Minor League free agents

Miranda goes yard...twice
Thoughts on the A-Rod/Boras blame game

BA’s got the list, here’s the Yanks’ players:

New York Yankees (22)
Chris Farley, Scott Patterson, Justin Pope, Ferdin Tejeda
Lefthanders: Ben Kozlowski, Charlie Manning
Catchers: Alan Atacho, Ben Blumenthal, Jason Brown, Raul Chavez, Omir Santos
First baseman: Erubiel Durazo
Second baseman: Juan Francia
Third basemen: Mike Kinkade, Carlos Mendoza
Shortstops: Andy Cannizaro, Angel Chavez
Outfielders: Jose Cruz, Rudy Guillen, Noah Hall, Kevin Reese, Jamal Strong

They’d be stupid not to bring Patterson back, and probably should do the same with Kozlowski and Manning. All three of those guys have a chance to help out the Yanks’ bullpen next year. Other than that, maybe keep Omir Santos, but it wouldn’t be that big of a loss if they couldn’t resign him. No one else is worth getting upset over.

Digging through the rest of the list, guys like Gustavo Molina (C, Orioles), Rodney Choy Foo (SS, Indians, love the name), Dane Sardinha (C, Tigers, Bronson’s older brother), Brooks Conrad (2B, Astros), Jason Stokes (1B, A’s), Dewon Brazelton (RHP, Pirates), Tripper Johnson (3B, Pirates), Jesse Foppert (RHP, Giants), ex-Yank Brandon Claussen (LHP, Nats) and Mike Hinckley (LHP, Nats) would all make good scrap heap pickups. Admittedly, I do have inexplicable man-crushes on Stokes and Hinckley, so take those names with a grain of salt.

Miranda goes yard...twice
Thoughts on the A-Rod/Boras blame game
  • dan

    After seeing the numbers, that grain of salt is looking awfully large.

  • yankz

    There’s ANOTHER Molina catcher?!

  • http://riveraveblues.com JP Surget

    No love for Ferdin Tejeda?? If stays healthy he would be a big loss

  • Dan

    The Yankees have to keep Chris Farley!!!!

  • Steven

    A couple other random guys that might have some AAA/MLB use:
    Sendy Rleal
    Travis Hughes
    Jon Van Every
    Tim Raines
    Brett Harper
    J.D. Closser
    Jorge Piedra
    Yurendell de Caster

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Harper’s a good one, I missed him. I know the idiots at soxprospects.com love Travis Hughes, they’re probably trying to figure out why he was cut (I’m guessing it’s the 6.31 ERA and/or the 1.99 WHIP).

  • Rick in Boston

    Sardinha might be a good pickup – good with the glove. Good injury insurance for SWB.

  • Jake T

    could molina or sardinha make any contribution at the major league level any time soon? If so wouldn’t they be worth it just because of the lack of Yankees catcher prospects?

  • http://www.mvn.com/milb-yankees Ashish Skaria

    What ever happened to Colter Bean?

    • dan

      I think he was released earlier in the year to make room on the 40-man roster… and on the bench ;)

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