A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, Hideki


In non-A-Rod news, the Yankees announced that Hideki Matsui, their Designated Hitter, underwent successful knee surgery and will begin a rehab program on Friday. Matsui, who has a past of knee problems stretching back to his days in Japan, should be back at full strength by the time Spring Training rolls around. Derek Jeter, the other Yankee experiencing knee problems this season, will not need off-season surgery. He plans to rest and build up strength in the knee for next season. We now return to your regularly scheduled Alex Rodriguez show.

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  • Malcard89

    lol, you know, its funny when everyone pokes fun at how baseball news at the moment revolves around a-rod and not much else, but i was looking forward to a season with no a-rod news. wouldnt that have been weird?