Santana wants Zito money

Thanking the Baseball Gods
Putting together a trade proposal

Johan Santana, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, wants Barry Zito-like money. He’s asking for seven years and at least $126 million. While the Twins seem destined to trade Santana, I think that Santana will be a stronger position with regards to other teams’ finances after 2008. Following next season, the Yanks will have Giambi, Mussina and potentially Pettitte off the books. The Red Sox won’t be paying Manny Ramirez or Curt Schilling. This could lead to a bidding war of epic proportions.

Thanking the Baseball Gods
Putting together a trade proposal
  • Mike44

    The ideal situation for the Yankees would be for Santana to either stay put or get traded (even to the Red Sox..think long term) and NOT sign an extension. This way, the Yanks could keep Hughes, Chamberlain, IPK, and Wang and back a Brinks truck up to Santana’s house in the ’08 offseason and give him whatever he wants.

    However, this isn’t plausible because chances are, if he gets dealt, he will re-up wherever he lands.

  • Adrian-Retire21

    I saytrade Kennedy,Horne,Damon and prospect and give him 6 year $120 million contract.Then all w have to do is wait on Pettitte and get two relivers.

    • steve (different one)

      we might have to throw Andy Phillips in there.

      seriously, why would they want Damon?

    • Relaunch

      Typical Yankee fan response. What a dumb idea for a trade. Lets trade our bag of shit for your star.

      • Travis G.

        depends who the ‘prospect’ is. Kennedy is the MiLB Pitcher of the Year, Horne has been described as ‘Joba-lite’, Damon is a serviceable CFer (which Minny needs) and still a good leadoff hitter. If we paid all of Damon’s $, they might take Tabata of AJax instead of Hughes/Joba. After all, they’re supposedly looking for hitters, not pitchers. dont be so quick to insult others.

        • Relaunch

          Not really insulting others. IPK isn’t an elite prospect. This is the first time I have heard anyone call Horne “joba lite”. Damon made more than what Hunter made last year. Its a dumb trade for probably the best pitcher in baseball. Its more insulting to suggest a trade like that.

        • Ben K.

          IPK was a first-round draft pick and the Minor League Player of the Year. He’ll probably be the number 2 prospect for the Yanks when BA announces the list in two months. If they doesn’t qualify him, his numbers and success sure should as well.

  • Ivan

    Not to mention abreu and farnsworth and some pavano guy is coming off the books as well.

  • steve (different one)

    anyone think it’s strange that he “only” wants Zito money?

    are you trying to tell me the Twins wouldn’t give him that contract tomorrow?

    they offered him $93M/5.

    it’s not a huge stretch to $126M/7, is it?

    i don’t see how the Twins couldn’t afford to keep him for that amount.

  • E-ROC

    If I were the Yankees, I’d stand pat if I were the Yankees. A rotation of IPK, Hughes, Joba, Horne, and Wang could be very beneficial for years to come and cheap. I can’t imagine a team paying $20 million a year to a pitcher.

  • E-ROC

    I don’t u guys know, but PinstripesPlus is free through the weekend, I believe.

    Melky and Marquez for Jenks
    Sign Kosuke Fukudome or trade for Josh Hamilton, if though he’s an injury risk(drug abuse will make u that way). Or go with Gardener in CF *hides underneath the chair*
    Sign Percival & Mahay
    Take a flyer on Marc Kroon

  • zack

    Shit, Zito money is a BARGAIN for Santana. In line with Yankee fans grossly overvaluing their prospects and trusting way way too much on prospects to automatically succeed, and my continued insistence that the Yanks do what it takes to land Johan, a 7 year contract for that $ would be a steal. The problem with the Yankees is that their strength and the Twins’ strength are the same, pitching, whereas the Dodgers have a lot of ML ready young position talent

  • Jamal G

    Imagine if we do sign Santana, we will most likely have the highest paid position player and the highest paid pitcher in the MLB. OMG, the haters will have a field day.

  • NC Saint

    I would be thrilled to see the Yanks get Santana for Zito money. Zito’s contract wasn’t ridiculous because he’s a pitcher, it was ridiculous because he’s not a really good pitcher. Santana, on the other hand…

  • marc

    ok because of the luxury tax. 20 mill ayear to the yanks is like 26 mill a year. that could hinder things. or. that 6 year deals for pitchers is retarded. yea thats why we lost. not cuz torre wouldnt go rivera with 2 outs and runner on third in the 8th inning of game 2.. yup santana woulda fixed that

    • Jeteupthemiddle

      true, but the luxury tax threshold increases a bit each year (this year the increase is only about $4M), but I believe that for the 2009 season, the luxury tax is $178M.

      With so much money coming off the books after this season, and by having more prearbitration players (with this number expected to increase as some of the younger prospects move through the system and get promoted…even if it is just for bench players, the money adds up), it is entirely possible that the Yankees will be under the threshold in a few years.

  • Relaunch

    Also, lets hope the Yanks sign Pujlos to play first and Oswalt, Halladay, Beckett for the rotation

    • Giuseppe Franco

      Do you need a hug?

      You always seem like you are pissed off at the world.

      Life can be a wonderful thing, ya know.

      • Mitchell’s Eleven

        I can see how stuff on forums can drive one crazy. People suggest trades like they’re playing MLB 2K7.

        I have no clue what I think anymore on the Santana issue. I was trying to explain to my mother-in-law today why I thought it was a lousy idea to trade for him, and wound up half-convincing myself it wasn’t a bad idea.

        • Giuseppe Franco

          I think it is a very bad idea to get Santana now.

          The asking price is way too high for a guy who will be free to sign with anyone he wants in 12 months. I don’t think he’s signing a long-term extension with any team because he knows he’s going to become the best paid pitcher in history when he goes on the open market next offseason.

          As far as the Yanks are concerned, I’m much more worried about 2009 and the long term success of this team instead of going for broke and unnecessarily making unwise moves out of desperation to win in 2008.

          The starting pitching will be better than last year’s team if they can get Pettitte to return and keep the Trinity.

          • barry

            Hey, your name is Giuseppe Franco, you won’t put your name on a trade that doesn’t work.

      • Relaunch

        Its just about being realistic. Yes, we all want the Yanks to have the best team, but to dream up unrealistic trades is nauseating to watch.

  • barry

    Santana doesn’t fit with the Yankees, I say they should leave it alone.

    • dan

      hahahahaha your comment above this is hilarious

  • NC Saint

    It’s a mistake to think of the extension and the trade as two isolated transactions, and it seems like that’s what a lot of people are doing. Obviously no deal gets done without including a negotiating window, and what we’re willing to give the Twins in prospects should depend on how much Santana demands for a contract, and vice-versa (what we’re willing to give Santana should depend on what prospects the Twins demand). Since it all comes out to one big transaction for the aquiring team, that’s how it has to be evaluated. If the Twins are at all comfortable benefitting from his services for one more year then taking the draft pick, and need to be blown away, AND Santana is happy getting paid on the open market and also needs to be blown away, there’s no way the combined cost of players and money would be worth it. If both parties are happy to cash in now on the best payday they can get, it could well be worth outbidding the other teams in prospects, provided Santana’s demands don’t involve getting paid more than Zito in proportion to how much better than Zito he is.

    • Relaunch

      This isn’t basketball, there are no window contract extensions in baseball

      • Ben K.

        That’s not true. Teams working out trades can grant their pattern a window to negotiate a contract extension. See Randy Johnson in 2004 and Randy Johnson in 2006 as recent Yankee examples. I’d imagine any team literally selling the farm for Santana would ask to be allowed that window.

        • Relaunch

          Okay, not very common then. I can’t recall many situations like that.

  • barry

    Just read this article, Red Sox willing to give up a lot for Santana.

    • Giuseppe Franco

      I wouldn’t put any stock into that article.

      When was the last time an available superstar wasn’t rumored or linked to the Yanks and/or Red Sox?

    • Ben K.

      I love how the sox fans commenting on that article think that Julian Tavarez, Coco Crisp and some crappy prospectst are good enough for the Twins to trade Santana. That’s amazing. Imagine having to tell your fans that you traded the best lefty pitcher out there to the Red Sox for Boston’s rejects. Red Sox fans seriously live in their own delusional world.

      • NC Saint

        Yeah, why would anyone give anything up, let alone the best pitcher in the game, for a package that had Coco Crisp as a substantial piece? Crazy talk.

      • Giuseppe Franco

        Certainly true.

        Sadly, many Yankee fans do the same thing.

    • barry

      Elsbury would probably get them interested because he has a decent chance of a good development but I agree no one is going to want Coco Crisp. The only Coco Crisp I want is in the cereal aisle.

    • Mike A.

      That article’s a joke. For some reason people think the Twins have to trade Santana this winter when that’s clearly not the case. If I’m the Twins GM, I’m asking for Hughes-Joba-Melky-Cano from the Yanks, and Buchholz-Lester-Ellsbury-Lowrie from the Red Sox. If you don’t like it, enjoy not having the best pitcher in the world.

      • barry

        best pitcher in the world is an arguably flawed statement.

  • bkight13

    The Twins need CF, 3b, 2b, DH. I think if we offer some combination of Melky, Betemit, Duncan, Gardner and a real young arm or bat, we can get real close. A lefty ace like Johan is a real need for the Yanks and would take a lot of pressure off of the young guns. I don’t think the Twins want to completely rebuild going into their new stadium and 3 or 4 cheap MLB ready players could do it.

  • Relaunch

    You still think IPK, Horne, and Damon is a realistic trade for Santana then?

  • Bart

    The question is whether you the fan are happy to watch the team compete — watch Jeter and ARod march to the age home with no World Series; or whether using the last 2 -3 years of the Jeter, Arod, Posada, Rivera nucleus we get to play in and Win a WS. Problem is not so much will the kids propser – they may but it is a crap shoot — the problem is the Yankees are getting old around them and the retooling is likley to be when the kids are great as opposed to the next 3 yrs when the are learning to be great – and maybe learning without a STAFF #1 ACE to lead them
    — you have to sacrifice one of them to win over the next 3 years and set the stage for winning beyond then. Clearing paychecks off the books will happen – this year’s cost is not small but it is incidental to the strategy.

    The Yankees with reasonale pitching should match last year’s performance or better it. As should the Red Sox. They are 1 and 2. They have to be better than the #2s in the central and west. They Yankess and the Red Sox split with each other but dominate a weak east, the central, west and NL. Same as 2007 (with better east performance by Yankees, and hopefully without the front line pitching injuries.

    Getting to and winning a WS requires better short series pitchng than the Yankees have managed to field since 2001
    — it appears to be the hardest thing to do in baseball.

    Pettit, Clemens, Mussina, Wells, and whoever – were not eqaul to the D’Backs or Marlins. Mussina, Old Unit, Wang and whoever not equal to Red Sox, Angels or Tigers. Mussina, Pettit (close), Wang, Clemns not eqaul to Indians. On Paper all the names are great – have ben great, but came up short, A stike out, a hit, a ground rule double, a midge. (Having a tactical game manager make the available right moves would help)

    As a GM you try to take some of the crap shoot and uncertainty out of the short series (and make the manager tactics indifferent). The loogy matchup, the stolen base, the defensive CF each can be critical – you try to put each piece in place. Remove the weakness that can beat you.

    So faced with the hardest thing in baseball you have to get Santana if you can make the trade.

    Absolutley you give up Cano and Horne. Cano will not deliver 10 wins above the avg 2B for the next 5 years. Melky – play Jackson and Gardner – they have nothing left to learn in the minors – either they are ready or they are not – Find out in the potent lineup. Ikeep Damon – he was good with Melky and wil be for the other kids. He is a better all-round ball player than Melky.

    But Cano and Horne are not enough
    — you have to give up Joba, Hughes or IPK
    — is any a “nearly certain game 1and game 4 or 5 winner in a short series. Once you wrap your head around Horne, Cano and Melky, you give up IPK.
    — but maybe if you give up Hughes you could keep Horne and give up Ramierez. A crap shoot. I TAKE IT – I am AFRAID Huges lost his plus fastball and without it he is nothing special — terrible to say but as a FAN I FEAR. As a GM right now I have pieces to trade, and more arms in the pipeline – So I take Santana. I have a seven “can’t miss” arms in the minors and NO ROOM for them — do I save them and trade for who next year the year after —

    IPK or Hughes, Horne or Ramierez, Cabrerra and Cano — if you want to substitute Damon for Cabrera OK — I’d be happy to trade both and keep Cano – but I don’t think the Twins will deal unless Cano is in

    — If I am Cashman I don’t deal -I put the package together and Twins have 24 hrs – deal or no deal – I am not shopping my palyers — it is business deal of a lifetime – and I want Santana negotiated and two minor league prospects –

    Remember the inability to deal for Beltran — he catches the fly ball that Bubba and Sheffield botched and then we don’t take on Damon

    Remember Sheffield – they passed on Vald Guererro — we get sapred Mr. Butthead Attitude and stil have a Hall of Fame RF

    Remember Wright and Pavano — each was the Joba hughes of his day.


    Just giving Thanks that we have a team we are passionate about and that is in a posiiton to do great things –