Filling the pen just got more expensive

A look at the Rule V draft
Joe Kennedy, 28, passes away

As we all know too well, one of the glaring holes the Yanks have to fill this season is the bullpen. The revolving door circus of the pen has had a tough time reaching Rivera of late. Sadly, it just got more expensive for the Yanks to sign Major League relievers with any semblance of past success because the White Sox are going to give mediocre reliever Scott Linebrink a four-year, $19-million contract. At this point, the Yanks are better off with their internal options — Ohlendorf, Sanchez, Ramirez, etc. — than with any of these Farnsworth-lite contracts sub-par relievers are now going to get this winter.

A look at the Rule V draft
Joe Kennedy, 28, passes away
  • Yardisiak

    Anyone heard a recent update on Sanchez?

  • JP

    I agree the Yankees should stick with there internal options. The BP is such a crap shoot in free agency. Unfortunately the Yankees started this mess with Rivera’s contract – but they didn’t have much of a choice.

  • barry

    There arent many desirable pick ups anyway might as well give some more minor guys a shot at the bigs

  • Ivan

    Is Kevin Whelan starting the year in Triple A?


    Where will Mark Melancon start the 08 season? Tampa?

  • barry
    Joe Kennedy Died?

    • Mike A.

      Yeah, very sad. I read somewhere that it was a brain aneurysm (sp?).

  • brxbmrs

    Rather than make a very expensive (in terms of talent) trade for Santana – this is the area I would try to use a Tabata\Horne for.

    However, I’d be cool with not making any deals and try to fill these spots with Ramirez\Veras\Ohlendorf\Sanchez (I heard June\July eta – won’t hold my breath) and even guys like Britton and Bruney.

    The thing I’m looking forward to most with Girardi is HOW he uses his pen – i.e. Leyland has no problem matching up relievers and giving them an out or two – not trying to get 2+ from a guy like Proctor or Villone like St. Joe used to do – and will do in LA.

  • steve (different one)

    if Tabata or Horne were traded for a reliever, i would be irate.

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    saying you’re better off with Edwar Ramirez is like saying you’re better off with…..Hepatitis B……i dunno…..couldn’t finish that joke properly.

    middle relievers are the European placekickers of baseball.

  • The Scout

    This is a situation in which the Yankees need numbers — lots of candidates in both the majors and AAA. They’ll try them out and go with the ones that succeed. I don’t mind paying or even overpaying for a FA with a decent upside, so long as the GM and manager appreciate that mistakes must be sent away. The worst thing that can happen is the effort to make a bad signing look got by sticking with it long after it has proven a bust. (See, as exhibit 1, Farnsworth) Trades are more likely during the season when teams start to fall from contention and settle for B level prospects. The asking price now is likely to be too high.

  • Mike A.

    Kevin Whelan will start next year in Scranton’s pen. Melancon’s spring will determine where he starts, but I’m guessing they’ll take it easy and send him to Charleston, and look to promote him quickly.

    • Mike A.

      That was for you, Ivan.

      • Ivan

        Thanks Mike A.

  • daneptizl

    Melancon wouldn’t be invited to Spring Training right? What about Sanchez?

    • Mike R.

      I don’t think that Sanchez will be ready by spring training. His TJ surgery was in April.

  • Mike R.

    I think the raise in price benefits the Yankees, and not only from a economic perspective. The Yankees have a boatload of potential bullpen arms. These will obviously become more valuable in trades. We could fill the five remaining pen spots out with what ever arms work out from:

    Steven White
    Alan Horne
    Humberto Sanchez
    JB Cox
    Edwar Ramirez
    David Robertson
    Scott Patterson
    Mark Melancon
    Ross Ohlendorf
    Kevin Whelan
    Daniel McCutchen
    Steven Jackson
    Chris Britton

    Well…you get the point. We could have a solid home grown bullpen and use the other arms for trades that will bring back much more with the price of middle relief where it is.

  • JRVJ

    ESPN is reporting that (according to a source) Francisco Cordero (formerly of the Brewers) signed with the Reds for 4/46MM.


    • Ivan

      I not gonna complain because hey we just overpaid for a closer too……..even though our closer is the greatest of all time.

  • paul dunn

    The Yanks need lefties, lefties and more lefties in the bullpen. They also need Andy Pettite tosign on for another year. You have to have a left in the rotation and the pen to beat Boston. So, sign Mahay, take a shot at Ray King, and get involved in the Santana sweeps if necessary.

    • steve (different one)

      they need good pitchers who can get hitters out.

      it doesn’t matter what hand they throw with.