Girardi’s coaching staff finalized


The Yankees today announced their 2008 coaching staff. No surprises here as Joe had this info in October: Kevin Long – hitting, Tony Pena – 1B, Bobby Meacham – 3B, Rob Thomson – bench, Dave Eiland – pitching, Mike Harkey – bullpen. This is indeed the beginning of a new era in the Bronx.

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  • Mike R.

    I really like this staff. There is a theme there. These are all young guys. Girardi and Thompson are big sabremetric guys. I think this is the first step towards the 21st century.

  • Tripp

    What happened to Joe Kerrigan? Did he stay with the organization?

  • barry

    They shouldn’t of put Eiland’s career stats up. I’ve been thinking what should happen if Pettitte doesn’t return. Do you fill in the rotation with a FA who’s not too expensive like Josh Fogg or something.

    • dan

      Fogg would be absolutely shallacked in the AL. For the money that someone even as good (or bad) as Fogg will get, the best option would be just to use one of the young guys as the 6th man. That was supposed to be Karstens until he hurt his arm then broke his leg. I’d rather they spend like $6million on a two middle relievers than one bad starting pitcher.

      • barry

        either way they’re gonna need a 6 man rotation this year for all the young pitchers but i don’t want to see it be Karstens.

  • Greg G.

    Hey, just read that 4 were added to the 40-man roster: Patterson, White, Cervelli, and Marquez.

    Also, according to reporter Bryan Hoch’s blog, Kerrigan hasn’t latched onto any staff yet. If he doesn’t find a spot on any major league staff, I bet the Yanks hang onto him. (perhaps along the lines of Nardi’s role)

    • dan

      I didn’t think Cervelli and Marquez needed protection… whats the reason for that?

      Can you post the link?

  • dan

    The roster stands at 39 with rivera, arod, molina, pettitte, and posada still not on it. Who gets the boot(s)? my guesses– henn, pavano, bruney.

    • steve

      its a tough call, i’m sure they would love the insurance money for pavano but they have paid pitchers not on the roster for years (wright, johnson vazquez) so whats another 10 million ? its a shame henn and bruney can’t turn it around, they both have great stuff just walk way too many batters.

      how about andy phillips ? is he on the bench this year ? or put him on waivers (again) and bring up the kid, gonzalez, we got in the randy johnson trade. I’m sure they would love to keep phillips but is he worth it since they have gonzalez, duncan, and betemit already on the bench.

      how about veras, hes on the roster but is he better than henn and or bruney? its a tough decision. they also have to put molina and possibly pettite on there. yikes !

      they also left eric duncan off the list. not too mention a few other names, like steve jackson, but i can’t imagine anyone actually taking them in the rule V draft.

      • barry

        Hopefully they’ll stick with Shelley over Andy. Andy’s career fielding percentage at 1st hovers around .987. Thats tolerable considering his power potential.

        • barry

          shelley’s career, sorry

  • Spike

    I think they should bring Don Zimmer back. To be the fitness coach.

    • barry

      And acquire Pedro Martinez