Another reason to love Hank Steinbrenner


What other owner has the balls to tell Scott Boras that he fucked up?

“Boras did a lot of good things for Alex through the years, and Alex knows that. I mean, obviously, he’s going to look to Scott’s advice on everything,” Steinbrenner said. “That’s not unusual today. It’s not like he’s the only one. And if an agent gets out of line or makes bad decisions, then that’s going to hurt the player. And obviously, that’s one of the things that happened here.”

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  1. Mike A. says:

    Hankenstein sure loves to talk shit. He’s gonna make alot of friends in this game.

    This is the third time a big name client stepped in and settled for less essentially against Boras’ advice in the last 12 months. Bonus points if you can name the other 2 (one’s kinda easy, you’ll have to know your shit to get the second).

    • dan says:

      I’m gonna guess this isn’t what you’re looking for, but…. Greg Maddux and Ron Villone.

    • firemedic says:

      The Steinbrenner little boys got PLAYED by A-rod and Boras. Who will ever take their word again. Hank and Hal are YELLOW and only been on the job for a month. The laughing stock of baseball. big BAFOONS!!!!! The Yankees have not won anything with A-rod, so now we cannot expect anything for 10 more years. 275 million dollars plus performance incentives (illegal in MLB) and you can’t forget the 21 million A-rod cost them from the Rangers. Great JOB Hankie and Hal. Two big dumb asses!!!!!!!

  2. Mike R. says:

    Ron Villone and Andrew Jones?

  3. Nick-YF says:

    Cecilio Guante?

    Paul Zuvella?

    Eric Gagne?

    Jeff Weaver?

  4. brxbmrs says:

    I love Hank – really do, he’s saying stuff that long time Yanks fans can relate to and its emotionally honest.

    Here’s the deal though – Boras and A-Rod are huge winners in the deal and the Yanks also win, but they are extending themselves financially more than any other team probably would.

    I think its great A-Rod is back not only b\c we really need him now, but his records chase will probably be bigger than most of us can imagine – and the Yanks get to own those records and see another # hanging in the OF and another NY on a plaque in Cooperstown.

    I’d venture to say the Yanks probably draw a few million casual fans – guys and gals who have no idea who Ed Whitson and Dave Silvestri were (I know I’ve been trying to forget), and the Yanks will continue to draw those suckers, er “fans” as A-Rod continues his assult on the record books – no matter how the team fairs.

    It’s a win-win, but the Yanks are the ones who are sticking their neck out – Boras basically got A-Rod another 175+ mil guaranteed – that can’t be glossed over or considered a loss in any way.

    Bottom line, Boras opted out and got his client a ton more $ – the game could fall into the ocean tomorrow thanks to the Steroid issue, or illegal betting or another players strike, downturn in the economy – whatever, and A-Rod still gets his lucre.

    A couple of phony apologies by Boras and a few mock embarassments are meaningless – Boras wins again.

  5. Jamal G says:

    Can you help us out with the Boras game and tell us if the client was a draftee in this past year’s June Draft or a MLB Free Agent?

  6. Stu says:

    Greg Maddux for the other?

  7. Jamal G says:

    BTW, if I had to make a random guess, Ill say Bernie Williams? He did settle for less by not playing and he went against Boras’ advice by not making himself available to other teams. Lol, a stretch I know.

    • Mike A. says:

      Heh, that’s not it, but I like your thinking. An A for effort.

      I’ll give the answer at 7pm Greece time (noon EST). That’s another hint, and the last one.

    • Mike A. says:


      Since the “Guess the PED users game” ended prematurely, I’ll do a Prospect Profile for any minor leaguer the winner of this half-assed game chooses.

  8. Jamal G says:

    Matt Clement (although some people say he’s Jewish)

  9. JRVJ says:

    Youkilis for the GReek God of walks reference (though there may be some Jewish Sabbath referencec I’m not getting).

    The only important Greek player I can think of is Markakis, but he’s too young (hasn’t been a FA yet).

  10. Joseph P. says:

    Mike Moustakas. Now where’s my prize?

  11. Nick-YF says:

    do I get a half a minor leaguer then for getting Dice-K first?

    My next guess is Nick Markakis. He’s greek…I think.

    • Mike A. says:

      Since Joe got it right, we’ll give the prize to the runner up, which is Nick for getting Dice-K. Any minor leaguer of your choice, but please don’t go too crazy.

      Boras was ready to take Moustakas to USC when the Royals wouldn’t go above $4M for the #2 pick in the draft, but Moustakas and his father stepped in and accepted the Royals offer minutes before the August 15th deadline.

  12. Jamal G says:

    ^Scratch that last post, misread something.

  13. Nick-YF says:

    Is Romine too boring a choice? You’ve probably done him before. I’m also interested in Horne but probably he’s too well-known. I’ll defer to you or Joe if these choices aren’t interesting enough or have already been done.

    Thanks for the offer.

  14. Jamal G says:

    Lol, I found this list of Greek-Born MLB players but none of the match, maybe Im taking the hint in the wrong way?

  15. Nick-YF says:

    Jamal, it was Moustakas who isn’t in the majors yet.

  16. Jamal G says:

    thnx, just saw the rest of the posts.

    Good pick on Romine, Nick. Im real interested to read about him also.

  17. Travis says:

    Pete Abe doesn’t seem to like Hank, but I do.

  18. Pete says:

    Are there any other Greeks in baseball besides Markakis and Moustakas? I know fellow first-rounder Moskos owns a “Greek” name as well, but so does Youkilis and he’s as non-Greek as they come.

    Curious Greek reader here…I thought Eric Karros was as close as we were getting to Greek baseball legends!

    PS…if George Kontos isn’t Greek, I’ll eat my hat.

  19. Jamal G says:

    check the link I posted, has a list of all Greek-Americans in sports.

  20. Rob_in_CT says:

    Hank seriously needs to STFU.

  21. Lex says:

    Isn’t it Maddux? He doesn’t seem to let Boras try to get top dollar for him.

  22. firemedic says:

    THe Steinbrenner boys are IDIOTS. They have Overpaid Posada and now they’re going to pay Rivera 3-4 yrs at 15 million, what a joke. Well at least the AROD deal will seal they’re legacy. How 2 stupid little boys fucked up the greatest team in US sports in less than 3 months. How Big George will be so proud. And just think, another 60-65 million for Lowell.

    • Pete says:

      Oh no, we overpaid Posada! I wish we could’ve had a Castro/Torrealba platoon!

    • NYPD says:

      The Yankees are a joke. “We will not deal with Arod if he opts out”, good riddens!!!!! This proves the Yanks management does not have any BALLS. They have resigned all there own players and have not signed anyone worth a damn. Posada had a great year, might have 1 or 2 more productive yrs, yet he signs a 4 yr contract. Same with Rivera. And J. Damon, he has regressed abunch. Giambi, NO juice, No HR’s. The Yanks are going no where and staying Old. Good Luck in L.A. Joe Torre! Even M. Lowell sees the writing on the wall!!! He took less money and time to stay with the Sox.

  23. LiveFromNewYork says:

    I happen to like what the boys are doing. Your mileage may vary.

    I like the way money talks and bs walks with them.

  24. NYPD says:

    Posada is a ton better than the chockers (mets) catchers. But 4 yrs for 14 million at 38 yrs old. Only the Steinbrenners would be that stupid. Hey Hanky, why not sign Bernie for 10 yrs and 80 million. He’s still better than Damon.

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