Project P46


While these talks about Santana are engaging, the point would become mostly moot if Andy Pettitte were returning. While we’ve heard rumors that Pettitte is leaning toward retiring this winter, what if Yankee fans showed a outpouring of support for Number 46 and convinced him to stay? That, at least, is the idea behind Steve Lombardi’s Project P46. Send Andy Pettitte a holiday card. It’s a worthwhile pursuit, and you can learn more through this post at

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  • Alan

    I love it! Andy will certainly be getting a holiday card from me.

  • Kevin23

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just start terrorizing his family until he agrees to come back?

    I mean, heaven forbid we demand that he should want to come back on his own fruition. He’s already got 16 million reasons (all better than holiday cards) on the table, so it’s noble for him to wait and make sure he’s got the inner-drive. Let the man do his thing.

    • Count Zero

      “Wouldn’t it be easier to just start terrorizing his family until he agrees to come back?”


    • Mike R.

      Money can’t buy love Kevin. With each card we are sending a little morsel of love to Andy. Little by little he will be overwhelmed by the emotion and will come back to pitch for league minimum. You sir lack vision.

      • Kevin23

        Prove me wrong. Seriously. Please! For the love of God, please!

        That alone would restore my faith in humanity for at least another off-season.

  • Donnie Baseball deserves to be in the Hall

    I for one am not going to beg a grown man, that is being offered 16,000,000 dollars, plus the chance to wear a Yankee uniform, and play in the playoffs and possibly win a World Series, to come back.

    Save your holiday cards for people who might care about you as well.

    • Ben K.

      I’m not so sure that Donnie belongs in the Hall either.

      • Mike A.

        You know a guy doesn’t belong in the HOF when the only people that think he should be in are the fans of his team. Just like Jim Rice.

  • Relaunch

    I love Andy but this idea is just gay. Grown adults shouldn’t be writing letters to baseball players begging them to play.