Mazzone, Yanks interested in each other

Report: Mattingly not ready yet for the managerial post
Winter ballin'

In a piece about the imminent Yankee meetings in Tampa, Ed Price of The Star-Ledger dropped in an interesting tidbit about the recently-fired pitching coach Leo Mazzone. According to a source inside the Yankees’ camp, this week’s discussions will include a bit about Leo Mazzone. The Yanks were interested in Mazzone two years ago, and Mazzone’s manager has indicated that Leo is again interested in working for the Bombers. With a few young pitchers on the horizon, this is a match made in baseball heaven.

Report: Mattingly not ready yet for the managerial post
Winter ballin'
  • Alex

    get it done. now.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago


  • RF Bleachers

    I hope Mazzone is hired before Torre is fired…or re-hired for that matter. Let’s take a positive step in the right direction, Tampa!

  • Mike A.

    Mazzone’s never been great with young pitchers, and he won’t be able to add 5 mph to Moose’s fastball. I say pass, he’d be just another big money, big name quick fix attempt.

    Dave Eiland’s a better fit, he knows all the young pitchers inside and out.

    • Count Zero


    • Mike R.

      Look at what he did with Guthrie, Bedard and Loewen in two years. I think he could be a great fit. He is also known for his conditioing program, which has kept his pitchers healthy for the most part.

  • Mike A.

    Well, on the flip side, Mazzone may be able to help CM Wang get to that next, Cy Young caliber level.

    • martin

      Why is Dave Eiland supposed to know the 3 young pitchers inside and out ?
      how many games did they start in Scranton? Maybe 10 games combined. ?

      • Mike A.

        He was Hughes’ pitching coach with Trenton in 2006, and he spent plenty of time with them all in Spring Training and throughout their travels this year.

        • martin

          Thank you (spoken in a very very timid way).

  • E-ROC

    The bottom line is that Guidry isn’t coming back, at least for the most part. It’s either Dave Eiland or Leo Mazzone. Either one is an upgrade, IMO.

  • Mike NYY

    My preferred coaching staff:

    MGR Torre
    Bench Kerrigan
    Pitch Guidry
    Hitting Long
    1B Pena
    3B Bowa
    Bullpen Eiland

    Mattingly should manage in the minors and thgen get Torre’s job

  • Alex

    why with a coaching staff full of former managers loaded with experience did we ever go with a rookie pitching coach in the first place?

  • Accountant Pete

    I think this is a terrible idea. I like Mazzone, and all the respect for him and past success stories…but I fear Mazzone has to potential to tweak or tamper with the Big 3 (Joba, Phil, & Ian) and possibly derail them off their current paths.

    While Mazzone could be an asset to Wang and Mussina, I think the future of this Yankees ballclub lies within the Big 3, and to that end, Dave Eiland MUST be the pitching coach next year and the next few years.

    Eiland, in my opinion, is hands-down the best candidate for pitching coach.

  • Jamie CT

    As stated above, agree with going with Eiland. I don’t know how much longer Mazzone even has in the league… the only reason he went to the Orioles over the Yanks last time was because of his relationship with Sam… and if i remember correctly he used the Yankees to get MAX money out of Angelos and the Orioles for his last contract…

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    I believe Mazzone went to the Orioles last time because he and Sam Perlozzo grew up together and Leo always wanted to work with him. On top of that he knew that Atlanta wouldn’t give him a raise over his $500,000 salary.

    I don’t know if Mazzone would be the right guy, I haven’t followed his career too closely and it is especially hard to judge him because he had 3 Hall of Fame pitchers (Maddox, Glavine and Smoltz) on his staff during the halcyon days of the Braves and it is hard to say if it was the players or the coach.

    If they did hire Mazzone, couldn’t they have Eiland work as the bullpen coach so he has a chance to work with the youngsters and they have Mazzone to work with the veterans?

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