn’t as bad as you thought, Ben.

  • Travis G.

    Sometimes the best trades…

  • Travis G.

    oh, and Joe Buck sucks badly.

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    cleveland was never anything special…the yankees were simply flat after the long break before the series.

    think about it, if it wasnt for the bugs they would have arguably squeaked by cleveland, or at least went 5 games despite playing horribly.

    they just went cold at the wrong time.

  • martin

    The idiot’s name was ken b. or something like that.

  • tony from the bronx

    the yanks ,since 2004 seem to always go bad the 1st week in Oct.I dont get it.Is it that they all want to be the hero ,that they forget about the little things,like hitting to the opposite field,shorting your swing with 2 outs and so on.Blame Wang for sure but the yankee offense does not do the job in close games since God knows when.I still cant believe we lost to the Indians.

  • Behind Enemy Lines

    I live in Boston and watching the Yankees and the Sox, what occurs to me is that the Sox tend to be much more poised during their at bats. In almost every at bat during the postseason it looked like the Yankees were trying to hard to make things happen (except against Byrd where they relaxed and ended up taking a bunch of first pitch strikes). There were a bunch of pitches last night that I couldn’t believe the Sox hitters didn’t swing at — pitches that I know our boys would’ve taken a hack at.

  • E-ROC
  • Bryan

    Sabathia and Carmona should finish 1 and 2 in the Cy Young race, unfortunely, they started sucking at the wrong time.

    • Mike A.

      The writers had to submit their votes before the playoffs started. Sabathia & Carmona’s ALCS suckiness won’t affect their standing in the Cy voting.

  • kris

    Boy I can’t stop watching the highlights of that 7-run extra inning. Nothing more fun than watching the pesky Indians driving stake after stake (after stake) into the hearts of New England. I swear I can hear the anger in Joe Buck’s voice as he spoke through his gritted teeth.

  • James d.

    Sabathia is near 250 innings, so he may just be worn out. And Carmona battled last night, though he wasn’t great, and that type of poise is something Wang didn’t have either time out.

    Of course, the Yankees’ hitting did suck all on its own.

  • Al

    If I had to pick one to be on my team, I’d take Carmona…..just seems to have more upside potential. Plus, Sabathia may be having a baby soon! Geez! this guys not even in 30’s and his gut is bigger then a pregnant lady in third tri-mester! Guy looks like a 40 year old Luis Tiant! (yes..that’s an old name for you young guys…look him up. Was reminded of him when someone purchased a jersey and personalized with his name yesterday on my web store. – Great prices on MLB NHL NFL NBA Jerseys. Specialize in personalized jerseys.

    Hope you don’t mind the “plug”.

    Oh, yea, I’m a Yankee fan!