Mo meets with Yanks

New Stadium picking up good vibrations
Coaching staff all but in place

Mark Feinsand has the word: The Yankees met with Mariano Rivera and his agent today at Legends Field:

When asked if he was meeting with the Yankees, Rivera said, “Yeah. We have to see something.” Rivera declined further comment, telling reporters he would elaborate on his way out of the ballpark.

Rivera was one of five Yankees to file for free agency on Monday, the first day players were allowed to do so. The Yankees are expected to offer Rivera a three-year deal worth approximately $40 million.

No word on Mo’s comment after the meeting. But I think it would be tough for him to turn down that kind of deal.

New Stadium picking up good vibrations
Coaching staff all but in place
  • barry

    A small price to pay for a proven closer.

  • Relaunch

    Its not a smart move giving him 40 mill over 3 years. Highly doubt he will get that elsewhere

    • The Scout

      No choice here. The public relations hit on Torre/Mattingly and the A-Rod departure leave the Yankees with an urgent need to show they are making positive moves. As with most older free agents, you pay for one or two effective years and then for a year of declining performance. Think of it as a “golden parachute,” much like a corporate CEO receives. It’s the cost of doing business when you want to compete and your farm system has no one ready.

      • Relaunch

        I don’t agree. they have been trying to change the way they are doing business. The extra year I believe is not needed since he has been saying he wants to pitch in the new stadium. Although he was good this year, he wasn’t great and you can expect an either gradual decline or a quick one. Deal should be for 2 years with the Yanks option for a 3rd.

      • brxbmrs


        I hope they resign him, and 3 for $40 is fine – used less he might be at the top of his game for the 3 years.

        But all the other stuff, cost of doing business, pr probs, golden parachute – its flawed thinking – not saying others don’t do it, but it’s not smart business if you don’t think the players is going to earn the $.

        ALso, I think we are seeing the new bosses don’t really care about making (potentially) unpopular decisions – good for them.

  • Ivan

    I know this is out of topic but I just got kick out of this one thing here:

    mhixpgh (Pittsburgh): When will the Pirates again be relevent?

    Jim Baker: Never. Sorry, but we just got word this week that the Pirates will never make the playoffs again for as long man is the dominant species on this planet. I wish the news was better, but that’s just the way it’s going to break, cosmically.

    • Mike A.

      Word on the street is that Pitt is about to send Jason Bay to the Indians for Ande Marte, Chuck Lofgren and Josh Barfield.

      • Relaunch

        Man, I really do feel bad for the Pirates fans

        • KeystoneSC

          Being a Yankee fan originally from Pittsburgh and working with many Pirate fans who follow them every year, it is clear that the Pirates don’t have a clue as to what they want to be (player development, focus on International signings, signing veterans, etc.). I guess we get spoiled knowing that the Yankees will spend in all areas.

      • zack

        Oh man, Cleveland’s cast offs…

  • dan

    I hate to ask this, but when will all of the arod posts be moved to the former yankees category?

    • Ben K.

      A-Rod ain’t good enough for the Former Yankee category. He has his own spot in the category list now. Check it out.

  • Mike R.

    “A-Rod’s Shimmy Makes the Women In New York Puke”

    Classic! I love it! I’m going to have Bob Ueker’s voice in my head all night.

    • Ben K.

      Ah yes but the 47 A-Rod posts are now categorized elsewhere in a different parent category…

      • Mike R.

        Wow! I almost missed that. LOL

  • barry

    so joe accepts a 3 year contract for what could of been potentially less if you look at current dollar amount vs down the road. 3/14.5 thats a little shy of what joe could of expected if he won the series next year. fuck it im glad girardi is manager hes a fresh look and hes aggressive whens the last time we saw aggression from the yankees staff, oh yea pedro was still pitching for the sawx

  • Matt

    No one (fans, media, Organization) has even mentioned this but the Yankees only have until Friday to pick up Abreu’s option. I hope they haven’t forgotten about this. Already lost alot of RBIs with A-Rod so this would be another big hit. Unless they plan to play Damon in left and Matsui in right which would only leave you with one decent arm in center.

    • Count Zero

      Why did I think they had already done this?

  • NYFan50

    In other possible FA news, Pettitte says it’s the Yanks or retirement, according to Newsday.