Curry: Canó seemingly safe

Report: Yanks close with Loretta
'Problem? I don't have a problem. I have problems. Plural.'

Mark Loretta signings asides, based on reports this morning, it sounds like the Yanks aren’t even considering trading Robinson Canó. Jack Curry at The Times writes that the latest trade offer includes “pitcher Ian Kennedy, center fielder Melky Cabrera and at least one minor league prospect, perhaps outfielder José Tabata.” The Yanks feel they could have Santana if they offered up Hughes, but they are rightfully reluctant to part with the youngster. Canó’s name is not at all mentioned. Just say no to trading Canó.

Report: Yanks close with Loretta
'Problem? I don't have a problem. I have problems. Plural.'
  • nmc

    I would trade Cano for Santana straight up. Other than that, I’d keep him.

  • LBA Prequel

    Cano is my only untouchable on this team. Everyone else, I’d take offers for.

    That being said, I’d rather keep the youth movement/trifecta/triumverate/whatever they’re calling the big 3 this week, and Melky, but I think that the Yankees might get a better deal if they make the Twins squirm a bit longer, possibly into the season.

    I don’t know. I’d be interested if one of the guys could right a blog entry weighing the risk/rewards of dealing for Santana right now, or playing hardball and waiting to the deadline, or even ultimately taking the (big) risk of Santana hitting the FA market.

  • E-ROC

    Save Hughes.

    Betemit for a bullpen arm?? Sounds reasonable. Who would want a fringe everyday player/utility guy?

    • LBA Prequel

      Who would want a fringe everyday player/utility guy?

      Well, we are going after Mark Loretta…:-/

    • Steve A

      Didn’t we just trade a bullpen arm to get Betemit? I have to wonder what kind of value Betemit really has in a trade.

      • steve (different one)

        of course, the Yankees had no idea if A-Rod was coming back at the time…it was a smart trade to cover their ass if he left.

        betemit isn’t great, but there was NOTHING out there after lowell for 3B.

  • Mike A.

    Give’em Ajax and keep Tabata.

    • Count Zero

      That’s a tricky one. If Melky’s in the package, you will need a CF long term. Keeping both Gardner and Ajax makes me feel pretty good that one of them will be that guy in 2009. But Tabata does seem like a monumental prospect.

      I hate to give up either, but I guess you gotta give to get. If we keep Joba, Hughes and Cano, I can live with a Santana trade.

    • JCP

      why Ajax ahead of Tabata as the player to vie? I understand Tabata’s younger but Ajax has shown power that Tabata has yet to show, and from what I’ve read he’s the better fielder. However, my knowledge base is limited and so I’m curious as to your reasoning

    • JCP

      why Ajax ahead of Tabata as the player to give? I understand Tabata’s younger but Ajax has shown power that Tabata has yet to show, and from what I’ve read he’s the better fielder. However, my knowledge base is limited and so I’m curious as to your reasoning

  • martin

    good. Heartbeat back to normal.

  • SMS

    The deal for Johan is already too rich. Let the Sawx trade their youth, and let’s get Bedard. If the O’s interest (current and past) is legitimate for Igawa and Farnsworth why not enrich the offer with Melky and get another dominant lefty with nasty stuff. This is the silent deal I hope is in the works, and the one that come true. Eeven if Andy does retire can you imagine the rotation of Bedard, Wang, Hughes, Joba and IPK/Mussina? On par with any rotation in AL East, or anywhere for that matter.

    • Count Zero

      I could be wrong, but I don’t believe even the Os are stupid enough to trade Bedard within their own division. Especially not for Igawa and Farnsworth.

      • JCP

        Igawa, Farnsworth and Melky for 2 years of cost controlled Bedard? Wow… and I thought some other proposals were preposterous….

        The Yankees brass could also slip this magic stupid juice I just made in my kitchen from the DNA of Jim Duquette and Isaiah Thomas into the drinks of the O’s front office.

        • Kyle

          They did take Jarrett Wright off our hands…..

  • Pinstripeglory

    I’ve read Loretta also plays 1b, so can’t the Loretta signing mean Doug M. & Andy Philips are gone? Since he gives you some pop off the bench, and u can use Loretta & Betemit to rest Cano, Jeter & A-Rod. Right now the bench is: Giambi, Molina, Betemit & Duncan. Adding Loretta would give the Yankees a much deeper bench and a decent Duncan/Loretta/Giambi platoon at first. Don’t you think?

    • JCP

      Mark Loretta’s slugging the past 3 seasons – .347, .361, .372

  • ShawnT

    What Bedard for Farnworrth and igawa? Yeah Right

  • NC Saint

    Everyone is taking this report very seriously. I’m not familiar with the Denver media’s track record, but isn’t the possibility that this is pure noise the most likely? Certainly it’s more likely than that they are so close to dealing Cano that they’re already close to completing a deal with a mediocre replacement….

    • Ben K.

      Yes. That’s why I’m trying to diffuse these rumors with some New York-based reporting.

  • brxbmrs

    FYI, todays Star Ledger says the Twins want an Impact player in the deal and they mention interest in Cano.

    Who knows whats true – all these media guys play fast and loose

    • Ben K.

      Right. We already knew that the Twins wanted Cano, but the Yanks have made it very clear that they will not trade Robinson.

  • Pete

    Ian Kennedy/Melky Cabrera/Wilson Betemit/Jose Tabata for Johan Santana.

  • Glen L

    the O’s should want even more for Bedard than the Twins want for Johan .. Bedard is still under contract for 2 more years (? i think?) and had 220+ Ks WITHOUT pitching in september

    for what its worth bedard doesn’t have a stellar track record staying healthy

  • Rob_in_CT

    Ian Kennedy+Melky+Betemit+Tabata+~7yrs/$140million for Santana.

    That’s a lot to give up. A lot. The more I think about it, the more I wonder if I’d pull the trigger on something like that.

    What if Santana blows out his arm? Then you’ve given up:

    1) A solid #4 starter (right now) who might be more.
    2) A league-average CF who might become (slighly) more.
    3) A solid backup/bench player.
    4) A highly-ranked prospect.
    5) A shitload of money.

    Toss out #5, of course, because that isn’t the problem. The problem is 1, 2 and 4.

    • JCP

      Betemit, Melky, and Kennedy would be easy enough to part with. Tabata would be tough, but this is, as one poster said – Johan.F…..g.Santana.

      yes he could blow his arm out. He’s also probably my odds on favorite right now to be the best pitcher in baseball for the next five years.

      • Joseph P.

        If you could swap Ajax for Tabata in that deal, I’d be all in. Which, to me, indicates that the Twins would not.

    • zack

      What ifs are a game you can play with every single scenario. What if none of those prospects amount to diddly. What if Santana pitches the next 6 years like he has the last 4? What if what if what if.

      But come on, you would seriously have to have Yankee bias blinders on if you don’t think a package of Melky, Kennedy, and Tabata isn’t a great great deal for the Yanks. Giving up young talent, but young talent that is either far away from being close to a certain thing, a young CF who doesn’t project very well, and a young pitcher who will never be nearly as good as Santana…I like Kennedy and would love to keep him, but replace him with Santana? Where do I sign.

      I have said it time and again, if the yanks can somehow make this trade without giving up Hughes/Joba/Cano, it is more than a no brainer, it is a steal. With one move the Yanks secure one of the best rotations we have ever seen with a lot of balance in terms of approach/style, pick up a dominant lefty, and become so so so much more interesting of a team. Just think about how much fun each pitcher will be to watch.

      Fingers crossed

  • MS

    Rob in CT

    The Yanks don’t need 1,2,3,4, in the playoffs. They need Santana. As far as the what ifs go… What if somebody else gets Santana and wins the Cy Young Award the next two years?

    • steve (different one)

      no, yankee fans have convinced themselves they CAN’T win in the playoffs without santana. i think that’s nonsense.

      there are other pitchers out there.

      trust me, many many teams have won in the playoffs without a single pitcher as good as Johan Santana on their team.

  • Rob_in_CT

    [apologies in advance for the rambling post]

    You know, if Ian Kennedy hadn’t had a back strain, I’d have wanted him starting a game in the ALDS. Kennedy > broken Clemens (or bizzaro Wang).

    Having an ace is great. We have two shots at that – Hughes and Chamberlain – without giving up anything. Kennedy gives us a shot at a very solid #3/#4 to complement Wang (who, while not an ace, is an above-average pitcher who happened to get shelled in 2 starts at the worst possible time).

    Who was the “clear ace” of the dynasty Yankees? Was it Cone? Pettitte? Wells? Clemens? El Duque? My answer is that it was sometimes Coney, sometimes Andy, sometimes the lord of the eephus pitch, sometimes Boomer, and even once or twice it was Rogah. But the Yanks won all those titles because they had 3-4 very good pitchers in their rotation at the same time… not because they had 1 dominant ace.

    Now, having said that… Johan-Wang-Hughes-Chamberlain-Mussina is a rotation I’d love to have. Love to. No question about it.

    I’m just questioning whether it’s really worth Kennedy+Melky+Betemit+Tabata+ 7 yrs/$140 million, and I think that’s something a reasonable person – not wearing Yankee blinders – can do.

    And look, Johan is great and all… but have you looked at the trend in his numbers? There’s no saying for certain, but he has been on the decline, and not just this past season. He’s still really, really, really good, but he’s not necessarily going to be vintage, you know? That’s something to consider.

    • Travis G.

      totally agree Rob.

      how’d Cleveland’s TWO aces help them in October? They were arguably the goats of the LCS. Pedro had the greatest peak in history – didnt help the Sawx much.

      4 good to very good pitchers is what the Dynasty was built on. just 1 Cy Young (and undeserved) in that whole time.

  • Kevin23

    I’m becoming more convinced that someone will overpay for Santana this off-season. I hope it’s not the Yankees. IPK (or Hughes) + Melky + Tabata (or Jackson) + a 7 year deal for $150M is overpaying. Maybe not based upon his total potential, but based on the market, the upcoming market, and the Twins’ situation, the only party that stands to lose anything is the Yankees if they make this deal. If they do make it, and Santana does win back to back Cy Young awards and the Yanks win at least one Championship (lets face it, they’ve got the offense), then it was a good deal. ANY other scenario and I’d call it just another jump at fool’s gold.

    I gave this a lot of thought (I’m often looking for ways to not work) and I say spread the risk to the young guys. Remember who our manager is, and use him accordingly. This isn’t the Torre Era any longer. And if Girardi can’t build top prospects into winners with an ever potent offense behind them, then fire him and move on that way.

    Santana is worth $20M for the next 5 years, one starter, and one good prospect. That’s not going to happen. So screw it. Plan B is awesome!