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Talks of contract offers fill the air

Mariano Rivera still hasn’t signed his contract. The longer he waits, the less sympathetic I become. Rivera has built up 12 years of good will in New York. Why is he burning it all right now during the twilight of his career? Three years and $45 million is more than he ever should be making and way more than anyone else will offer. Just sign it already.

A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod, Hideki
Talks of contract offers fill the air
  • JRVJ

    Mariano was in the Dominican on Monday, and though I haven’t checked, he may still be there.

    Yes, I’d rather he sign already, but the guy has the right to a vacation, you know (or maybe he’s on a goodwill/charity trip. Who knows?).

    • Samples

      JRVJ, all it would take is a 10 second phone call with his agent to say “take it” and let him hammer out the details. The Yankees have made him very rich. Its a little surprising that he’s taking such a hard line on this last contract, when the previous ones were pretty quick and easy. If he was really offended by not being offered a contract in the spring, then I’m not sure he understands the business end as much as he always professes to. I think the teams stance on waiting until the end of they year was appropriate given the fact there were multiple big name contracts on older players. Give one guy an extension, you have to talk to the others and their continued high level of performance was not guaranteed. I’ll bet money that Posada is back to .270 next year.

      • Steve S

        How is he burning out good will? He is entitled to take as long as he wants. And I wouldn’t call his career here as building good will, rather hall of fame, epic, and perhaps the lynch pin to all the championships. And nothing that happens in negotiations can affect that. Also everyone talks about him not taking it personally and not understanding the business side of this. Well what is he doing. If he gets someone to offer him 4 years and the Yankees wont, then thats the business side of baseball. The Yankees took a chance this year and wanted to wait out to see if he would stay healthy, he did, now this is them paying up on it. It was a good bet but this is the discomfort that comes along with making it.

        And of course Posada is back to .270, but name the alternative. And name the alternative considering youve lost your cleanup hitter, because thats the scenario the Yankees were in at the time the offer was made. Also consider that the team is predominantly lefty, they have a leftfielder/dh who just underwent knee surgery. An $18 M DH who has turned into a bad version of Dave Kingman/Rob Deer. Its the same argument for those who are so critical of the Arod, the end result is that thy are a better team with him at third base. None of the alternative are better than him, even on one of his down years. And there isnt a prospect in sight that can take his place in the next couple of years

  • Bill Porter

    He’ll be back from a baseball camp in the DR next week. Luttle Stien says there’s no rush. If the parties are okay with waiting what’s the rumpus?

  • Jamal G.

    Oh, I thought he was down in DR because of the tropical storm that ravaged part of the country. Him being a priest and all I thought he went down there to help out as all Latino baseball players are doing, Dominican or not.

  • Sanjay

    Are you really suggesting that Mo should sign just so he can regain the sympathy of some blogger??? The Yanks took years to offer him an extension. Can’t Mo take a few days to think it over? What’s the big deal? When Mo walks into a 3-2 game with Enter Sandman playing, are you really going to be worrying about all of that goodwill that he burned?

  • Bob Saget

    Sweeny Murti was just on WFAN and he says that Rivera will either sign a contract of 3/52 or 4/60.

  • davi

    Rivera really wants the 4 year deal. He knows he will never get the 3/52 from the yankees. His agent is trying to play the 3/52 off as rivera’s min. Then he will say ‘or Rivera will agree to a 4/60 contract. What a deal! You’re getting him for basically 8 million in the 4th year!!’

    The only people wanting Rivera for a 4th year are Rivera and Metallica. I’m not really sure how royalties work, but I’m pretty sure Metallica will be missing all the money from Enter Sandman playing when Rivera retires
    I really hope Cash & Co have backbones and will just say no. Rivera is jealous that Posada got a 4 year deal, and is probably still a bit upset over Joe. He has no desire to move to LA. LA already has a lights out closer, they don’t need him. RIvera’s family is firmly planted in Westchester. He’s using Joe to squeeze more money out of the yankees.

  • Jon

    What do you think a reasonable trade for Giambi would be?

    I think the Yankees would be better off using their money to get a legitimate prospect or two.

    The Twins and Mariners both could use a DH (though there is that Vidro problem in Seattle).

    Would Giambi + $15M get a team’s, say, 8th best prospect?

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