• http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    how many Frank TV ads were there? 1,548 if my count is correct.

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    Dane Cook is an unbearable bore.

  • Berliner

    You should try watching it on MLB.com.
    We get the same handful of commercials every single ad break. Some players telling us that at MLB.com baseball is always on; A-Rod telling us how great the Boys & Girls Club is; and I must’ve seen the trailer for “The Final Season” around 70 or 80 times.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.


      • Count Zero


  • Berliner

    Oh, I’m gonna have nightmares about that bloody ad. And Coco Crisp’s wink.

  • mg

    Nothing can match the one trivia question they played every game all year long on mlb.tv breaks. I got it the first time and was annoyed every half inning after that.

  • Mike R.

    What they need is an ad for Frank TV where he’s imitating Dane Cook doing the AT&T routine. Buster Olney thinks that ad would be a perfect fit for TBS.

  • http://attyahoo pete

    The whole TBS thing was awful . Whats up with the cameraman chasing guys around the feild on foot. The camera work and the adds were anoying. How does this bush leauge outfit get the playoffs?

  • yankz

    How the hell did you guys forget “This is our country”?? God damn I hate those.

  • Ivan