Olney updates the managerial hunt, right field situation

It's the Yankees' world. Everyone else is just living in it.
Yankee fan still in the running

Two items of note from Olney’s blog today: The Yankees, he says, will wait until Tuesday to announce their next manager. If the World Series ends on Sunday, that would give them a week and a half to negotiate a contract extension with A-Rod. But odds are they’re working on one right now.

Olney also writes, “The Yankees made the decision weeks ago to exercise the one-year option on Bobby Abreu’s deal.” I can’t complain. I know we have one or two Abreu haters around here, but he had a stellar season after a terrible start. There are no better options right now.

It's the Yankees' world. Everyone else is just living in it.
Yankee fan still in the running
  • E-ROC

    I’m not an Abooboo hater, but that terrible start last season still scares me. Could he have a prolong slump like that again next season? I know that Shelley Duncan best be getting more PT next year.

  • Mike R.

    I’ve noticed more and more players in recent year come out of the gates limping. Slow starts have almost become the norm. Does anyone have any theories as to why this is? Could Torre’s laid back trust your veterans style have something to do with it?

    • Jon

      Well, in general offense is down early in the season and picks up as the season goes on. There are a number of theories I’ve heard:

      1) cooler weather – ball travels less far and is less “lively”
      2) pitchers are stronger
      3) more unknown pitchers (I don’t even know if this is true, much less if it has an effect, because pitchers are constantly debuting throughout the season)

      Anyway, it’s a fine move. Ideally it would be for a few million less but no big deal. The only complaint is that he’s another lefty, but what can you do? And when you add up his good arm and fear of the wall and generally decent ability to track balls, he’s a pretty good fielder too. And he can still run.

  • steve (different one)

    Abreu was a no brainer. his option was a $14M decision b/c of the $2M buyout.

    at 1 year, $14M he is a very valuable asset. you don’t give away assets for nothing.

    at the very least, the yankees could trade him and get something shiny in return. he has a NTC, but there are ways to get around that.

  • zack

    And add in the fact that Bobby had the oblique strain early on which I think slowed him down.

    Abreu is a perfect stop gap and, hey, if he has another good season, might be good for another few years at less $. I’m personally more worried about Matsui and Damon than Bobby…

    • Count Zero

      Agree 100%

  • http://skyking162.greenmen.org Sky

    $12 million for a guy who was a touch above average when considering fielding? Yikes. He needs to be worth two more wins to earn that much money. I’ve always been an Abreu fan, so here’s hoping he rebounds.

  • Jamal G.

    I love Bobby Abreu, his patience, his speed, his arm in RF, and he’s a good pro, never heard any bad off-the-field issues with him.

    I was wondering, Cano has finally learned some patience at the plate and his power has been coming along (19 HRs, 2 in the post-season, 41 2Bs in 06/07) nicely so how about moving Cano to the #3 hole after dropping Abreu and signing Torii Hunter. Putting Cano in the #3 hole IMO is a good idea because of the patience he’s learned and he hit .342 last year and .314 this year hitting in the bottom of the lineup. Imagine him hitting #3 in front of A-Rod where he would get much more Fastballs than if he were hitting 7th or 8th.

    Signing Hunter would give us a righty power bat which we need since A-Rod is the only other one and Shelley Duncan is a bench/platoon player. Also it would allow us to move Melky Cabrera to a corner OF spot (RF) which many believe (including me) is his best spot.