Bonds indicted

Cap'n Jetes in tax trouble
Yanks, A-Rod agree on contract outline

From the AP:

Barry Bonds was indicted Thursday on perjury and obstruction of justice charges, the culmination of a four-year federal investigation into whether he lied under oath to a grand jury looking into steroid use by elite athletes.

Update: KTVU has more. Bonds is facing a five-count indictment – four counts of perjury and one of obstruction of justice. A free agent right now, Bonds probably won’t see too many offers heading his way this winter.

Cap'n Jetes in tax trouble
Yanks, A-Rod agree on contract outline
  • NYFan50

    Unfortunately only 4 months too late.

  • mehmattski

    Man, that KTVU article is really poorly written. Perhaps it was written in haste, but I can think of about 10 or 20 bloggers with more writing ability in their little fingers than these folks….

    • Ben K.

      The spelling mistakes are particularly bad. Spell check would tell them how to spell obstruction.

  • Mike A.

    Maybe his cellmate will be OJ!

    • barry

      Wouldn’t that be a pretty picture, who would be the bitch?

      • Kevin23

        Come on now. With that high lispy voice of his, and his time in SF, his flair for drama, overall bitchiness…you know who the bitch will be.

  • BBB

    What took them so long?

  • Count Zero

    Much as it pains me to say it — I highly doubt they will ever get a conviction.

    I can’t believe that if they had any damning evidence they wouldn’t have used it before he broke the record. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt they suddenly found something incriminating at this late stage in the process.

    Seems like a last desperate attempt to stick it to him since the Grand Jury was going to be released anyway. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, I might add. ;-)

  • Stephen

    Roger Cossack must be pumped right now over at ESPN