Tim McCarver is just plain wrong

Kepner clarifies the managerial logjam
Rumors: Girardi could land in Los Angeles

Last night, toward the end of that painful 13-1 routing, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck turned their attention back to Game 3 of the ALCS. In that game, for those of you like me who have tried to forget 2004 even happened, the Yankees put a-hurtin’ on the Red Sox. At that point in the series, the Yanks were up 3 games to none, and this where Tim McCarver’s imagination takes over.

McCarver said last night that, following game 3 in 2004, the Red Sox players are already congratulating the Yankees and wishing them luck in the World Series against the Cardinals. I call this story complete and utter BS. In fact, I think McCarver simply just made it up to sound good.

Why? Well, following game 3 of the 2004 ALCS, neither the Yankees nor the Red Sox had any inkling of which team they could face in the World Series. Game 3 of the ALCS was on Saturday, October 16. Earlier that same day, the Astros won game 3 of the NLCS and cut the series to 2-1 in favor of St. Louis. That series would eventually go seven games as well and would end one day after the Yankees-Red Sox series wrapped up.

In other words, even after the Red Sox completed their comeback and the Yankees finished the collapse that should have gotten Joe Torre fired, they still had no idea who they would be playing in the World Series. There’s no way the players would have mentioned the Cardinals following game 3 because the Cardinals simply weren’t destined for the World Series yet.

In conclusion, don’t trust stories that come out of Tim McCarver’s mouth. Who knows what else he’s pulling out of thin air?

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Kepner clarifies the managerial logjam
Rumors: Girardi could land in Los Angeles
  • E-ROC

    Tim McCarver for the HOF? He’s the best ever!!

  • Brian

    While he puts Dan Dierdorf in a respectable light, I think his point was that Boston had all but let go in 2004, “playing the Cardinals” is a sort of throw-in comment that fact refutes but his basic message is that the Red Sox achieved something great for themselves that they didn’t even expect. McCarver could throw in the fact that he “snarfed in his Cheerios” the morning after Game 4 when he realized that the Red Sox did in fact win the game he himself watched the previous evening, and history could show that he was eating Cracklin’ Oat Bran, but who really cares? It’s Tim McCarver. I’ve always thought that his bravados were interpreted as ego, but really it’s that he himself can’t believe he sits where he does and he’s just trying to have a good, if not ridiculous, time.

  • Jon

    I’m not saying I believe that the Red Sox were wishing the Red Sox good luck in anything, but that McCarver messed up the part about the Cardinals really doesn’t disprove the main point – that they were wishing them good luck at all.

    It’s pretty easy to imagine McCarver adding that on his own, after the fact, as it’s a relatively unimportant detail.

    In other words, “Good luck in the World Series” and “Good luck against the Cardinals” are nearly interchangable statements and can easily be substituted for each other after the fact (once we knew that the Cards were playing in the series).

    Again, I’m not saying I believe him, just that the Cardinals thing is not evidence that he’s making up the story about the good-luck wishing.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      That’s a good point, but considering the circumstances in 2004 and the season-long animosity these two teams displayed toward each other, I would have a hard time believing that the Red Sox were wishing the Yankees anything before the series was over. Baseball players just aren’t that defeatist.

      • Jon

        Yep, I totally agree with that.

  • steve (different one)

    i can’t stand McCarver, but this is not the first time i have heard this.

  • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

    The Red Sox players DID actually wish at least one of the Yanks good luck before the series started – I remember seeing a story in the paper about it. I forget who it was (Quantrill?), but someone on that team – and not a big star, though I think it was a bullpen guy – told some paper that the Red Sox players were wishing them luck before Game 4 started. It was included as a little blurb in one of those “around the league roundup” stories. Sorry my memory is so foggy, but the “Cardinals” comment aside, McCarver is basically right on this one, guys (much as I hate to say it).

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      If the Red Sox wished the Yankees luck before the ALCS started, that’s a different beast. That’s a sportsmanship-like approach to the game, and it completely is distorted by the story McCarver was pushing last night, and I would argue makes him more wrong. He’s taking a story that could be true and twisting it so much that it’s just wrong.

      • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

        Sorry – I meant “before Game 4 started.” Kinda changes the meaning of my comment…

        • SG

          Jon Lieber was the one who claimed the BoSox wished them luck in the World Series before Game 4 in the 2004 ALCS.

          • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

            Lieber! That’s who it was. Got the one-year pitcher thing right, at least. Thanks.

  • kunaldo

    um, i’ve heard this before as well…considering their past histories, as well as the 3-0 series lead, i figured the Red Sox saying “good luck in the world series” wasnt so far fetched

    that being said, i will always think tim mccarver is a fool

  • Barry C

    Sorry but Tim McCarver and Buck dont even watch baseball until the World Series. They are both horrible, horrible announcers and I have trouble finding a reason they are even employed.

    • dan

      McCarver barely watches baseball DURING the world series.

  • jakesn

    You know, a player or two might have done that, sure. But I doubt it was very many. Maybe if game 3 had been game 4. But not with a game still to win. So McCarver takes the story and runs with it, having ortiz wishing jeter good luck, and oh, ya, good luck against the Cardinals to boot.

    He’s a moron.

  • http://chinmusicbaseball.blogspot.com Jersey

    Here’s a story from the Worcester paper. Check out paragraph 13. Lieber actually told McCarver directly on his TV show.


  • Brian

    The fact we are talking about this reveals the last moment the Yankees were actually relevant, and that hurts, so why are we doing it? Go Rockies, at home.