Players’ names flying fast and furious

Twins' demands for Santana coming into view
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We’ve got two reports this morning filled with names. Remember: This is all just pure speculation. based on information from anonymous sources. It does however help paint a picture of trade talks that, as Buster Olney noted yesterday on a radio appearance, are still just preliminary.

Let’s start with the ones that are more shady. We’ve got a tip that a fantasy baseball site calling itself The Grand Jury knows what the Yanks are offering. Supposedly, the Bombers want to send Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera and Jose Tabata to the Twins for Santana. That sounds too good to be true, and other reports seem to indicate that the Twins want more.

Those other reports come to us via Pete Caldera at The Record. Caldera has word on what the Twins want. Caldera notes that these are players who might be included in the trade: Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Jeff Karstens and Tyler Clippard for Johan Santana and Matt Tolbert.

While Caldera notes that AL executives see Cano as the starting point to any deal between the Yanks and Twins, this list of players is pure speculation. And right now, all we’re trafficking in is rumor and idle minds trying to sell papers. The Grand Jury report, unsourced, has no more basis in reality that we can confirm than the list of players Caldera says is his take “on what deals might be discussed” between the Twins and Yankees.

“Might” is a long way from a trade, and meanwhile, both the Red Sox and Mets are planning to make offers for Santana. Since the Twins don’t have to make this trade now or ever, Minnesota won’t pull the trigger until they hear all the offers or until one team blows them away with a package of prized players. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Twins' demands for Santana coming into view
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  • Glen L

    I really hope the yanks don’t include Cano in ANY deal … the guy is going to be a .320/.360/.600 hitter with 30 homers … any pitcher is one awkward pitch away from never being the same … i would hate to trade a future number 3 hitter away for any pitcher

  • Tripp

    You’ve got to be kidding me if Cano is a part of any deal for Santana. Are the A’s really asking for the same price for Haren as the Twins are for Santana? Seems it would be less expensive for Haren considering he doesn’t have two Cy Young awards.

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  • LiveFromNewYork

    I don’t think we’d trade Robbie with Jeter’s vulnerability at SS and first being played by a platoon. That’s just craziness.

  • George

    So who is building the,site…

    Hey, HankdeStein, I am a Yankee fan and season ticket holder… I like the fact that you resigned Jorge and Mo. I wish that Andy reconsidered and came back before Christmas. Still Santa”na” Claus, lives in the North Pole, not Minnisota. Not since Roger Clements trade in 1999, have the Yankees acquired a solid contributing pitcher. Names, like Brown, Vazquez, Weaver, Johnson, Pavano, etc.. didn’t work out too well. I understand who Johan Santana is, and what he has accomplished. And how this may work against the Yankees, “IF” the bloody Red Sox grab acquiring him. Yet, I would rather see Hughes pitch against Santana, as the years go by, than to see OUR exciting players like Cano, Hughes, Joba, Ian, Cabrera, A-Jax, Tabata perform for someone else… Its possible that one or two players may not become what we envision them to be, but I would prefer seeing them grow and become significant parts of our future, rather than watching Santana, get old and possible brake down one day before our eyes.

  • CB

    Jon Heyman yesterday said the twins don’t want Cano because he’s going to be too close to his arbitration eligible years and will become too expensive for the twins.

    also, what other team would likely offer any player that is even closed to being as accomplished as cano?

    Perhaps the dodgers – someone like kemp, etc. i don’t see the red sox trading pedroia but perhaps?

    big question here is would santana want to play in LA? And if so would either the dodgers or angels want to pay that much to add another pitcher when they both need hitting so badly?

    the dodgers or angels could put together packages with position players and pitchers that would be very difficult for other teams to top. the only way I could see the yankees having to trade cano was if some type of situation with LA developed and santana was interested in playing there.

    that said I wouldn’t include cano in a package. having to give up multiple young, inexpensive high ceiling talents for santana and his exorbitant contract demands when he’s so close to being a free agent decreases santana’s value a great deal.

  • Mike R.

    I just read the Pete Caldera article. It could just be me, but it seems uninformed. I came away with the impression that his editor wanted an article on the trade for today and his sources didn’t have the information.

    • CB

      Agreed. It seemed extremely theoretical. Like he’d perhaps spoken to a few scouts or something and tried to speculate on matching up players. It didn’t seem like he had any insight into what names were on the lists that the yankees and twins exchanged (assuming this happenned as the NY Times reported.)

  • Moses

    On the subject of prospects, this is nice to see: “WHO’S HOT: OF Frank Diaz (Nationals) is batting .500 (17-for-34) with two homers, nine runs scored and seven RBIs over an eight-game hitting streak. … SS Alberto Gonzalez (Yankees) hit .436 (17-for-39) with a homer, seven RBIs and six runs scored over his last 10 games. … P Jesus Silva (Marlins) is 6-1 with a 1.45 ERA in nine starts, limiting batters to a .225 average. He is first in the league in wins and second in ERA.”

    • Ben K.

      39 at bats does not a hitter make.

  • Moses

    True, but the A.G. (hat-tip) did have a good 2nd half at the dish if I remember correctly. With his glove already considered mlb-slick, any further evidence of offense is, as I wrote, nice to see.

    • Kanst

      He did hit very well in August (.319/.381/.487) but to do that his LD% increased by 50% which seems a bit out of the usual

  • Stephen

    Just a few thoughts on the market for Johan.

    I don’t see either the Sox or the Angels becoming involved. Boston clearly has an ace and I certainly don’t see them giving up Bucholz plus Pedroia/Ellsbury. Furthermore they have tended to shy away from giving pitchers long term deals as they enter their thirties. The Angels already have two ptchers, Lackey and Escobar, who put up near Cy Young seasons last year and have already added a very solid third starter, Garland, add that to a few good young pitchers like Weaver and Saunders and they would seem to be pretty much set as far as the rotation goes. I would imagine that they will channel their energies towards landing Miguel Cabrera.

    That would only lead a few teams in competition with the Yanks, who could potentially match Santana’s contract demands. The Dodgers certainly have the young talent to get a deal done. Sure they have a pretty good rotation and they would probably be best served by focusing on the lineup, rather than pitching, but McCourt seems to be pretty ambitious and they are going to want to make some sort of splash following on the heels of Torre’s arrival. Finally there are the Mets, who definitely have a need for better starting pitching. Other than Gomez, they don’t have a ton of topline prospects, so far as I am aware, but Minaya has shown that he is willing to mortage the longterm stability of the team in the name of landing stars now. Of all the executives potentially involved in these talks he would seem to be the one most willing to ravage his farm system.

    So, I would argue that the Yanks are really only competing with two teams at this point, granted some darkhorse could always jump in, but I don’t realy see that happening. I’m sure that the Yanks could trump any other potential offer if they became willing to deal Hughes or Joba, but given the limited competition, right now, we can hope that it will not come to that.

  • eric from morrisania

    I still say one more deal we should make, with our surplus of arms, is to try and pry Bill Hall loose from the Brewers. He signed an extension last year, but is being forced out of the outfield in a numbers game (Corey Hart is a better CF, and they need to make room for Ryan Braun’s eventual move to LF). And since they just lost Cordero, we may be able to get Hall to replace Melky for nothing more than Kyle Farnsworth and a B/C level prospect (say, Farnsworth and DeSalvo or Farnsworth and Rasner)…

    We need more plus defenders if we’re going to continue to give AB’s to Damon, Matsui, and Giambi. And Abreu’s no great shakes either. Dealing for Hall makes parting with Melky all the more palatable.

  • chris fowler


    i’m pretty sure the twins HAVE TO trade santana–either now or at the deadline. they aren’t going to resign him. and they sure as hell aren’t going to let him walk away and get nothing in return.

  • Glen L

    Well the Twins trading away Garza and getting Delmon Young changes everything now! … they definitely need an MLB ready arm and since they also go Pridie in the deal, the Twins are fairly set at outfield … its pointed out over at that they should now look for a 3B … hello dodgers (LaRouche and Kershaw)

  • lee corso

    blessing in disguise?

    a deal to the dodgers wouldn’t be bad at all. i don’t think the sox can put together a package that suits both of their needs (they won’t deal pedroia). i don’t know what the mets have to offer now–their strength was their outfield prospects (milledge, gomez, martinez).