Mrs. Posada: Jorge wants the Yankees

Bradbury: Yanks must keep stance on A-Rod
The Amazing Ajax

Laura Posada, wife of the Yankees’ All Star catcher, said that the Yankees are Jorge’s first choice. While Jorge says he’s glad to see Joe Girardi managing the team, the Yanks will have to come up with the dollars to sign Jorge. With the Mets in the picture he won’t come cheap, and I’ve already gone on the record with my belief that the Yanks should not over pay in dollars or years for Posada. With the Marlins and Blue Jays also desirous of Posada’s services, this could get interesting.

Bradbury: Yanks must keep stance on A-Rod
The Amazing Ajax
  • Alex

    laura posada is a goddess.

  • kunaldo

    She most certainly is…i’d drink her bathwater

  • BiLLyBaLL3R

    Posada is the utmost important re-signing next to “Mo”

    I think …

    Posada would be more of a loss and harder to replace than Arod! Even though Arod’s numbers righty bat and lineup card spot will be harder to replace by sight.

    Posada intangibles clutch at-bats-leardership and blossing catching abilty in his later years , make him the most valuable yankee

    Mr.Giradi please make a plea to Posada,because I dont think it’s all about money! Give him a player-manager type responsibilties. George make him Co-Captain if you have to!

    We need to hold on to this guy.
    It isnt like Clevelands Martinez orAri Tracey is available….?

    And …………as for the 3rd base situation and more importantly no Right power bat between all those leftys at clean up –>

  • Batty

    I know you’ve said that the Yankees should not overpay, but really what catcher are we going to get? Pay the man.