These announcers suck

Villone out of ALDS; Ohlendorf, Veras in
There's nothing like another kid to repair a marriage

“And there’s a shot of the mercurial Carlos Zambrano. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds smart.”

That just came out of the mouth of the no-talent assclown that’s in the TBS studio with Frank Thomas and Cal Ripken (who looks embarrassed beyond belief to be there, btw). Please, oh please tell me I don’t have another round-and-a-half of this ahead of me.

Villone out of ALDS; Ohlendorf, Veras in
There's nothing like another kid to repair a marriage
  • Adam

    TBS is bringing bad sports announcing to new heights.

  • Sean McNally

    See, I disagree – I like Ernie Johnson (the studio host)… he’s funny, self-deprecating and not at all like some studio guys *cough*Berman*cough* who think its all about them. He defers to Thomas and Ripken (who is great by the way – I’m shocked) which is just what he should do.

    The game announces so far are miles ahead of the usual McCarver-Buck-Sutcliffe-Morgan types…

    Kudos all around so far.

  • cjc

    pre game shows are meant to be ignored and look at the positive at least its not Jeannie Zalasko

    BTW the coverage takes fox out back and beats the shit out of them there aren’t a billion graphics and gimmicks its nice to actually watch a game for once

  • Ben K.

    It’s alright. They just went to a commercial break during a routine visit to the mound and had to cut back to the game mid-commercial. That’s some quality broadcasting right there. I miss FOX/ESPN.

  • mehmattski

    A world without Miller/Morgan and McCarver/Buck is a wonderful world. The Phillies/Rockies game was very well done, the Sox/Angels one much less so (with the announcers very homerish). Thomas and Ripken in the studio outweigh anything bad about the host. This is a breath of fresh air. Some people will complain about every announcer team.

  • Travis G.

    anything is better than FOX.

  • kris

    I knew the Angels would roll over like cuddly stuffed toys for the Sox. I knew it! By the way, is it me or does Beckettt look annoying as hell? What’s up with that soul patch+goatee combo? He can’t grow a real man pelt a la the Greek God of Bitch’n (Youkilis)?

  • Andrew

    The best announcers were the d-backs/cubs. But thank you there was no FOX. I truly am tired of seeing how many nose hairs each pitcher has. TBS will get better but I generally wish Morgan/Miller or the YES Network would be franchised to do every game for the playoffs regardless of the network or the game.

    At least they did not hire the White Sox announcers so I could spend a day listening to a fly ball out rather than a “a can of corn”

    • Kyle

      I hate Joe Morgan, if I never had to listen to him announce again I would be happy, the only announcer I like less is Jerry Remy

      • Rajah of Rehab

        Joe Morgan says, “Kyle, the key to this postseason is consistency, and which team is the most consistent. Now, I don’t know which teams are playing in this postseason, but whichever is the most consistent will end up winning the World Series. Alex Rodriguez, for example, hasn’t been consistent in the postseason the last few years, but I bet if he stays consistent the team he plays for will also be consistent and go far. Now, if I had to guess which team is going to win the whole thing, I couldn’t tell you, because I don’t know which teams have been consistent this year. That’s all the time I have to JoeChat for today, thank you for your time, and I still hope to see Davey Concepcion in the Hall of Fame someday.”

  • Lil Jimmy Norden

    The announcing on TBS was terrible. Almost unlistenible. I tried to sync up gameday audio from local stations to go over the video, but it didnt work. Just horrible coverage. I pray the Yankees get a good set of announcers.

  • Tripp

    The best is Frank Thomas when he speaks he looks down at his cheat sheet and just reads off of it without looking at the camera at all.

  • Freddy

    I miss the MLB on Fox theme song. That song screams post season and gives me goosebumps. LOL Yes, I’m corny. But yea, anything is better than McCarver, Morgan & Miller. I gotta admit, I do like Buck though.

  • brad k

    TBS sucked. Thats not to say that FOX is any better. The world would be a better place without McCarver. What an asshole. The whole thing seems out of place on TBS. When I think of them I think Braves, and that really sucks. Plus all of their in-network ad’s are for old re-run shows like Sex In The City. Makes the whole thing feel sub-par.