• Mike R.

    Thank you for this post. I have muttering the exact same thing to myself since that play. This really is a disgrace if it goes on to affect the outcome if this game.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Man, how do you not send Lofton there? Enjoy your giftwrapped World Series trip Boston.

    • dan


  • dan

    I had a feeling that this would be posted. No one argues the play, and the fact that it takes super-slow motion and a freeze frame to determine the correct call means that you can’t fault the umpire. Can anyone definitively say that lofton’s hand is on the base here and not an inch or two away?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      1. You could see this play in regular replay. It wasn’t a question of super-slo-mo. A normal reply – like the ones used in the NFL to make sure the call is right – would have shown Lofton to be safe.

      2. I can tell his hand’s on the base because his hand is OVER the base right there and the tag’s not down yet. He was conclusively safe, and the ump was in no position to see that.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    All game long man, the Indians just can not get that big hit. Hell, and when they do get that big hit, the 3B coach doesn’t send the runner.

  • David

    That runner doesn’t matter; Sox up by three in the 9th. Bad call, but so was the Jeffrey Maier Home Run. Don’t see too much complaining about that here at RAB.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Maybe there’s not much complaining about it because it happened 11 years ago. Get over it. It was a bad call. We admit that. But why would we ever talk about it again? That story has been bludgeoned to death.

    • Jersey

      You’re right. We should be perfectly consistent between tonight and a call from ELEVEN YEARS AGO.

      Run along, troll.

  • yankz

    This is why 5 game series suck. Both NYY and BOS lose 3/4 to these Indians. But Boston gets a chance to come back. Does anyone really think Carmona would have repeated his game 2 performance?

    • Gibb

      i did… carmona is sick

      but yeah 5 game series suck the fat one

      • yankz

        Did you watch Game 6?

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    yet ANOTHER reason for instant replay in MLB. the RIGHT CALL is paramount to everything else. go Rockies!

  • jake

    11-2 and you’re complaining about that call? Cry me a fucking river. Or was that sarcasm and it went over my head? What sore losers yankee fans have become.

    • barry

      you’re the one cruising the web looking for someones balls to bust because you don’t have any friends to do it with.

    • Gibb

      yeah the fact that a red sox fan is on a yankee’s blog at 2am and not drunk off his ass celebrating either speaks highly of quality of riveraveblues, or means you’re a total loser.

  • Stephen

    Why don’t you guys ever talk about the Don Denkinger call in the 1985 World Series? I know that it was 22 years ago and doesn’t involve any teams that you would have any reason to talk about… but still

  • Jersey

    What’s with all these f’ing Red Sox trolls? Is it asking too much for Red Sox Nation to have a little class? As I’ve said elsewhere: if I spent as much time thinking about the Red Sox as Red Sox fans apparently spend thinking about the Yankees, I’d shoot myself.

  • Jersey

    Also – you guys should look at the time stamp. This game was in like the 7th inning when this was posted.


  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    And like that….he’s gone.

    Don’t feed the trolls, folks. We all know Red Sox fans have inferiority complexes. That guy — Harry Onara — left 10 comments on various posts here, some as old as two months. He now won’t be leaving any posts on RAB again. So just let them be.

    • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

      You’re right Ben – sorry. They get me every time. ;)

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  • http://blognameremoved.blogspot.com Todd

    Man, that was just another nail in the coffin… Damn Cleveland jinx strikes again…

  • Jamie

    I feel like you have accomplished something when trolls start to make comments on your posts Ben.


  • Paul M

    Relative to the recent doping and MLB scandal: “More than a dozen Yankees, past and present, were among the 80 or so players identified. Players were linked to doping in various ways — some were identified as users, some as buyers and some by media reports and other investigations.”

    Now we know who the real cheaters are.