Hip hip, Jorge! Hip hip, Jorge! Hip hip, Jorge! Hip hip, Jorge!

Mo's talking but no one's listening
Hava Molina

Mark Feinsand and Bill Madden break this story: The Yanks and Jorge Posada have agreed to a four-year, $52-million contract. The deal, of course, depends on a physical and some final language. It is not finalized yet, but the inking of the deal seems to be a mere technicality right now.

Per The Daily News:

After being schmoozed by Mets general manager Omar Minaya Monday afternoon during a lengthy lunch at Le Cirque, Posada and his agents finally received the offer from the Yankees they had been hoping for all along. The Yankees offered Posada a four-year, $52 million contract … to remain in pinstripes. The deal will become official pending a physicial and final contract language being ironed out.

In a lunch meeting with Brian Cashman on Friday, Posada and his wife, Laura, made it clear to the Yankees’ GM that they were seeking a four-year contract. Cashman had been holding firm to the team’s original three-year, $40 million offer throughout the negotiations, but after mulling over the issue this weekend, Cashman, Hank and Hal Steinbrenner agreed during a morning conference call yesterday that they would give Posada the fourth year.

Four years is good. I can deal with four years. While I doubt Posada will be an effective catcher by the end of this deal, it’s miles better than a five-year deal, and the dollars are right. Posada has basically set the market. He signed for $13 million a year when most people were pegging him at $15 mil per. I wonder how this will affect Mike Lowell who supposedly wants a similar deal and Alex Rodriguez who really shouldn’t get an offer higher than $25 million.

Posada picked a great year to turn in an MVP-caliber season. Had the Yanks negotiated with Posada before he hit .338/.426/.543, they probably could have signed him for less. Of course, no one expected him to hit that well, and I’m not sure he will approach those numbers during the course of this season. But, hey, at least now he can feed Latrell Spreewell’s family.

Credit on that video there goes to my sister. Click the link and watch it. It’s funny.

Mo's talking but no one's listening
Hava Molina
  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    he got that 4th year, god bless him, but i’ll take it! next up Mo.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    HIP HIP!!!

  • JJ Reddick

    the Latrell Spreewell joke was uncalled for. :) But still, great news indeed.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Ya gotta click the link…and watch the video.

      • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        The shot of Sprewell’s family at 2:12 is either hilariously funny or incredibly cruel. I say funny.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Are you the real JJ Reddick, or just some dude using his name as a handle?

  • NYFan50

    This is good news. By the time the deal ends he’ll probably be the DH or at 1B, but that’s ok. They needed him.

  • http://lbaprequel.lobitowebsite.com/ LBA Prequel

    Here’s hoping Montero rises through the ranks of the minors and takes Jorge’s job by 2010…

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  • Ivan

    I am not in love with the contract but it’s okay nevertheless.

    As for the Spreewell thing, look I like spreewell alot man, that was my dawg but that was just plain ridiculous and hilarious at the same time when he sade he can’t feed his family with that type of money.

  • Ivan

    By the way, could the yankees not sign Mike Lowell please. Albeit he’s probably not going to hit market anyway but if he did, the yankees to me can do better than mike lowell. The guy is old, who played was pratacally a fenway hitter due to the fact he’s a pull hitter and he had Manny and Ortiz backing him up.


  • http://bkight13hotmail.com bkight

    It seemed everyone wanted a 3yr/$45M deal, so we basically gave him a 4th year for $7M. Either way it’s great to have him back.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Since Girardi was a catcher, hopefully he knows to back off Jorge a bit and let him DH more than Torre ever did. Signing Molina is important, then Jorge can catch 100 games and DH the rest.

    • NYFan50

      I totally agree Mike. I hope they bring Molina back.

      • Keith

        i think the daily news is reporting there is a deal that is close to bring Molina back.

        • Count Zero

          God I hope so.

  • E-ROC

    Should the Yankees give Rivera a 4 yr contract??? He wants something similar to Posada’s contract.

  • Keith

    with the money the yankees make, $13 million in the last year isnt a real issue.

    look at it this way, they’ll be paying Jorge in that last year upwards of $10+ million less to play the same role Giambi has been relegated to this year.

  • Rob

    They had no choice. It’s a great deal for Jorge, and he deserves it. Still, not great for the organization.

    Good point on Giambi. He’s making what, 22 million this year? Jorge filling that role in 2011 is a bargain, esp after adjusting for inflation!

    The only real worry is that Matsui and Damon could both be filling that role in 2009. Hopefully one gets traded this year. Andy LaRoche please.

    • Keith

      i still think the Dodgers, and Torre, would take Matsui on the short term commitment, but only if they make a play for a big 3B bat. if they went out and got ARod or Miggy Cabrera, then LaRoche is blocked. They could then move him for value.

  • http://www.baseballhotcorner.blogspot.com Mark

    Posada at an inflated price was the best deal out there. I think they will apply the same logic to Lowell and save the prospects for Santana

  • Keith

    i agree. Cash is being adament that he will not trade one of the big 3, so i think Lowell seems like a no-brainer, even at 4 years. the red saux can have the draft pick if they want it, because we’ll get two back for ARod signing elswhere anyway.

    and if Lowell was signed, i could see Cashman throwing Robby Cano on the trading block for Santana or Haren, and getting creative to bring in another 2B, too.

    • Rob

      Signing Lowell and trading Cano would be bad on so many levels most especially it’s a repeat of swapping old and declining for young with upside.

      And if we swap 3Bmen with the Sox, they actually get better draft picks and we get worse – crazy how that works out.

  • Marsha

    Kudos to Ben’s sister for finding the A-Rod video. Thanks to his declasse departure from the Yanks, A-Rod has made himself the Scrooge of baseball. Look for him to get booed everywhere he goes next season. I already know from a friend in Seattle that whenever he shows up there the fans still throw Monopoly money at him.

  • Count Zero

    Can’t say I’m thrilled with that fourth year, but I guess we had little choice. I’ll just look at it as a write-off.

    Please, God — DO NOT sign Lowell. No way. I would honestly rather see Betemit at 3rd than pay Lowell 4x$15MM. If they do this, it will be the dumbest thing they have done since they traded for RJ. Dumber maybe.

  • Rob

    By the way, any one else notice that Lowell has actually been worse the last two years against LHP. So much for adding balance to the lineup.