Steinbrenner brothers take the helm

In the court of public opinion, Torre wins
Ajax just keeps on hittin'

The New York Post reports that Hal and Hank Steinbrenner are now in charge of baseball operations for the New York Yankees.

“There’s always been a succession – and that’s myself and my brother,” Hank told The Post in an exclusive interview.

He said he and Hal will have final say on baseball decisions as well as the running of the YES Network and the construction of the new Yankee Stadium.

“I’ll pay more attention to the baseball part. The stadium, that’s more Hal. But basically everything will be decided jointly.”

This move was foreshadowed late last week when Hank announced that Joba will start in 2008. The NY Post article quotes Hank as saying “That’s something I’ll insist on,” when referring to Joba and Phil starting 2008 in the rotation. I’m beginning to grow fond of Hank Steinbrenner.

“I tend to be more volatile than my brother,” Hank said. “Hal is calmer – and that will probably be a good influence.”

Behind the scenes, the boys have impressed.

“Both Hank and Hal are extraordinarily smart, extraordinarily articulate and, like their father, very genuine people,” said Levine. “And they like each other a lot. I think the Yankees are in very good hands.”

This is starting to sound good. True, this article is probably a PR pitch. But it’s nice to know that 1) we’ll have a fiery guy at the helm in Hank, and 2) he’ll have a counterbalance in Hal. I really do think that the brothers will work well with our front office tandem of Brian Cashman and Damon Oppenheimer.

The best news of all from this is that the Yankees won’t be sold. I know it was a longshot when it was mentioned earlier in the year, but at least we’ve put it to rest.

In the court of public opinion, Torre wins
Ajax just keeps on hittin'
  • Mike A.

    I’m happy. I still wish Steve Swindell was taking over, but H&H will do.

    • kris

      I was surprised George Steinbrenner even named Steve Swindal as the heir in the first place. With two capable sons on his side, why would the old Steinbrenner even have named an outsider to run the jewel of the family? Would Hank/Hal really have put up with that? Maybe the divorce was really a way for taking Swindal out of the sweepstakes.

      • yankz

        I don’t think even George Steinbrenner would make his daughter go through a divorce just to cover his ass when he reversed a decision.

  • Rich

    Randolph and Mortimer Duke? It’s better than a faceless corporate entity but I hope whichever brother gets bored first leaves the better brother in charge.

    I seem to remember one of the brothers was involved in the NYRA negotiations before getting out. I wonder if this change needs Selig approval and if it does if that will cause any delays?

  • The Scout

    You think “volatile” is a positive quality? I think its a recipe for disaster — impulsive responses to streaks or a bad loss or excessive euphoria when things look good.

  • Sky

    The Yankees were the most effective under the Boss when he kept his hands off the baseball decisions but kept signing the paychecks. While I agree that starting Joba is the right move, I’m a little worried that it’s the first real announcement from the new Bosses. If they’re going to get involved in the baseball decisions, that’s a bad sign. Let Cashman do his thing.

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