BA Rule V draft preview

On walkways, new stadiums and political donations
Twins to acquire Delmon Young

BA posted their Rule V draft preview, which is far more informative than mine. I’ve always been a Jamie D’Antona fan, but he’s really just a useful bench guy for an NL club. If Fernando Hernandez is a Matt Guerrier-type, how do you not give him a shot? Ya gotta love the scrap heap pickups.

On walkways, new stadiums and political donations
Twins to acquire Delmon Young
  • mehmattski

    “Brian Barton, of, Indians

    Ever the enigma, Barton went undrafted in 2004 after clubs were scared off by his aerospace engineering major at Miami. ”


    • Count Zero

      He was often seen standing in the OF with a slide rule trying to calculate the exact spot where the ball would come down. ;-)

      • steve

        thats gold jerrry. gold !

        • Travis G.

          i didnt know anything about a subject as integral as say… aerospace engineering. you study the subject and lets see if you can explain it to me.

          • Mike A.

            Aerospace guys are nerds, they’re just rocket scientists. Now structural engineers, those guys are the shit.

  • Miles Roche

    MiLB ranked IPK the 26th best prospect in baseball!
    So meanwhile, the Yankees already have 2 prospects in the top 50, while the RedSox have none….

    • Greg

      hmm can Tabata really still be in the top 20? I hope so or his stock has fallen significantly.

    • Mike A.

      That list is an absolute joke. They should really be embarrased by some of those rankings. Elbert over Detwiler? How the hell is Hochevar even on the list???

  • CJB

    Hey RAB, congrats on getting linked at Deadspin. I was going through the day’s posts over there and was like “Hey, I have already seen this today!”

  • Spike

    That’s better than getting linked to Meatspin, I can assure you.

  • Jamie

    D’Antonia is from my home town – Trumbull, CT – and I think he’d be a great bench player as well……the kid could always hit (and still can) just can’t field at all….it’ll be interesting to see where he’ll end up… i mean the guy RAKED the ACC the entire time he was at Wake Forest…