Mattingly’s agent: He likes you; he really likes you


While the report about Don Mattingly’s supposedly not being ready to manage makes the rounds, Mattingly’s agent sees things a bit differently. Aware that such an equivocal statement from a potential managerial candidate could be career-threatening, Ed Schulte, Mattingly’s agent, said that The Star-Ledger’s report is completely false. Don Mattingly is ready and willing to manage the Yankees. I guess.

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  • Count Zero

    I can sympathize with him. Imagine you are Donnie’s agent and wake up to that in the morning papers. LOL

    “Ummm….Don, you do realize that you just basically told every baseball owner in the country that you aren’t ready to be a manager and that you should not even be considered for such a job?”

    Donnie’s naivete is charming, but it’s just one more good reason why this guy shouldn’t be the manager next year.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Do be fair, Mattingly didn’t tell anyone about this. Price reported it from an anonymous source within the Yankee organization claiming that Mattingly told one of the Steinbrenner brothers. That’s hardly reliable.

    • Count Zero

      Fair enough. But my version’s funnier. ;-)

  • E-ROC

    Can u trust anybody in the Yankee organization, if they are just going to turn and tell the media?? If it’s true that Mattingly did say that “he’s not ready,” then he obviously took himself out of the running for the managerial job. It’s sad that you can’t trust anybody.

  • Mike R.

    Does anyone think that the Yankees planted this story just to see what kind of reaction they would get out of Donnie? Maybe they were making sure he would be willing to replace Torre. It’s a possibility.