MVP for A-Rod

Rivera, the Godfather, worked his wonders on A-rod
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Nothing surprising here, but how in the world was it not unanimous? I guess the 2 voters that gave their first place nod to Magglio Ordonez felt the Tigers would have missed the playoffs without him. Oh, wait a second…

Update: PeteAbe says the two writers that gave their first place votes to Mags were from Michigan. Seriously. Wow.

Rivera, the Godfather, worked his wonders on A-rod
Vote Joba for NEXT
  • J. Martin

    It’s funny how one of the guys who voted for Ordonez is from a Detroit paper.

    • Casper

      They’re both from Detroit-area papers.

  • Ivan

    This is why for many reasons, i hate the media.

  • SP

    It’s a stupid system, always open to abuse. They could do something like say you can’t vote for your hometown player (which wouldn’t coun’t against the player, obviously- it just means you could only get 26 votes instead of 28) but there’s really nothing you can do but go on the honor system. Some journalists like to make themselves news by doing something like this- do you think we’d have ever heard of either of these writers if they’d just voted for Arod?
    It gets even weirder because of incentives for winning- Arod was obviously 1st and deserved the $1.5M bonus, but there are some contracts ($chilling in next year’s Cy) where just getting a vote gets the player a significant bonus. Bribes, anyone?

  • Rob_in_CT

    Where did Posada place? He shoulda finished somewhere between 3rd and 5th, IMO. I bet he didn’t.

    • SP

      Posada was 6th, just behind Mike Lowell and ahead of Victor Martinez- at least he was recognized as the most valuable catcher.
      0 0 0 3 4 6 6 3 1 2 112
      (That’s 1st-10th place votes and total points)

  • Chofo

    I don´t know who will get the votes right al the time. We have all this poeple voting for many things, and all are flaw:

    1) the fans and the All-Star game
    2) the players and the All-Star bench
    3) the coaches and the Golg Glove
    4) the veternas and the HOF
    5) the comissioner or MLB and the WS MVP.
    6) the writers and the MVP
    7) the citizens and he president

    you get the idea. There´s no perfect system. We can live with A-Rod not getting those 1st place votes from Detroit. What I don´t get is Jeter not winning the MVP in 2006 because he was a lesser hitter than Marnau, but winning the Han Aaron award for beeing the best hitter at the same time.

  • Casper

    Anyone else think Pete Abraham fired a shot at Mark Feinsand when he wrote the following (re: the 2 Detroit-area writers who voted for Maggio)?

    “A-Rod hit .241 with one homer and three RBI against the Tigers, so that will probably come up. Like it matters.”

    Part of Feinsand’s reasoning for leaving Beckett off his Cy Young ballot was that when he saw Beckett pitch against the Yankees, Beckett had poor outings.