Three years, $7.5 million for Girardi; Long to LA?

Whine, Scotty, whine
Chew on this one, Boston

That’s the word from ESPN. Nothing big, though it qualified as “breaking” for them. Minus the ink on parchment, it’s a done deal.

Update from Ben K.: I’m hearing unconfirmed rumors that Kevin Long will join Torre and Mattingly in Los Angeles. While I’d love to see Long stay in New York, coaches are always replaceable.

Whine, Scotty, whine
Chew on this one, Boston
  • Jamal G.

    Good to know its done and taken care of and makes A-Rod/Boras camp look kind of sily seeing as how they said there’s no way the Yankees can resolve any of their issues before the deadline on his opt out was reached. I swear if Posada or Mariano get signed within the next week (I know highly unlikely) it’s gonna be a huge backfire on the part of Boras.

    I heard 3/5.5 but this deal seems nice and fair. Good luck Jo Gi.

  • Joe

    Is it possible Girardi can make something out of Farnsworth?

  • Jim Johnson

    Man, imagine if Posada and/or Rivera end up in L.A.

    Come on. You know you’re thinking it.

    • brxbmrs

      Might be a blessing in disguise – then the Yanks could focus on rebuilding.

      Hope they both come back, but if they don’t, there will still be baseball games played in the Bronx.

      I actually wanted Donnie to manage us next year – but I think he hurt himself with his tough shoes to fill comments. I wish he would consider his Yankee legacy and not go to LA – same for Mo, Jorge and Andy, but that’s their call.

  • Rob

    Dodgers don’t need a catcher. Indeed, that’s the last thing they need. Mariano would be jarring.

    • kanst

      They need a closer less, Broxton and Saito are both very good closers

  • Jersey

    The Dodgers also have a pretty nice bullpen already – not sure it’s worth it to them to shell out the money for Mo, especially if they’re trying to pony up for ARod.

  • Jim Johnson

    They could use a DH.

    Oh wait…

    Stupid national league.

  • Ben K.

    The Dodgers have Russell Martin. At this stage in their respective careers, I’d take Martin over Jorge and there’s no way the Dodgers are going to dole out a three- or four-year deal for Posada. They also have a very good closer and a solid bullpen. Rivera just isn’t a fit there.

    I would be concerned instead with Pettitte.

  • pettitte’s stare

    Has anyone seen anything reported about where Mazzone might end up? I can’t think of a connection but does anyone know if Mazzone and Girardi have any sort of connection? I would love to see Mazzone work with the yankees pitchers if they don’t stick with Eiland.

  • LBA Prequel

    Given the piss poor performance by our offense in the postseason (sorry for the alliteration), I have no qualms about seeing Kevin Long head elsewhere…out team looked lost at the plate. Good riddance.

  • Stephen

    It’s OK. That was a perfect and pointed post on the petty playoff production of these players of the pastime.

  • harrison

    What would you give up to get Miguel Cabrera

    • Alex

      my left nut?

      • Mike R.

        I’d be willing to make that trade. I wouldn’t miss your left nut at all.

  • Dave

    What would the irony be of a certain egotistical 3rd baseman following the manager who called him out via the Verducci article and batted him 8th in the post season?

  • McLovin

    I would at most construct a trade that included Ian Kennedy as the centerpiece of the deal.

  • zack

    You can bet your ass any trade for Cabrera is going to start with Hughes or Joba…

    • pettitte’s stare

      Actually I hope the Yankees start of the converstation with, “Have Pavano back, he’s out for the year but we swear he could be decent if he ever pitched again”

  • DKA

    How come every time any trade for anyone other than a journeyman gets mentioned, someone always has to start the conversation with, “well, that’s just going to mean trading Joba or Hughes!!!!”

    it doesn’t necessarily mean that, or trading Cano either. we have plenty of trading blocks in our system, and one team’s star prospect is another team’s “no thanks.” remember, we took Ross Ohlendorf instead of other more highly touted prospects for Randy.

    • Travis G.

      part of the reason for that is Cash didn’t want to pay ANY of RJ’s salary. supposedly if the Yanks were willing to do that, they could’ve gotten better prospects like Owings.

      but i do agree that trading for a star like Miggy does not inherently need to include Joba, Phil or Cano. we have LOTS of other high ceiling guys to throw out there.

      • barry

        Not to mention it would be more beneficial to keep them than to trade for Cabrera who’s physical shape is always up in the air.