Source: Yanks tab Girardi for top slot


ESPN is finally officially reporting that the Yankees are offering the managerial job to Joe Girardi and that Girardi will accept the position. We’ve held off on reporting too much of the rampant speculation up until now because there were simply too many conflicting reports flying around. Don Mattingly is not expected to join the coaching staff.

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  • marc

    i wonder if there is a way to measure girardis value.. how many wins was he repsonsible for in 06 for example.

  • NYFan50

    At least we follow up the A-Rod opt out with some good news. So that’s one good decision to start the offseason.

  • Rob – Ct.

    I wouldn’t have had a problem whichever guy they chose, Mattingly or Girardi.
    However, it’s still amazing to me that all within basically one years time, these 4 – Bernie, Torre, Guidry and Mattingly -have all, in one way or another, been shown the door. There’s a lot of Yankee Legacy in that list of names.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Yankee Legacy only gets you so far. Think about that horrible Mike Lowell trade. Scott Brosius wasn’t exactly good after that, but he had Yankee Legacy.

  • http://ibleedblueandwhite.blogspot.com/ Jamie

    Is there proof that Girardi uses sabermetics?

  • Stephen

    I would say that this seems like the right choice, although I don’t see that huge a difference between Joe and Mattingly. Now who do you have filing out the coaching staff? I would say Pena or Bowa as Bench coach, which would mean a new Base Coach. Do you say we should go all out for Mazzone as pitching coach or another, less flashy, option?

    • kanst

      We could let Kerrigan take over pitching coach, and promote Dave Eiland to bullpen coach.

      • Mike R.

        What in last season’s bullpen performance makes you think Kerrigan would make a good Pitching coach?

  • stuart

    shown the door?? Bernie was offered a minor league deal, he is not what he was… torre, 5 mill for 1 yr, that is bad treatment!!!!

    mattingly- they feel Girardi can do a better job, I don’t they treated Mattingly porrly.

    etc….as olney said the dynasty is way over…..

    • yankz

      They offered him a spring training invite. That is not a minor league deal.

      And the Yankees haven’t won since 2000. The dynasty was dead long before Torre and Bernie left.

  • Pfistyunc

    I think this is more horrible news. The only person that should see this as a good thing is Dr. James Andrews.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Yes, but you have a tendency to view any Yankee news as bad news :)

      This team with their young pitchers wouldn’t have hired Girardi if they thought they were putting Hughes/Kennedy/Chamberlain at risk. Cashman knows that. The Steinbrenners know that. I know the days are a little bleak in the Yankee Universe today, but have a little faith!

      • Pfistyunc

        That is probably true. Forgive my bitterness but it has been a rough 48 hours. I hope Girardi works out but my faith in him and the teflon coated moron Mr. Cashman is virtually non-existent. Add in the Brothers Dim in the front office and you have a recipe for a disaster.

        • Mike R.

          Wow! Sounds like Cashman ran over your puppy. If you feel alone in your hatred towards “the teflon coated moron Mr. Cashman” there is a reason for that. Just saying.

          • Pfistyunc

            I am allergic to dogs so that isn’t it. It is probably the demonstrated incompetence over several seasons.

  • zack

    “It is probably the demonstrated incompetence over several seasons.”

    Looking at it purely by the #s, Theo Epstein had one of the worst offseasons in baseball this past year, yet his team won the WS. I’ll I’m saying is calling Cashman incompetent for a few bad signings is asinine. For every Carl PAvano there is a Matt Clement, and for that matter on the opposite end, a Matsui…

    • Pfistyunc

      This is probably the wrong thread to have this discussion but to me Cashman has demonstrated that he needed to be fired since 2002. Also, not sure if you watched the Sox this season but I think Theo has a built a pretty strong franchise there in the Hub.

      • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

        which Theo move worked out well? Drew, Lugo, Crisp, DiceK? Nope. Beckett, Lowell? Sure, this year, but that move was made during Theo’s ‘sabbatical’. Lowell was a throw in that Boston didn’t even want. Ortiz? Yeah, but he was never anything more than a decent #5 hitter in Minnie. They tried hard to get Contreras AND Pavano. It’s better to be lucky than good.

        • Pfistyunc

          Boston’s farm system seems to be producing a young player or two. I am sure all of that is luck too.

          • Stephen

            Last time I checked the Yankees farm system has been doing a solid job since Cash made a real commitment to developing prospects. You can’t criticize Cashman then praise Epstein for doing something that Cashman has done quite well.

            • Pfistyunc

              Cashman has done a fine job of holding onto prospects (I give the nod for actually choosing/finding them to Oppenheimer) as of late, but the difference is that Theo didn’t royally fuck things up before he realized the importance of the farm system. Cashman should have been fired in 2002 so anything positive he does now doesn’t erase his years of demonstrated incompetence before that. Not to get political, but it is the baseball equivalent of Dubya saying “Holy crap, this war has been a fucking awful idea” and actually being a good President for the rest of his term. I am past the point of no return on Cashman.

              • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

                wait, so Cash fucked things up in 2002, yet the Yanks won the pennant the following the year and were withing a game of it again the next year? since 02, the Yanks have the best record in the AL 3 of 5 years. that’s not solid GMing?

                you seem to criticize Cash for all his mistakes without criticizing Theo for the same types. then you give credit to Theo for the same things Cash had done. so the Yanks haven’t gotten help from rookies recently too? what team are you watching?

                • Pfistyunc

                  Theo is by no means blameless, but he is running circles around Cashman. Both have made mistakes and both have done good things too, but as a whole Theo has completely transformed his organization into the premier franchise in the sport. We can all be bitter and bury our heads in the sand and pretend that isn’t the case just because it is our bitter rival but that doesn’t change reality. As for the 2002 comment, I was just showing that I have been calling for his head for several years so, to me he wore out his welcome long before he realized the importance of a farm system. On the other hand, Cashman was handed a dynasty and well….here we are today.

  • steve (different one)

    the “dynasty” has been over for 7 years.

  • Ben M

    Girardi is the new skipper. There is a glimmer of light at the end of the Yankee tunnel. Cashman prevailed.

  • Jamal G.

    Just heard on SportsCenter that Torre reportedly will be named the Dodgers Skipper. Of course this is just ESPN reports which have not been confirmed but they did feel strongly enough about it to put it on the air.

    I guess Donnie Baseball is headed to the Chavez Ravine where his son Preston, a 20 year old SS prospect who has struggled in the Dodgers’ Minor Leagues, can offer some more reasons as to why Don will follow Torre to LA. I just pray that Kevin Long doesn’t follow suit, I really liked this guy as a hitting coach.

  • Jamal G.

    Here is the link, reported by Peter Abraham,

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    Scottie Proctor must be having nightmares.

    • Jamal G.

      lol great point, lets see how Torre handles the arms of Broxton and Billingsley. I bet you Ned Colletti will have a Nardi Contreras type input about the way those two prized arms are used.