Quick hits from Yankeeland: Shelley, Joba and Andy

MLB to auction Yanks' bug spray
Melky on the block

With Thanksgiving upon us, blog traffic dies down, and I wanted to get all of this news to you before everyone jets from their computers for the long weekend. So a few hits from Yankeeland:

  • Shelley Duncan was hospitalized a few days ago with what The Post is calling a blood clot in his arm. While this is the first I’ve heard of this disturbing injury, Duncan has been released from the hospital after a stay that may have included some time in the ICU. The Yankees and Duncan’s family are not commenting on the issue, and there’s no word on how this clot – which may have developed as a complication following hernia surgery – will affect his long-term health. We’ll definitely keep an eye on this story.
  • The Yankees are not sure if Joba Chamberlain will be in the rotation or the bullpen come Opening Day. Basically, some in the organization see Joba as a Josh Beckett-type starter while others see him as the answer to the Yanks’ recent set-up woes. We’ve been pretty clear where we stand: 200 innings from Joba the starter are worth a whole lot more to the team than 75 innings from Joba the reliever.
  • In the world of the bullpen, the Yanks are one of a handful of teams interested in Troy Percival. The righty was utterly dominant in St. Louis last year, and his signing could push Joba int the rotation. That being said, there are a lot of questions surrounding Percival. Does he want to close? What sort of deal does he want? The Yanks have simply expressed interest.
  • Joe Girardi himself will try to convince Andy Pettitte to return. That along with $16 million may just do the job. My bet is that Pettitte is the Yankees’ Opening Day starter.
  • Finally, following up from yesterday, the Jets say they plan to address the Gate D problem. That’s good.
MLB to auction Yanks' bug spray
Melky on the block
  • JR_CLT

    “200 innings from Joba the starter are worth a whole lot more to the team than 75 innings from Joba the reliever.”

    I want Joba as a starter too, but the devils advocate in me would not mind him in the pen. With our current starting pitching situation (Mussina) and Joba’s potential inning cap, the team may be better off next yr with Joba as a reliever. As a reliever he could impact 60+ games rather than approximate 25. Plus, the Yanks are already paying Muss $12M, they may as well use him as a 5th starter and have Kennedy in the 4 slot to start the yr.

    If that does not pan out and Muss bombs, then the yanks can stretch out Joba and move him to the rotation. This will help limit his innings early in the season and hopefully have him peak down the playoff stretch.

    Just an idea. Thoughts?”

    • Count Zero

      Not a bad idea. My only concern is that the longer he remains in the pen, the more unlikely that they move him out of it. Also, he only really uses the fastball and slider in the pen — which means his curve and change will be underdeveloped when and if he makes the move.

      The inning limit is a difficult problem — I confess I’m glad I’m not the one who has to figure out a way around it.

  • Rob

    I want Joba as a starter too. But the problem is he can’t give them 200 innings next year.

    I think the relief to starter transition is a fine idea. If it doesn’t happen next year, it could happen in 2009.

    I’m also worried about an innings cap on Hughes. He was supposed to go for 140 -160 last year and he only got 100.

  • Rob

    On Pettitte, Steve over at waswatching.com had a fine idea this morning – Send Andy and his family a X-Mas card. I’m going to do it.

    If 1% of the people that paid to see the Yankees in person last year, spent $2.50 on a card, that’s 40k cards arriving at his house in the next month.

    The address:
    Andy Pettitte
    c/o Hendricks Sports Management LP
    400 Randal Way Ste 106
    Spring, TX 77388

    Though I’m going to address mine to the “The Pettitte Family”. :)

    • Count Zero

      Thus proving that even Steve can have a good idea from time to time… ;-)

  • Keith

    Saw this on waswatching, too…

    Chicago Sun Times had an article about how the Yankees were looking to jump into the Torri Hunter sweepstakes if they could find a partner to trade Melky Cabrera to for some pitching in the next week.

    Although, with all the praise AJax and Gardner are receiving following fall/winter ball, i wonder why they’d get involved in a long term deal to bring in a CF like Hunter, so i guess you should take it with a grain of salt.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I’m about to post on that. One sec. Thoughts will be on the main page.

  • Keith

    but then again, thinking about it, maybe they view AJax as having to be a part of a Hughes package to lure Johan from Minnesota, in which case, Hunter would have a home.

  • barry

    Joba in the pen is a waste of talent.

  • Bo

    Joba in the pen is a waste. We can find pen guys. You can’t find #1 starters. Who would you rather have? Beckett or Papelbon? I think the answer is clear.

    Now we need to find some pen arms but thats easier than landing an ace. Not to mention cheaper in terms of prospects.

  • Bo

    “I can tell you this: With Mariano back, Joba will not be in the bullpen,” Steinbrenner said. “I’m not going to waste Joba as a setup guy, period. That’d be crazy. We all want to see what he can do as a starter.”

    That sounds pretty clear to me.