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patterson.JPGScott Patterson, he of the 77.1 IP, 45 H, 9 ER, 15 BB, 92 K line in 2007, was added to the Yanks 40-man roster yesterday. The chances of seeing the 28-yr old, 6′-7″, 250 lb former Indy baller in the Bronx next year just went up exponentially. Quick skinny: he’s all fastball with a straight over-the-top delivery – the ball looks like it’s dropping out of the sky. Not much of a breaking ball, so he’ll have to be good with his fastball command. Sits at 91-92 with sink, but the downward plane makes it look like 97.

The 40-man roster has to be set Tuesday in regards to the Rule V draft. The biggest names the Yankees have to protect are Steven White, Marcos Vechionacci and Mike Gardner, but guys like Grant Duff, Matt Carson, Eric Hacker and Phil Coke are also eligible, just unlikely to be picked. Once the rosters are set, I’ll look around and see if I can dig up a couple of guys the Yankees might target.

There are currently 4 spots open on the 40-man, although the Yanks need 2 spots if they plan on bringing Mo back and having Pettitte return. They could fill the roster up now and DFA someone in January or February to bring Pettitte back (later Sean Henn!), and/or  released Carl Pavano to free up another spot. They can’t stick Pavano or Andrew Brackman on the 60-day DL until the season starts. I think they’ll protect White and Gardner and risk it with Vech, but I never thought they’d protect Jeff Kennard like they did last year, so what do I know.

(hat tip to Chad Jennings)

AFL Review: Brett Gardner
Guest spot at MLB Trade Rumors
  • Jamal G

    How does the AAA Rule V Draft work, because I remember somebody posting that Vechs wouldnt last on 25-man roster the whole season so we need not worry (im a huge supporter of his). However how is he to be protected from the AAA Rule V Draft? Does he need to be added to the AAA roster right now or does he need to be on the 40-man as well?

  • steve (different one)

    with apologies to Scott Patterson, some news on Mo and Lowell:

    the Yankees did NOT make Lowell an offer to play 1B, that was BS.

  • dan

    I really don’t think they need to protect vechionacci. Nobody can afford to give a roster spot the entire season to a guy who hit .260 with no power in A-ball.
    Hold on a second….. As I write this I’m looking at Vech’s career numbers and see that he’s only been playing for 4 seasons.

    “Players signed at age 19 or older are exempt from the Rule 5 draft for four years after being drafted (in the amateur draft) or signed by their current organization; players drafted or signed at age 18 or younger are exempt for five years.” (Wikipedia)

  • ikl

    Actually, the 36 does not include Posada, A-Rod, or Mollina, so the roster situation is a lot more tight than implied by this post. They could still release Pavano to protect White – that is certainly what I would do here. I have to guess that White would be drafted if left unprotected.

    • dan

      Mariano and Pettitte too. If you include those two then it’s at 41. Although as Mike said, they can wait ’til February to officially sign Pettitte to keep the roster at 40. Pavano can be released (although the yankees would then pay his contract instead of it being mostly covered by insurance), bringing the number to 39. However, that still doesn’t address the problem of protecting more than just White.

      • ikl

        I don’t see a pressing need to protect Gardner. The more serious problem is that putting the roster at 40 doesn’t give the Yankees any room to sign additional free agents (like Viz) without cutting anyone. Given the state of our bullpen, this is a problem. If I were Cashman, I’d be looking to trade some pitchers just to clear space on the 40 man roster. Even if we don’t get much in return, it is better than just cutting them . . .

  • E-ROC

    Hey Mike A, will you be doing an article on the Rule V draft?

    • Mike A.

      Yes, but probably not until after the holiday.

  • Mike

    I believe I mentioned last week that the Lowell stories were BS. The Yankees have better things to do than play head games with the Red Sox. This was a media creation from the start.

  • Ed

    Did he just get traded? MiLB has him listed as a parent club of Seattle? Whats up with that?

    • Steve

      Typo. It’s been like that for a few months.

      In regard to the 40 man roster, they have a bunch of guys that can be DFA w/o being too much of a lose if claimed, or that won’t be claimed at all:
      TJ Beam
      Jose Veras
      Sean Henn
      Bronson Sardinha

      Hypothetically, 2 of 4 of these guys being off would drop it to 32. These guys are nothing but AAAA players, and some aren’t even AAA players (although I expect to hear arguments for Beam and Veras). Posada, Pettitte, Molina and Rivera bring it to 36. That leaves 4 spots for FAs and Rule V players. Say, I don’t know, they sign 2 free agent relievers (let’s just use the hypothetical Matt Herges and Luis Vizcaino), that brings it to 38, leaving the spot for Steve White (no one is taking Vechionacci, etc.,Is Duncan eligible, or not until next year?), allowing one spot for the Yankees for take a Rule V selection (outfielder with potential?). DFA another one of the initial people or release Carl Pavano for addition spot(s). When the season starts, 60 man DL Pavano, Brackman, and Sanchez until he’s ready to pitch again for 3 more spots to add Brett Gardner, Justin Christian, etc. when they are called up.

      • dan

        I wouldn’t have a problem cutting ties with Sardinha and/or Henn. With everyone else in this system, there are more important players to protect and keep than those two. I wouldn’t give up on Beam or Veras just yet.

  • steve (different one)

    Henn can go and frankly so can Andy Phillips.

  • parker

    You don’t give up arms like Henn and Veras for nothing.

    A reason fans are fans and execs are execs.