Prospect love reaches new heights

Who would you rather?
Taking a flier on Prior

Is Phil Hughes still a prospect or did his stellar September and inspiring October cure him of that tag? No matter; his name has popped up in many of the trade rumors this month, and Yankee fans are none too thrilled about that. One dedicated devotee to the House of Hughes has started a site aimed at keeping the youngster in the Bronx. So check out Save Phil Hughes. It is a worthy cause indeed.

Who would you rather?
Taking a flier on Prior
  • randomize

    Very worthy.

    Save Phil Hughes!!!!!

    And I agree with the blogger. If the Yankees trade away Hughes+ for Santana and then hand over another 20+M/year contract, I’ll find another team to root for.

  • mehmattski

    Yeah it would be terrible if the Yankees had the, without a doubt, best pitcher in baseball. If it were Hughes for Santana straight up, Cashman would be an idiot not to pull the trigger. Hughes and one other player up to Jackson, and he should probably do it. I’m hoping it can get done with the IPKs and Melkys, but I doubt it could.

    Also I’m tired of folks assuming that Santana will be a free agent next year. If he’s traded, he won’t be… and there’s nothing guaranteeing that the Twins won’t change their minds and sign him themselves. The Twins are opening a new stadium and have a reason to keep the faces of the franchise (Santana, Morneau, Mauer) intact.

    And to the above poster, it’s pretty sad for someone to give up their fandom over a trade. I personally root for the interlocking NY on the front of the jersey, not the number (or name) on the back. It’s all about the pinstripes, no matter what.

  • Mac

    I really hope Hughes doesn’t get traded. I know you root for the laundry and all, except there are times when we fans really don’t. Over time we come to root for the people, guys like Jeter or Mantle or DiMaggio or Rivera, guys who are/have been lifelong Yankee legends and who have brought new meaning to wearing the pinstripes. Hughes has the potential to be a lifelong Yankee legend, so in that sense it would be a total shame to see him go.

  • Jamal G

    The Twins will not be re-signing Santana, they are more than 40 million dollars apart on a contract and their billionaire owner is notoriously cheap when it comes to his Twinkies.

    Who knows, if Johan isnt traded by the start of the season then maybe the Twins’ asking price will drop a bit come July 31, 2008 seeing as how they dont want to let him walk for just two draft picks (I would think).

  • Is it spring training yet?

    Why is IPK more expendable than Phil Hughes? I’m not saying he isn’t. I just don’t know where this overwhelming sense of him being inferior and very tradeable came from. It seemed to come on one day very strong and now it’s the consensus opinion.

    • Count Zero

      Lower ceiling. I.e., IPK has less velocity on his FB, less separation between his FB and off speed, and less of a curve. What he does have is more savvy and probably better command.

      IPK could end up being better than Hughes when all is said and done, but it would be a complete shocker if he ever turned out to be a CY caliber pitcher. Hughes…not so much. I really hope we don’t trade Hughes myself…even as part of a Santana package…although I can’t disagree with mehmattski.