Win or Joe Torre gets it

Melancon staying home
ALDS Game 3: Do or die time

Besides playing for their season, the Yankees are playing for Joe Torre’s career. While we could debate for hours whether or not Torre should have been fired a few years ago, the Boss has issued an unequivocal statement: If the Yanks do not beat the Indians, Torre will not be back next year.

Melancon staying home
ALDS Game 3: Do or die time
  • dan

    If Arod opts out and the yankees sign him because Steinbrenner wants him, that really undermines Cashman’s power. Cashman said that if he opts out then he won’t be a Yankee any longer, so if he does opt out and then re-signs, who really has the power: Cashman or Steinbrenner?

    • Pfistyunc

      Big Stein is still the one who writes the checks. He will always have the ultimate decisionmaking authority.

      • dan

        If you truly believe that, then stop ripping Cashman for stupid moves.

        • Pfistyunc

          That is a convenient way for excusing Cashman’s incompetence.

          • dan

            because a team that has averaged 98 wins since 2001 is so incompetent

            • Pfistyunc

              I don’t recall ever saying anything about the incompetence of the team. I merely stated my opinion that our GM Brian Cashman is incompetent. You can disagree, but you just need to pick a side of the fence. He either deserves all the credit and all the blame or none of either. You can’t on the one hand hold out his four rings, yet on the other hand turn around and excuse every mistake as a Tampa or Steinbrenner issue. Hell, I wish that I could blame “the people down in Tampa” for anything I fucked up. My wife would have less to nag about and my malpractice insurance would go way down.

              • Mike A.

                No one is saying Cash is flawless, he’s obviously made mistakes, but so has every other GM. Saying that he either deserves all the credit or all the blame is very childish. Get off your pedestal and realize that not many GM’s in the game have been as successful as him.

                • Pfistyunc

                  He has been very successful. Do you not think that the Yanks’ coffers just had a touch to do with that? To say he has been successful as most without mentioning the Yanks’ finances is disingenous at best Mike. My point with the all or none statement is simply that the Cashman supporters tend to give him all of the credit but scramble to blame any and every mistake on the Tampa folks. The bottom line is that this organization expects championships. He hasn’t produced one since 2000, albeit in 2001 came as close as humanly possible. As the years pass, it is becoming more and more apparent that the rings he did when were the result of riding his predecessor’s coattails. Most are quick to want to ax Joe but I don’t understand why Cashman gets immunity from criticism.

  • Rich

    Unequivocal? Steinbrenner is quoted saying: “He’s the highest-paid manager in baseball, so I don’t think we’d take him back if we don’t win this series.”

    Likely? Yes

    Definite? Nope

    • Pfistyunc

      Sounds pretty definitive to me.

  • Zack

    Does this really surprise anyone? I took it as fairly certain that if the Yanks weren’t to at least make it to the ALDS that there would be a house cleaning…

  • Barry

    hes an ass, blames torre, says he wants to sign a-rod again and he hasn’t done shit this postseason.

  • Bart

    We Yankee fans are spoiled by the dynasties, most teams of which were put together before free agency and league expansion — the most difficult repeat in sports is to PLAY in a World series, much less to win one. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN CLOSE except for the sweep year — these are not in order – The Team was on the Brink against the Braves, the Orioles, the Athletics, lost to the Indians, Red Sox due to bull pen use; lost to the Angels through lack of hitting, then to the Angels, Marlins,Diamonbacks, Angels, Marlins, through the lack of hitting and picthing. There have been great moments because a game and the series of games turned on them. Leritz’ home rune, Cone’s gem, Pettit’s gem, Jeter’s flip, Moose relief job, Tino’s, Giambi’s, Williams’, Jeter’s home runs. Recently we have had ARod, batting 8th, Sheffield running into Crosby, Weaver giving up a home run, Wells quiting, Giambi’s knees and leg and foot, Matsui broken wrist, and knees, BAD KARMA – it strated with Mo screwing it up against the DBack’s in 2001 — that brought 7 years of bad luck– Jacobs Field Plague of GNSTS – and maybe more. The great Mo error on a bunt. He is human – they all are. In a short series – they are all Bruknerish – nearly inexplicable.

    Many of the mistakes we would ascribe to Cashman ocured when there a a separation of power between Tampa and New York. It was a dysfunctional operation and led to the signing of the Old Big Unit, Sheffiled, Wright, Pavano, and Vasquez. The loss of several better than average players like Ted Lilly; and worse the failure to sign franchise players like Carlos Beltran, or Vald Guerro instead of Sheffield — that deal was on the cusp. The Yankees easily could have taken the chance the Tigers took on Ordonez.

    Under Cashman the farm system has been semi-revitalized — there are few position players that hold GREAT promise and of those, there are no clear future all stars. I think it is fair to fault Casman for not being in the Beckett, Texieria, or Burnett deals.

    But Casman has not failed during in-game situations, he has not set stupid house money lineups when trailing by 10 games, failed to account for field advantage — using Wang in Toronto for example. That is all on Torre.

    The 1996 guys all love Torre – they are professionals in every respect and in most ways do not need a manager — it is the other 20 players that need a manager — one who makes good selections, can bring young players along, create winning matchups for pitchers and hitters alike, and has a clue about in game tactics and bull pen use.

    In a long season where small sample failures can be overcome Joe skates — it is the short season where any mistake is amplified and setting a lineup can have multiple game impacts, and lack of execution and efficiency can’t be compensated for 10 games down the road.

    The TEAM need a new manager, not a new GM.

    Here is what needs to be fixed
    — keep Pettit, let Rog retire, Moose 5th strater, slot Joba, Kennedy in the rotation and begin moving the other young guns up to replace Pettit and Moose.
    — This takes BIG GUTS — flip jeter and ARod – Jeter goes to his right fine, his knees are not getting better – we can’t have gound ball out up the middle turned into hits any longer
    — fill 1B — maybe Posada should be conveted to save his bat and to stay away from a costly fill or bad trade — it has worked for numerous players — Molina is good enough to catch nealy full time
    — keep Cano, Abreu, Melky, Jorge, and Mo — begin working the Mo replacement and get him tol earn another pitch – a splt finger is not greatly different than a cutter in mechanics
    — Carefully evaluate Melky’s upside — he looks like he will add bulk and slow – so eventually RF with that arm, but he needs 25 HR potential to carry the corner load
    — Make sure Damon shows up in shape for Left Field
    — DH Matsui (knees if you can’t trade him to Seattle – the Yankees don’t need him and Damon — I understand the Japan connection – but maybe the price is too high)
    — evaluate Giambi – can he get weel enough to give a full year

    — SIGN AROD — we don’t get to the short series without getting through the season – next year Boston is tougher and so are Toronto, As. Angels, Tigers–

    There are two trades possible that are franchise moves — Santana, and Willis

    How would the Ynakee Fan structure these if he were Cashman

    • Caleb

      Jose Molina (Age 32, .243/.279/.345 career) is not good enough to to play any more than once per week. Plus, ARod’s defense has seemed to decline over the past 2 years, while Jeter seems to finally have foraged into positive value at short stop (per BP’s Defense metric).

      Whether or not the team needs a new manager, this announcement strikes me as the most unprofessional moment in a remarkably unclassy career by Steinbrenner. This is the kind of behavior that convinces managers not to sign for the Yankees, although the ridiculously inflated pay check negates that some. He is treating his employee with absolutely no respect, and I can’t believe that Torre takes it sitting down. What a scumbag.

      • Pfistyunc

        Ask Dave Winfield about the most classless moment in Steinbrenner’s career.

  • http://attyahoo pete

    What can you say George is George, but what the heck is he saying it now for. You have to build the guys up not tear em down?