Please, start Giambi today


Not much time to talk today. Feel sympathy for me, please: I have a rehearsal dinner tonight which happens to basically run the length of the Yanks game. The groom is a huge Yanks fan, so I’m hoping he’s accommodated for this. I’m not banking on it, though.

There’s not much to talk about from last night. Wang was terrible, leaving balls up in the zone all night. Ohlendorf didn’t help. Hughes might have pitched his way into a Game 4 start (solo homer or not, that was the best he’s looked since returning from the DL). Matsui and Jorge failed in huge spots, and A-Rod didn’t really get a chance until the game was out of hand (yes, I realize that he popped up with Abreu on first in the third). But all of this was pretty clear; it’s not like anything subtle caused the Yanks to lose last night.

As Ben says, it’s a must-win today. I can definitely see this one going in the Yanks’ favor. And then it’s all up to Clemens and Mussina/Hughes. The Yanks will put themselves in the best position to win the game if they sit Hideki (thereby giving him another two full days off) and starting Giambi at DH. This is so obvious that I expect Torre not to do it.

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  • mg

    I hope you’re right about Hughes earning a game 4 start. I think that Torre is highly unlikely to go to anyone but a veteran in that spot. Hughes would be the right move but Torre is our manager. He may be able to make sure no egos get bruised but he doesn’t manage a game well at all.
    I see him trotting Moose out there and the results being predictable. If Hughes starts though, I think we have a decent chance of advancing.
    First we have to get to a game 4 though.

  • E-ROC

    I don’t think it’ll be Hughes going in game 4. Torre will probably bring Wang back on short rest. Wang is WAY better pitcher when pitching at Yankee Stadium. Plus he’ll be slightly tired which should make his sinker better. Anybody, then Mussina would work for me, IMO. We saw how easily the Indians pounded Wang’s mistakes. Just imagine what they would do to Mussina.

    Also, Hideki Matsui probably shouldn’t be on the roster for this series, IMO. A scope is a simple procedure without a doubt. But it takes at least week of rest for your knee to properly heal. The standard is two weeks. Just look at Amare Stoudamire.

    • Relaunch

      According to Ivan, Matsui will hit 2 grand slams in the series.

  • E-ROC

    Also, can we PLEASE give Shelley Duncan some PT?? He should have started against CC. CC is a lefty, for goodness sakes!! Duncan should play first against Carmona, IMO.

  • Relaunch

    I disagree like I told you before. By using Hughes, it confirms we will see Meltdwon Mussina pitch on Monday if it makes it there

    • Count Zero

      One can dream can’t they? ;-)

  • sam

    Id like to see melky benched to get giambi in the lineup as DH. He looked utterly lost last night and has not been swinging the bat well lately. He could come in later for defense if necessary.

    • Count Zero

      Not gonna’ happen. Matsui’s knee is not in any shape to have him play in the field.

    • Motown Yankees Fan

      I was only watching on game day, but didn’t Melky have a ten pitch at bat in the ninth? Doesn’t that count for a little something?

  • sam

    damn, i forgot about the bum knee for matsui and the game was off in my house by the ninth. Id love to eat my words tonight when Melky breaks out….

  • NYFan50

    You do know that Giambi’s OPS in September was even worse than Matsui’s, right?

  • cult of basebaal

    just in from petey … matsui gets the start at DH