Pettitte likely returning for 2008

Ajax just keeps on hittin'
Debating the A-Rod/steroid connection

Ken Davidoff yesterday penned a piece about the Rocket’s desire to pitch in 2008. Luckily for Yankee fans, the Rocket probably won’t be back in the Bronx. But Davidoff also notes that Andy Pettitte “almost certainly will” exercise his 2008 option. A rotation of Joba, Hughes, Pettitte, Wang and Kennedy has me eagerly anticipating next season.

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Ajax just keeps on hittin'
Debating the A-Rod/steroid connection
  • pettitte’s Stare

    What role does Mussina play for the yankees next year? Maybe RAB should have a Mussina poll.

  • steve (different one)

    this is huge. just a huge anchor for the yanks to have.

    the yankees should use Moose once a week to skip one of the kids. a 6 man rotation where Pettitte and Wang are kept on regular rest, while Moose is used to soak up the remaining 100-150 innings the Yankees will need to break in 3 rookies.

    • James Varghese

      That sounds like a plan…and would fit in nicely to Joe P.’s thoughts from last week and to what Nardi Contreras opined about Joba being a #5 next year so that he could end the year in the 140-160 IP range.

    • Count Zero

      I was actually thinking the same thing last week. A six man rotation would be a good way to save some Joba and Phil for September/October. The only problem is trying to get it to work while keeping Andy and CMW on regular rest…especially during April/Early May.

  • Adam

    I’m betting that either Pettitte breaks down or a young guy struggles.

    Probably Kennedy will be the one.

  • RF Bleachers

    Pettitte coming back is music to my ears.

    Everyone is always so quick to write off Pettitte as breaking down like the Yankees did in 2003. He didn’t show any signs last yr of breaking down so lets not jump the gun.

  • Travis G.

    i like Steve’s idea.

  • Ed

    Joba Hughes Pettitte Wang and Kennedy… in that order or were you just making a list?

    • Ben K.

      Just making a list but if everyone pitches up to their potential, that’s my order.

  • kunaldo

    i agree with limiting Joba’s innings by throwing moose in his spot every now and then….obviously, it all depends on how effective he is, but i believe that hughes and kennedy seem ready to take on a larger inning load, but since joba was stunted a bit by the relief role, he may need 08 to get to 150-160 before he can take the full 200+ load

    that’s just me

    and um, this is all assuming we dont get santana….boy, i really hope it happens, and i have a feeling there will be a strong push for him from our side after seeing all these #1 aces dominate and carry their teams….thing is, i dont want it coming at the expense of hughes or joba…

  • Patrick

    Thanks Ben.

  • zack

    I think, in terms of actual order, you would go with Pettitte, Wang, Kennedy, Hughes, Joba. That way, you have a nice balance of styles, plus, as Kennedy can do the most innings of the big three, he should get more regular starts.

  • Jamal G.

    I think with what Hughes showed you in the post-season he deserves to be the #3 starter ahead of Kennedy and Joba (in that order). I like the idea of mixing up styles and that would still be in effect with the flamethrowers going #1 (Wang), #3 (Hughes), #5 (Joba) in the rotation with Pettitte and IPK filling the #2 and #4 slots respectively.

    Again great idea by the previous poster and the 6-man rotation, I couldnt agree more with letting Mussina still be a starter and taking the stress and some pressure off of IPK and Joba. I think the chains can be taken off of Hughes because of his play during the regular and post-seasons.

    One thing Iam noticing from Yankees fans everywhere, you guys seem to be a little higher on IPK than Phil Hughes. I understand why Joba is viewed as higher because of his stuff and I agree, but remember Baseball America had Hughes as the #1 pitching prospect heading into the 2007 campaign, and I believe #2 overall behind Justin Upton. I like Kennedy too, but not over Phil Hughes, he did almost have that no-no in Texas in only his second career MLB start.