Go Away-Rod

Report: Jays interested in Roger, Andy
Rivera, asking for $50 mil, overplays his hand

Pigs may fly; the sun may rise in the West; and A-Rod may be open to the idea of a return to the Yanks. I guess Joel Sherman, George King and Mark Hale had some space to fill in The Post’s sports section. There’s just not much to say about a 2-4 Knicks team on a three-game losing streak. And I’m sure Scott Boras had absolutely nothing to do with a story designed to drum up interest in his client who hasn’t been flooded with $350-million offers yet.

Update by Joe: Mark Feinsand and Bill Madden offer a similar story.

Despite all of the back-and-forth posturing between the Yankees and A-Rod’ camp, the Daily News learned today that the two sides have been discussing a deal for the past few days to keep the two-time MVP in pinstripes, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

The biggest catch? The Yankees don’t want agent Scott Boras involved in the negotiations.

A high-ranking Yankees source told the Daily News that the team is willing to bring Rodriguez back on a below-market contract, one that would make up for the $21 million subsidy from the Rangers that the Yanks lost when A-Rod opted out of the final three years of his contract.

In addition, the Yankees don’t want to deal with Boras, who has been Rodriguez’s agent since the slugger was 16 years old.

“We will not negotiate with Scott Boras,” a Yankees source said. “He cannot be in the room.”

Rodriguez apparently approached the Yankees through a third-party intermediary. “He went to them,” said the source.

It’s tough to turn away the best player in baseball, especially if he’s willing to come back at a discount.

I’ll (Joe) have more commentary on this if anything else substantial arises.

Report: Jays interested in Roger, Andy
Rivera, asking for $50 mil, overplays his hand
  • Steve S

    May not be post slop, Lupica wrote the same thing and cited sources close to Arod saying he is preparing to go to Tampa. Plus Steinbrenner did decline to comment. Dont be so sure, if he comes hat in hand, i think they take him back (and the dollars make sense).

  • Tripp

    I listened to Buster Olney this morning on ESPN’s Mike and Mike talk show and he said that if Arod goes to Tampa without Boras and negotiates a deal on his own then the Yankees would probably bite.

  • Steve S

    here is the link


    Ben- this whole Marbury thing by the way is enough to keep us all occupied.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Ah yeah, nothing like having your star point guard desert the team. It’s kind of like having your star third baseman desert the team too.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.


        • Steve S

          Thats a stretch, you really have an issue with the guy if you are going to compare to him to stef, at least he takes the strippers back to the hotel instead of a YES TV truck

          • Count Zero


            That was just brutal. LOL

  • Steve S
  • Keith

    love him or hate him, i have to say if he ditched Boras to negotiate a new contract and come back, i’d accept him.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Great title Ben.

    If A-Rod wants to come back, he’s got to forfeit the money that would have come from Texas, which is a bigger deal than people realize. Instead of the Yankees getting $21M from Texas and giving to A-Rod, it would be A-Rod forfeiting/giving the Yanks the $21M essentially out of his pocket.

    That’s a $42M swing for A-Rod. Considering the guy just left $81M on the table by opting out, I can’t see that happening.

  • Steve S

    Everyone has to accept this if it happens, the team is better with him at third. All the other possible scenarios including Cabrera, didnt make the Yankees better. And if they get him to do this without Boras, everyone should worship the ground the new Steinbrenners walk on. They got the best player in baseball to walk away from the Agent. I would even say all of baseball should be beholden and give back some of the revenue sharing money.

    • Keith

      i completely agree with this. you get your AS player back, at a contract that was approx what you were willing to spend for him on an ext anyway, plus you dont have to give up a single arm to do so, which keeps your totally revamped minor league prospect chain in tact.

  • stuart

    yeah mr nice guy will take a discount because he does not care about money. SURE and we do not need air to live.

    Let it go.. Arod is a cancer and let him go ………

    BYE BYE….

  • Jon

    I still don’t want him back.

    To take him, he would have to:

    a) publicly drop Boras as his agent
    b) take $200M over 8 years
    c) publicly apologize to the Yankees for opting out when he did and not returning their phone calls requesting a meeting

    $275M over 10 years is still too much, and still the Yankees’ reputation is at stake because who will take negotiating threats seriously again?

    • Jamal G.

      I dont think the Yanks rep is at stake if they sign A-Rod under the conditions that were reported (the rumor that Boras will not be involved) because Rodriguez came back to the Yankees. In other words by not bringing Boras he basically came hand & knees crawling to Tampa if he ends up signing a new deal with the Bombers.

      I just dont see how the Yankees can come out negatively in the eyes of public opinion and the eyes of agents because they held firm, they did not chase him into FA as they definitively said they would not do, A-Rod ran back starving to the Yanks.

  • zack

    Isn’t it amazing that there can be a story specifically centered around Boras NOT being involved and yet its perfectly reasonable to expect that he IS behind the story. The man never stops. I wouldn’t read into the story, seems like one more way of both driving up the price and making A-Rod look a little better…

    • Jersey

      I was about to post something similar. I agree 100%: while there MAY be something to this, it’s just as possible that Boras is using back-channels to plant this story in an attempt to keep the biggest bidder involved. As a PR professional, I would be doing precisely the same thing. We’ll see what happens.

      I’d accept ARod back if this played out as advertised (with a Boras-free pay cut and perhaps a touch of public penance, though I don’t know if he has it in him). But I’m skeptical, and I’m not budging from my previous acceptance that ARod is gone.

    • Steve S

      I honestly think the Boras stuff is on point and not from him.

      1) Steinbrenner made no comment yesterday when asked about this. We all know he likes to talk about this

      2) The last two weeks have been filled with teams saying they cant afford him.

      3) Donald Fehr comes out and hints at collusion: that smells of Boras running to Fehr and saying im not getting that much interest in Arod, it has to be collusion.

      4) Arod is PR sensitive, and this past month has been brutal. I think Boras/Ard made two huge mistakes: 1) he took on the New York media (with the national media quickly joining on the whole opt out timing and 2) the market isnt what it was in 2000- plus Cabrera and Johan are looming over all the teams, who would probably spend the money on Johan anyway. I think Arod realized that this int gong to end well for his image, unless he does this- cuts Boras out of the picture.

  • usty

    Seriously. People need to stop looking at it like it’s a personal affront. Like by opting out he peed on his uniform then slapped a baby in a Yankee hat. He’s always been about $, we knew this 4 years ago when we got him. I’ll happily welcome back penciling in .290 40 125 in our 4 hole for the next 5 or 6 years.

    • NYFan50

      The insulting part was not even speaking to anyone before opting out. That’s just a matter of respect.

      But I agree with welcoming him back. You don’t replace that kind of production.

      • usty

        Okay, I understand that. I was angry too when he opted out without giving us a shot at talking to him. But then as i looked at it, replacing that production was impossible, we were left with a giant hole at 1b and 3b numbers wise and the option of leaving those holes in our lineup or trading our young pitching trying to replace it. So the thought dawned…why not use what we have lots of, money, keep A-Rod and keep our young pitching. If this story is true and he WANTS to stay in NY, I’m happily taking him back. If you want to not like him that’s fine, but to think this is in any way a bad thing for the team, is kinda crazy to me.

  • Ricochet

    If A-Rod wants back with the Yankees he needs to agree to arbitration, the Yankees said they won’t sign him if he opts out and they shouldn’t if A-Rod wants to truly come back to the Yankees he needs to jump through hoops and that means arbitration followed by dropping Boras and then signing below market value to make up the difference of what the Yanks would’ve gotten from the Rangers and the deal is going to be shorter than the 10 he wants.

    Thats the only way they should bring him back.

  • wayne’s world

    If the Yanks squeeze Boras out of the negotiation, what happens with other Boras free agents the Yanks might want in future years? I guess the Yanks are such an important buyer that he’ll have to keep trying to find ways of doing business with them. Even if there were truth to this story, I doubt that Arod would accept the condition of “no Boras” participation unless he and Boras have truly had a major split over this.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    love the production, hate the guy. i still dont think he’s coming back. too much bad blood already – the fans, media, owners, etc.

  • Count Zero

    Just for giggles, I’ll give you an analogy.

    You’re playing stud poker and the next to last up card comes up. There’s a three-card straight showing, and you bluff even though you don’t have the full straight or anything else. Somebody calls your bluff and raises. You see. The next card comes up and you still don’t have the straight — you have Q high. Do you a) continue to bluff even though it got called on the last round, or b) do you fold?

    Which makes you look dumber: sticking to your bluff and losing even more money or admitting you were bluffing (which everyone has already guessed anyway) and minimizing your loss?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      My inability to answer that question on a consistent basis is the reason I suck at poker.

  • Kevin23

    Everyone loves production. No argument there. But we do need to ask ourselves if the production from our 4 hole was purely A-Rod’s talents, or if he benefited from being in the middle of one of the scariest line-ups ever assembled. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that when you’ve got great contact hitters and OPS guys behind you, your stats should improve. A-Rod was rarely walked. He was pitched to because he’ll strike out more often than nearly every other Yankee. He saw great pitches consistently. What if that were Ortiz? Would he have hit .330/50/150? It’s quite possible. Lets just keep things in context. The Yankees give A-Rod just as much if not more than he gives to them. Opportunity is everything when it comes to statistics.

    All that said, I’d sign him for $27M. Hell, we’re paying Giambi $24M to pinch hit, and offering Mo $15M/yr. to retire a Yankee. I say sign him and bat him 8th until he proves he can produce under any circumstance. Ok, maybe just sign him for below market value…to him, that’s likely worst anyway.

    • steve (different one)

      you keep making this BS argument.

      please back it up.

      it’s an absurd claim.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      A-Rod was rarely walked. He was pitched to because he’ll strike out more often than nearly every other Yankee.

      A-Rod walked 95 times this year. That’s his second-highest career total and was good for 7th overall in the AL. He also received 11 IBB, good for 8th in AL.

  • kunaldo

    if you guys dont want this man back, you are crazy…they’ll probably sign him for (relatively) cheap, and we dont have to worry about getting Manny II(miggy cabrera)………and we can focus on getting Johan the Man Santana!

    seriously, i hope this works out…and he fires boras

  • Cam

    I have a theory that just popped into my head. What if the Yanks are doing this to get him a below market value for another team? Say another team is willing to give the Yanks a whole shitload of talent but the Yanks don’t have the bargaining chips. Enter Alex. “Sure we’ll take you back, but for less money than what you want on the market”. Sign him, then BOOM. Do a favor for another team willing to dish out a bunch of players to the Yanks by getting him for less money for them, get the players they want from said team, and slap Alex in the face saying ‘don’t mess with baby Stein!’. I know this probably wouldn’t happen cause he would have to be in on the trade, but I would love it. If this was brought up before, my apologies. If this is just shear lunacy, again, I apologize for making us all a little dumber.

  • Brian

    Indulging the unclear notion that Boras would be out of the picture in this instance, could A-Rod and the Yankees both possibly stand to recoup anywhere close to the $21 million lost in that Boras wouldn’t get a cut? I have no idea what percentages agents make…anyone? From that standpoint, A-Rod kind of doesn’t lose anything. And this is obviously his last contract if he signs a 10-year, so what use does he have for Boras?

    And about those draft picks…can we get those, too? (heh heh)

    I have to hope this is true. Having a remorseful (if it is possible) A-Rod and Boras having gotten the boot is almost better than him having signed to an extension from the start. Better drama obviously but more than that, if A-Rod does end up breaking Bonds, I don’t want to hate watching that…
    Pete Abe has a bit about Mr. Optober doing an MVP conference on Monday possibly, and what if there was a “Boras is out” announcement at that time. We’ll see.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Well, the money Boras makes is all A-Rod’s, and according to the New Yorker article from a few weeks ago, Broas’ cut is 25 percent. That’s a stunningly large percentage in a world in which even 10 percent is on the upper end of agent commission fees these days.

      • Kevin23

        Boras gets 25%? Are you freaking kidding me? Can you link that for me? I have to see it with my own two eyes. That is completely outrageous. Why would any team deal with him while knowing full well he is seeking a 15% premium just to overpay his own greedy self? If true, thank god the Yankees are standing up to him. Talk about too big for your pants.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          I lied. It’s five percent. Go, reading comprehension.

  • Cam

    In my view he would have to do a heck of a lot to be forgiven. A very public apology to the Yanks, to his teammates, to the fans, to baseball in general, and possibly even to the Rox and Sox would be a good start. Then calling all of those people who have called you and apologize to them would be good. Then thanking the organization for even listening to him again, and also firing Boras on TV. That would just about do it for me. Oh yeah, and maybe that World Series ring would be nice :-)

  • Tano

    Baseball is a business.
    The teams treat it as a business.
    They do not show loyalty to a player if it interferes with the good of the team.
    As it should be.

    Fans treat the game as a business.
    We show zero loyalty to a player if it interferes with the good of a team.

    Players have every right in the world to treat negotiations as a business.
    They would be utter fools not to.

    A-Rod owes nobody an apology.
    How utterly mindless of anyone to think that he does.

    The Texas money ploy was a bluff by the team to pressure A-Rod to sign early, and to save the team some money. Yanks had every right to try that ploy. A-Rod had every right to call their bluff.

    And bluff it was. It was based on an absurd premise. That somehow the Yanks were entitled to that money. That somehow without that money they couldnt be in a position to sign him.

    Without the Texas money, the Yankees were on the same playing field with every other team. For the best player, a guy they NEED, and with all their money, they remain in the best position to sign him.

    I have no objection either to all his talk of loving NY. I love NY. Born and lived in the city for 30 years. I no longer do. Life happens, opportunities arise, and now I live elsewhere. Ask me a month before I moved, and I would honestly and sincerely say, I loved NY, and wished to stay. It was not hypocrisy.

    A-Rod is the best possible option for 3b going forward. No need to waste a moments time even thinking about it. A true no-brainer.

    He did exactly what any sane rational person would do in his situation, what any of us would have done. Try to get the best deal for himself. More power to him.

    I dont give a flying fart whether he ends up with 200m, or 300m, 8 years or 10. I do hope they make sure not to put any opt-out clauses in, for I really dont want to hear the words “Arod” and “contract” in the same sentence till 2015, at least. But otherwise, let the money people on either side work things out till everyone is satisfied, and that would all be fine with me.

    • Kevin23

      I think you make a lot of sense, all things being equal. But it ignores the fact that Boras refused to even talk money with the Yankees – $350M was a joke. No one can argue the Yankees dont offer great deals right up front to guys they want to keep happy. He clearly didn’t anticipate the media backlash against using his opt-out clause. But he should have. It took a lot of butt smooching and home runs to get him in the hearts and minds of Yankees fans. And then he slapped them by snubbing the front office VERY publicly, all for a cheap bargaining tactic? Thats very deserving of all the wrath fans are currently dishing out.

      I agree. Bargaining is Bargaining, and business is business. But at the end of the day, this was a cheap ploy, and a slap in the face over money. Clear and simple. And it didn’t have to go down that way. Boras made certain it did. It may very well cost A-Rod a lot of money. Or a real chance at a title. That would be the definition of poetic justice.

      No fan, manager, owner, front office, or teammate wants to play with a “milk-man”. If he makes a gesture to the Yankees, that’s one thing. The Yanks were not just bluffing here. They were looking for a gesture. Still are. Does he REALLY want to play here? THAT is the question. Money is the easy part in Yankee land.

  • Barry

    If you want to be technical A-rod could still accept arbitration and then extend after this year. If A-rod comes back its almost like a no-harm no-foul thing to me but in all honesty I think the team is more of a team without him.

    • usty

      They seemed to be a pretty good “team” with Melky and Cano jumping up and down around him and the bullpen making fun of him stretching his shoulder in KC. Winning and performance are pretty good “team” builders.

  • craig

    John Sterling just reported on WFAN that A-Rod will sign with the Yankees……When asked what the % of this happening was…He said 100%

  • usty

    Sterling called into the Fan…said according to his source it’s a done deal.

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  • Steve

    Sterling was quoting a source who said “on a scale of 1 to 100 it’s a 101”

  • yaba daba doo

    pigs fly, A-rod back with yanks

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