The asking price for Miguel Cabrera (or Filling the 3b hole, part 2 of many)

The Amazing Ajax
Yanks to offer arb to A-Rod for draft picks

We can apparently debate the Yankees’ third base hole for 118 comments worth of thoughts. Ample pixels were burned on Monday discussing Miguel Cabrera. So let’s get started on him.

Baseball Prospectus’ Will Carroll reports that Cabrera is on the open market. Here’s what Will writes:

One of the team’s big two is gone and everyone’s expecting it to be Miguel Cabrera. “He’s at the end of his time at 3B,” the baseball source told me, “but he’s still good enough to play 1B. They won’t get quite as much as [Jon Daniels] did for Mark Teixeira, but they’re looking for a different payoff.” The rumored asking price is three players – one pitcher and position player that are under three years of service time and “solid ink-’em-in guys.” The other would be a “plus prospect, not the best guy on the team, but useful. The Marlins will probably look for a slugger.”

At the same time, Tyler Kepner of The Times reports, well, a few things. First, we hear that Yankees Manager Joe Girardi is a big fan of Cabrera’s. Says Joe of the 24-year-old slugger, ““He’s a great player, a smart player. He really understands the game of baseball. I was impressed in how mature he was as a hitter at a young age, his approach on a daily basis. I did not have any problems with him. He worked hard for me.”

Next up, we hear a similar asking price. According to Kepner’s sources, the Marlins want a center fielder and one or two top-tier pitchers. In other words, the Marlins want to turn Cabrera into the same package they got from the Red Sox from Josh Beckett. Instead of Hanley Ramirez as the centerpiece and Anibal Sanchez as the very good other piece, the Yanks would be trading a stellar pitcher and a very good other piece.

So now we know that if the Yanks pick up Cabrera, it would be, in all likelihood, as a first baseman. I can live with that. The Yanks got meager production from first base last year. Combined, their first basemen hit .284/.350/.419 with 16 home runs. Miguel Cabrera wails on those numbers. I’d take him at first base for the next ten years.

And with that in mind, we can now debate the package. While Brian Cashman says he would rather not trade Phil, Joba or IPK, it would take one of these guys to land Cabrera. The package would probably focus around one of the Yanks’ pitchers, Melky Cabrera, and a lesser pitching prospect, of which the Yanks have plenty right now.

I have, in the past, repeatedly spoken about my thoughts on Melky. I think, defense aside, he is very expendable, especially if the Yanks can get a bat of Miguel Cabrera’s caliber in return. Melky’s a fine defensive center fielder who often looks lost at the plate. The Yanks have a few good outfielder prospects who are simply better than Melky and have much higher ceilings. With two solid-but-not-spectacular seasons of MLB experience under his belt, Melky is the very definition of trade bait and would fill a hole the Marlins have tried to fill for a few seasons now.

Would you pull the trigger on this deal? As unpopular as trading Melky and IPK (along with a lesser prospect) could make me, I probably would. Let the debate begin.

The Amazing Ajax
Yanks to offer arb to A-Rod for draft picks
  • Brian

    I might be way too optimistic here, but this brings me back to Eric Duncan. Move him back to third, envision a future with Duncan and Cabrera at the corners. If the Marlins don’t bite, throw in Steven White. I would do this trade, too, under the condition that the Yankees do all their “homework” on making sure MiggyCabs is ready to play for the next 10 years.

  • Brian

    One last note: Cabrera could play third this year, move to first in 2009 once Giambi is gone (not that this is exactly stopping him from playing first now, mind you), and maybe E.Dunculous will be ready to go in 2009 at third.

  • Greg

    I don’t see the Marlins accepting Melky and IPK for Cabrera, but if they did, I would do that in a second. Melky is a solid player and Ian Kennedy should be solid as well, but Cabrera is a spectacular player. I don’t see the Marlins settling for that deal.

    • Ben K.

      They would probably have to throw in one of their relief arms from the farm system as well. But considering the contract situations of all involved, I think the Marlins would certainly be willing to listen to this offer.

  • zack

    If the yanks could somehow land Cabrera for IPk, Melky, and someone else, you HAVE to pull the trigger and be thrilled. Cabrera would be a top 3 1B, and both Melky and IPK might just be at their highest in terms of tradeability. With Damon still around, Gardner ready probably for a mid season call up to spell Damon, and others on the way, Melky is expendable. IPK is a bit more complicated with the Andy situation. If he resigns, its a no brainer. If not, then IPK is far more valuable to the Yanks than he should be. On the other hand, if there is one thing the Yanks have right now, its warm pitching bodies to throw out there.

    However, I doubt the Marlins would settle for that. i am sure they will ask the world of the Yanks and then settle for Crisp and Lester from the Sox…Ditto Santana from the Twins…

  • barry

    I’d have a hard time trading kennedy. Melky I could part with and any other prospect but the 3. It could just be me but trading one of the 3 “kids” seems foolish in the long run.

  • Stephen

    No doubt about this move. I’m a fan of any scenario in which the Yanks could land Cabrera without giving up Joba or Hughes. I know that there are a lot of IPK supporters around, but, while I was impressed by his performance last year, I can’t see justifying holding up a trade for Miggy to hang on to him.

    I don’t have a problem with moving Cabrera to first. The Yanks need to make up A-Rod’s production in the line-up, it doesn’t really matter where that production is coming from. If the Yanks can get Cabrera’s bat then they could afford to take a chance on a less glamorous option at third, like Crede or Duncan.

  • bart

    yes — they should have made this deal for texeria

  • Rob

    I’m still saying Melky and Wang. You just know so much more about CMW than any of the young three. It’s a risky trade only in that it leaves them completely open next year, but I see it as taking one step back to take three steps forward. And if the pitching matures more quickly than expected, they’re right in the thick of things. Indeed, I could easily see Joba, Hughes, and Kennedy all winning 15 games next year. Moose as the old man wins ten. Then they just need to cobble together innings from Karstens, Rasner, and Igawa. Heck, sign Glavine or Livan to a one year deal.

    This way they avoid giving up a potential #1 and FLA gets a proven pitcher and CF, and both with at least three years of controlled time (4 in Melky’s case). Wang just seems more expendable. He’ll give you very good innings for the most part, but we’ve seen he’s not close to the lights out post-season starter they need. But this is a ballsy trade I can’t t see them making because it opens them up to “rebuilding” criticism.

    And I like Cabrera at 3b for 2008 too. Then when Giambi is gone it opens up 1B or if he finds conditioning he could remain at 3B.

  • Rob

    BTW: How’s this for a lineup?

    Damon (L) – LF
    Jeter (R) – SS
    Abreu (L) – RF
    Cabrera (R) – 3B
    Giambi (L) – 1B
    Matsui (L) – DH
    Jorge (S) – C
    Cano (L) – 2B
    Gardner (L) – CF

    And if Ajax is ready mid-season, he’s another RH bat and could platoon with Gardner. Give Duncan and Betemit some starts against LHP and I’d say that’s a team that gets 90 wins on offense alone. Indeed, that’s a 1000 run lineup especially if Giambi bounces back with a 2005-like contract year. At the very least they’ll be entertaining and all without giving up the young pitching.

    • Rob

      Or even better, as NoMaas suggests, sign Andruw to a one year deal, if possible.

    • Count Zero

      If Ajax is ready mid-season? Step away from the crack pipe…

      • Mike R.

        A-Jax should start the season at AA. I wouldn’t bet money on him getting any major league at bats next year, but it wouldn’t shock me. If anyone had said at this time last year that Joba could have served as our set up man and that Kennedy would pitch a couple of games down the stretch I would have laughed him off the board.

  • usty

    Melky for Gagne’ = stupid. Melky for Miggy = genius. I would move Melk, IPK and whatever mid-level pitcher for a 24 year old monster hitter.

    Mike and the Mad Dog said maybe the Yanks could get the Marlins to throw Willis in the deal too with the right mix of prospects.

    • ShawnT

      DIdnt read all the comment so i dont no if this was mentioned, but id be willing to go melky, wang, tabata for cabrera, willis, and a bullpen pitcher

  • Evil Fox News Shill

    Teams that have so many holes to fill, such as the Marlins and Rays, shouldn’t need that one top prospect in return but, rather, several parts that are going to go out there and do the job. I honestly don’t even see why the pitcher has to be Kennedy when the Yanks can throw in three guys from the farm system that, while not upper-tier prospects, could go in there and help either team compete now.

    That being said, sure, I’d do IPK, Melky, and Steven White for Migs, but IPK is the absolute highest i’m willing to go pitchingwise in ANY trade.

  • Mike R.

    Mike and the Mad Dog are idiots. They wouldn’t throw in Willis and the Yankees wouldn’t want him.

  • Keith

    i think its already been said, but if the Marlins accepted Melky, IPK, and a prospect for Miggy, i’d pull the trigger in a heartbeat.

    First or Third, or DH him down the road if it dcomes to that, this kid is one of the best pure hitters in the game.

    i know Andy Phillips played a little bit around the IF down as a part of his minor league career. anybody know what he did at the hot corner? we know he can handle first defensively, but if Miggy was shifted to 1B, can Phillips handle 3B? I would think he could if it came to that, at least enough to platoon him and Betemit, right?

  • yankz

    Melky, IPK, and someone else not named Phil or Joba? 8 days a week. Dude’s most comparable player is Hank Aaron!!!

  • Mike R.

    The complexity lies in that you are essentially paying him to play first base (1 year at third maybe) when we can get Teixeira as a Free Agent next year and not have to give up any prospects. Is it worth it?

    • usty

      We don’t have to give up prospects if we change our stance and negotiate with the best player on the planet.

      • Mike R.

        That is true, but we’d lose credibility. It opens a whole can of worms that I would rather not deal with.

        • usty

          I understand the credibility issue, i do. But…couldn’t they just look at any future free agent and say, “Well…when you win 2 MVP’s in 3 years, we might crack in negotiations too.” I seem to have this dreaded feeling of cutting off our nose to spite our face. I mean the 21 mil we lost from Texas is almost offset per year by not having Torre. It’s just…we don’t have to mortgage our future player-wise to fill a gaping need. It’s only $…and the Yankees have plenty. Hell, they’re gonna raise ticket prices anyway, we might as well see them spend it on A-Rod.

  • brxbmrs

    I’d do Hughes and Melky for Miggy – if Cashman can get them to take IPK instead of Hughes he deserves a medal.

    I think if the Yanks lose Melky (who people here still criticise for being lost at the plate – wtf does that mean? – everyone looks lost at times and Melk’s biggest problem the last two years is running out of steam at the end of the year – he’ll probably out grow out of that), I’d like to see the Yanks try to get Chone Figgins for CF and or give Gardner a real shot. Lets stop worrying about power offense at every position.

    I’m going to miss Melk’s arm and D – and everyone here might realize how big a factor that is\was, but Miguel Cabrera at 24 – even as a 1B\DH\LF (ala Manny) could be the missing piece that brings us back to the WS – provided our young pitching comes through.

    If Hughes has to go in the deal, a flier on WIllis in a megadeal (as far fetched as that may be) could be one stop shopping for the Yanks.

    I also think that a three way deal involving Wang – trading Wang for another piece the Marlins might want is something I’m sure Cash is considering (again, possibly far fetched).

  • LBA Prequel

    I for one think Cabrera will be fine at third. Hopefully playing for a contender can help him stay in shape, but personally I think many of the fat jokes + comments are overstated.

    When someone of his caliber is available, you have to go for it. I really like Melky, and would love to keep him, but I keep hearing about AJax. If we could get Miguel Cabrera for Melky and one of the pitching prospects (IPK I’d rather keep, but hasn’t everyone said Horne is going to be better?), would be amazing.

    Not only is it a big step for the youth movement, as Cabrera is just shy of 25, but as others have said, he’s putting up A-Rod type numbers.

    In addition, with the loss of Melky, I’d still be (I guess I’m one of the few advocates…) of going after Torii Hunter. I don’t want Rowand, and I’d take Jones ahead of him, but his dip in offensive production has me concerned. Still, either one would be fine, especially if Jones wants a shorter contract.

    The problem with Hunter of course is going to be his long-term deal (4-5 years), but hopefully Cashman could finagle a team option in Y4 or 5. Still, he’s a great character guy, one hell of a fielder, and a great bat. In addition, most of the *big* DH contracts will be gone by the time he’s going to be moved to the DH spot, since Giambi, Damon, Matsui, and Posada should all be moved on to greener (?) pastures, leaving only Jeet to play the DH role. And who knows about that…

    Having Hunter at DH would free the outfield in the 2010’s – now composed of Tabata, AJax, and Gardner (insert other prospect/trade here) – which would be very nice, imho.

  • Kanst

    I was against the Miggy trade if it involved Hughes but if we could do Melky, IPK and someone like Marguez I would do that. You bring Miguel into Cashman’s office and let him know that if he keeps himself in shape then he can make a lot of money and be very popular on the Yanks. Before you bring him into NYC you gotta give him some incentive to stay slim.

    You let him play third this season and if his defense keeps slipping you move him over to first or DH or LF in the future.

    Melky is nice but we could snag Andruw Jones on a 1 year deal, or even call up Brett Gardner and our team would be better. Imagine a lineup of:
    Damon LF
    Jeter SS
    Abreu RF
    Cabrera 3B
    Jones CF
    Matsui DH
    Cano 2B
    Giambi 1B
    Posada C

    That is ridiculously deep and balanced with righty and lefty power

    • LBA Prequel

      That lineup would be even better if we could dump Damon and/or Giambi, and get someone like Chone Figgins in there to lead off.

      • Mike R.

        It’s not happening. Nobody wants Giambi, and the Angels would want more than Damon and Cash for Figgins.

  • LBA Prequel

    For those who say Melky is “lost” at the plate, hasn’t there been a few stories regarding his production, and how it is better than Bernie Williams’ at their same ages?

    I too would really miss Melky, but not as much as when Miguel fires a shot over the wall.

    I am a bit concerned about Willis, however. I’m not sure how well he’d transfer to the AL, although I’d still take him. Probably be our 3rd starter, no?


    Unless, of course, Wang would have to be in on the deal to get Willis…which I wouldn’t do.

    • brxbmrs


      There’s no bigger Melky fan than me, and I’d like to see him stay – he only gets traded IMHO if we can bring in a young proven super star like Miggy.

      The boys here who run this great site are a bit blinded by their overemphasis on offensive stats – they also seem to appreciate power offense. Melk was hitting close to .300 at the end of Aug and his OBP was around .350 – all this after a lousy start thanks to sporadic playing time.

      In most situational stats, Melk had better #’s than Matsui – he’s still a work in progress

      I really don’t know if Melky is closer to Bobby Kelly vs. Bernie, but what I can tell you after watching the Yanks for over 30 years is that Melky is probably in the top 3 of defensive ofers I’ve seen in a Yanks uniform.

      Also, I love the way he sprays the ball and we got to see him use his legs and + base running ability this year.

      He’s a guy with some upside – its also interesting to see no one mentions how he waited on that hanging breaking pitch from Carmona in the ALDS – Didn’t look lost to me ;-). Throwing out the runner at home was a nice touch as well.

      If we lose Melk, I’d like to replace him with Brett Gardner – if Gardner can play +D, steal 30+ and get on at a +360 clip, we could be a much tougher team.

      Figgins would give us alot too, but I don’t think his arm is anything more than avg in CF – could be wrong.

  • Mike R.

    Why do people still believe that Willis is any good? The guy put up a 5.07 ERA last year in the NL East. He would be a disaster in the AL East.

  • brxbmrs

    If Willis doesn’t cost you much more in a deal, why not? At worst you try to convert him into a reliever.

    In 06 he looked great against the Yanks and Sox – showed poise and guts.

    I do agree that, right now, Willis is not a guy you give up much for.

    • Mike R.

      We are on the same page then. I just don’t think that the Marlins would include Willis in a trade as a throw in. He is still the face of that franchise. I doubt he gets traded because I don’t think anyone give Florida what they think he is worth.

      • brxbmrs


        I kinda agree on your point with the Marlins not wanting to just “throw-in” Willis. But, I think if a mega trade was made, Loria would spin it as to get Hughes + Horne, Melky and Tabata (those 4 guys as an example) that he “had to give up Willis.

        So in essense, we could probably swap Horne for Willis.

        I think Loria would do a deal like this not only to save $ (we know how he ‘loves’ that), but for the reason you mentioned – maybe Willis is going to be mediocre from here on out.

        Alot has been made of WIllis’s violent motion and who knows maybe his decline is due to that and or stricter pe testing, poor conditioning – who knows?

        What I do like is that GIrardi should have some inside info on Willis, so if the Yanks were to give up something as significant as Hughes, I’d feel pretty good that they had alot of info and analyzed it well.

        No guarantees and pie in the sky.

        I also think the Marlins have some pretty great young players that will take over as face of the franchise.

        Plus, when you draw 700-800 fans a year, the face of the franchise isn’t what its cracked up to be ;-)

        • Ben K.

          Getting Willis for Horne and/or Hughes is not a good deal. Dontrelle Willis hasn’t been an effective NL pitcher in a huge pitcher’s park since 2005. Despite a low ERA in 2006, he was terrible at keeping runners off base, and it’s likely he would get creamed in the AL. Why give up players we don’t have to include for a pitcher we don’t really want?

          • brxbmrs


            Why give up players for guys we don’t really want? To get Miguel Cabrera and an potentially undervalued Dontrelle (so, speaking solely for myself, I wan’t Dontrelle, but at a certain price).

            Hughes is the main piece I think that will be needed to get Miguel Cabrera – I also think it takes Melky and another prospect, my point is if you are going to create a hole in the rotation by losing Hughes – to swap in the same deal Horne for Willis might be worth it.

            Willis could have had a bad year, could be done, I don’t know, but he’s still young and lefty and probably has value – maybe as an 8th inning guy – and we need one of those.

  • pettitte’s stare

    I have to agree with the majority of people that I would do a deal in a heartbeat that focuses around IPK and Melky. I think IPK is going to be a great pitcher someday but you have to give talent to get talent. Melky I love currently but many people much smarter then me in the ways of baseball have noted that he isn’t a true center fielder and as he grows older his body type is more likely to leave him as a +D right or left fielder. While that is great, Melky doesn’t have the bat to be a right or left fielder for a powerhouse team. I’m not sure who the third player I would want throw in on that deal would be. One of the relievers wouldn’t bother me or a triple-A arm that is doubtful to get a chance to play for the yankees some day.

  • Keith

    but the question is, is there anyone down in south florida who is actually paying attention, and cares about the face of the franchise?

    can they really alienate any more people down there than they already have?

    it’s not like people are swarming to the ballpark to watch him pitch anymore.

    the way i look at it, its kind of a reverse trade from what the saux made a couple years ago… then, it was Beckett who was the jewel, but you had to take Lowell’s contract to make it work financially for the fins.

    this year, Cabrera is now the stud piece in the trade, but if the Marlins are going to clean house, then you’ve gotta take Willis’s bloated contract, too.

  • Mike R.

    I agree with Greg’s previous post . I don’t think that the Marlins take that deal. They would want more than IPK/Melky/Unnamed prospect. The fact that most people here have stated that they would make that deal in a heartbeat if they were the Yankees pretty much proves that it is a bit lopsided.

    I still want to see the Yankees put pitching first. I would rather see this kind of push to try and land Santana.

  • Keith

    all that being said, i still think both teams out in LA match up better with positional prospects than the Yankees do with the Marlins, and if the Dodgers or Angels get involved, they have the upper hand in any trade for Willis and Cabrera if they want them.

  • Mike R.

    Keith is right. If you are the Marlins do you take the package revolving around IPK and Melky or the one with Loney or Kershaw and Kemp?

  • Adam

    So we all know how Melky is with the bat, and he has a plus arm in center, but is his defense really good? Yea, he has range, but sometimes he looks lost. The fielding bibles +/- system doesn’t like his defense at all, and I’m a pretty big fan of that defensive rating system:

    Melky is the perfect trading chip.

    Though to be honest, just looking at organizational needs, I think we have a better chance trading for Johan and giving up less major prospects than we do trading for Miguel Cabrera.

    The Twins don’t really need star players in return, they already have a solid star core. What they need are multiple cheap warm bodies that can give average production for years to come on the cheap. Melky and Shelly would be worth far more to them than almost any other team. Not saying that’s the entire package, but add in a Humberto or IPK and you might actually have a deal there, especially considering it’s only one year of Johan.

    The question then becomes do we want the star 29yo LHP or the star 24yo position player. Great pitchers are more valuable than hitters, but they are also far less consistent. Looking long term we also have less of a need for pitching.

    So who would you rather have, Miguel or Johan?

    • Mike R.

      Two words:
      Jo Han

  • CJB

    Perhaps I am putting too much emphasis on relationships, but wouldn’t sending Melky away absolutely destroy Cano? This could be like losing two bats in the lineup once Robbie starts sulking for an entire season because his best friend is gone.

    I have always been a Melky supporter, mostly because of the idea that a homegrown, speedy, likable guy is out in centerfield again (Bernie). I would be much more upset to see him go than I would IPK, who I really like but I feel could be expendable if it is the major piece in getting a superstar.

    Also, I realize that I haven’t paid too much attention to him, but is the general consensus that Brett Gardner will be ready to play everyday in this Yankee lineup later in ’08? I just thought that I would have heard more about him by now.

    • Mike R.

      I also thought about that relationship, but don’t underestimate the importance of IPK and Joba’s relationship as well. Those guys have been together every step of the way. I don’t think that Joba would sulk necesarily, but I do think that Ian’s presence could help boost Joba’s develpoment.

    • brxbmrs


      Here’s Gardners stats for 07:

      AA .300/.392/.419
      AAA .260/.343/.331 – 21 sb 3 cs
      AFL .349/.409/.398 14/1 sb/cs

      If he’s not ready, he’s close – it looks like at 24, he’s never going to develop power so I’m not sure what another full year in AAA does for him.

      • Ben K.

        it looks like at 24, he’s never going to develop power

        This applies to Melky as well…

        • brxbmrs


          It might also apply to Melky (not developing power) but Melk is almost 1 year younger with 2 years in the bigs.

          Also, Melk slugged .566 in Columbus in 2006 and hit 10 HR’s in Trenton in 05 when he was 20 (slg only .411) – Gardner has never shown anything close at those levels – although his slg at Trenton was .420 in his last stint he had 0 HR’s in 420 AB’s.

          All that aside, I don’t care about HR’s from my cfer if I get Melky like defense, and I haven’t seen Gardner play, but from what I read here, his arm is not as good as Melk’s, but if Melk goes, I’d love to see what he could do and let others overpay for Jones\Hunter\Rowand and most likely Cameron.

      • Mike R.

        He needs regular playing time. There is no sense to bringing him up if there isn’t a spot in the everyday line up for him. As for “never” devloping power, I wouldn’t say that. He is already developing power. Will he hit 10 homers in a season? Probably not, but he is hitting the ball harder by all the reports I have read. Those hard hit balls could become doubles and triples.

        Either way I am not worried about a lack of power from Gardner. Give me a .400 OBP and pile up those stolen bases.

  • Count Zero

    I would pull the trigger on Melky and either IPK or CMW plus a B prospect for Miguel. However, I’ll play devil’s advocate for a moment…

    The predominant argument after every postseason series loss is: Power pitching and good defense wins in the playoffs.

    Yet every time we discuss trades/FAs, we seem to forget that. Miguel gives us a very powerful bat. He also makes us worse defensively in CF and either 3B or 1B. So…the end result is we get more of what has failed us every year, and less of what we haven’t had much of. Given Jeter’s miniscule range to his left, it’s important that we have a 3B who allows him to cheat towards second.

    The only thing that sways me in favor of this is the fact that Gardner and Ajax aren’t too far away, but that’s a pretty shaky lifeline IMO since neither of them are locks.

  • Perry O.

    I agree with Mike I’d rather us make a push for santana and pursue Miggy as our plan B.

  • brxbmrs


    Look at Melk’s ZR and RF (never mind that he lead the league in assists for now) – he’s at the very top.

    Defensive stats are more nebulous than the tried and true RBI’s HR, OBP, but as objectively as I can be, his defense is among the best I’ve seen in a Yanks uniform in a long time.

    Plus, he’s 23, if he develops some power, he’s gonna be a very valuable player.

  • Mike R.

    I was looking over that fielding bible and it seems a bit off to me. Are Chase Utley and Aaron Hill really more than twice as good as Placido Polanco? I don’t even agree that Utley and Hill are equally good.

    Adrian Beltre is considered one of the top defensive third basemen in the league and this list has him under guys like Aramis Ramirez and David Wright.

  • Tom O.

    Kinda makes you wonder, would the Marlins not do a trade cause Girardi is the new manager here? I mean, Loria did hate Girardi’s guts…maybe a spite move?

  • LBA Prequel

    I’d love to see Santana, but I don’t know how realistic it is that he’ll be traded. And even if he is, I would think it would cost more than what the Marlins would ask for in Miguel Cabrera…not that both prices won’t be steep.

    Any thoughts on a deal with Baltimore to get Tejada, rather than Cabrera? I know that’s been tossed around (along with the Bedard rumors, which while I hope are true, I seriously doubt). Cabrera-Willis package versus Tejada-Bedard package?

    Still though, I think brxbmrs and others on Melky. I really think he’s a great talent who could develop into a great Yankee (and good point regarding Melky’s HR in the ALDS). And kudos to whomever brought up the Cano-Cabrera chemistry, I totally forgot about that. A big part of the youth movement which we like so much (along with Duncan’s manbearpig high-fives and autographs to Red Sox kiddies and Joba’s fist pump…). How much of that is lost of Melky leaves?

  • CB

    Melky is not the issue in this trade. It’s the the pitching they would have to give up. That’s the concern.

    Every year their pitching comes up significantly short in the playoffs and that is a major reason why they lose.

    But then every off season everyone starts salivating over the position players they can bring in.

    There are fewer and fewer good young pitchers available on the free agent market as clubs sign their own guys early. Teams don’t let good young pitching get away. The yankees have obviously learned this the painful way (pavano…)

    I’m not sure why everyone is so eager to trade Kennedy. Pitching prospects are always uncertain. But it does look like he’s a guy who could win at least 13-15 games and throw 200 inning per year at his lower end of his performance. Very similar to the numbers Andy Pettite puts up. It also wouldn’t be that big a surprise if he was better than that and put up Mussina like numbers. That’s not easy to replace even if you’re getting back a HOF caliber bat like Cabrera. It’s really unclear how Cabrera will age. He already looks like a whale and his value as a 1st baseman is much less than at 3rd. It’s even lower if he’s a DH.

    I’d be willing to trade anyone other than the big 3 for cabrera. I’d try to get the Marlins on a package of Betances, Horne and Melky and another player. Betances’s potential and Horne’s polish might be enough. I don’t think the Marlins will make that trade. If not so be it.

    I’d keep the pitching and move the team in that direction – pitching first. Fill in bats as best as they can next year.

    • LBA Prequel

      Melky is an issue, imho. He’s a talented player who many would argue is better than just a ‘trading chip’ which some have characterized him as. I frankly would like to keep him as a cornerstone of the outfield, if at all possible, and see him continue to develop into a good-possibly-great hitter.

      I agree that pitching is crucial; no qualms about that. But that being said, it isn’t a.) that we’d be trading for an aging star and b.) that we don’t have a couple of more high-quality pitching prospects in the pipeline.

      Never enough pitching, I know, and agree. But not too many 24-year-old all-star third basemen are available that often.

  • brxbmrs


    I’m a defense\slap\doubles hitter guy – those are the teams I find the toughest and most exciting.

    I think we have to realize that A-Rod is not a good 3rd baseman – look at his defensive stats – he’s ok.

    Also, the offense at 1st was a tremendous joke this year – I think you can make a case that Miggy can go to 1st and then b\c we desperately need a big RH bat, you can take a chance on a better fielding 3rd baseman that will have offensive flaws – even giving Bet the job at 3rd if you have Miggy’s bat at 1st and some DH.

    As for CF, the Yanks could trade for Chone Figgins, hope Brett Gardner can give you +d and a higher obp than Melk or play Damon there until he breaks. Miggy Cabrera is a big piece of the future – so its not like if we trade for him and don’t win in 08 its a mistake.

    I’d like to see Melk on our team next year, but if we really don’t resign A-Rod I think you can make a case that the big RH bat that Miggy gives might be our biggest flaw in the team that needs to be addressed.

    I’m also cool if the Yanks decide that Hughes\IPK and Joba are untouchable and we go into the year w\o that big RHH. I just think that Miggy Cabrera is the one guy I’d trade a Hughes for.

    Santana I think is much more dicey = over 900 IP the last 4 and he slipped last year a bit – at 29, I’ll let someone else overpay for him or hope he goes to FA.

    • LBA Prequel

      I’d rather wait to get Santana until he’s an FA as well. The Twins are going to be asking for the moon, and while I’d keep my ear to the ground on that issue, I wouldn’t be ready to sell the farm for him completely. He’s still arguably the best pitcher in the AL, hands down, imho.

      But is it worth giving up Hughes and/or Joba and/or IPK and/or Melky and/or Cano for Santana?

      Frankly, if it could be done, I’d much rather have the deal with Melky (even though I don’t like it) and a pitcher for Miguel Cabrera.

  • Mike R.

    The truth of the matter is that a healthy Humberto Sanchez would be the perfect candidate for this trade. A huge upside power pitcher. That is the type of guy that the MArlins would really go for, and it wouldn’t pain the Yankees as much as the current offering.

    • LBA Prequel

      Isn’t Sanchez being thought of as the heir apparent to Mo? Last I heard, if Joba stays in the rotation, they’ve slated Humberto to move into the closer role…unless I’m mistaken?

      Unless they’re comfortable with JB Cox/Ramirez/Veras/whoever else could slide into the closer spot…

      • Mike R.

        Melnacon is the other guy who could be a closer. Sanchez is being considered for the closer role, but the Yankees have stated that they consider him a starter.

  • brxbmrs


    I just can’t see Angelos allowing Tejada to be traded – although I’d definitely like to see the Yanks end up with him – if only not to see him kill us every year. I think Tejada’s 26 mil or so over the next two is alot more attractive than Damon or Sui’s 26 over two.

    I think Tejada was probably juicing and that’s a reason for his power fall off, and he’s got some star issues, but I also think he’d be the kind of hitter we really need – doesn’t K, good situational hitter, just a tough out.

    I think Bedard is totally untouchable – JMO.

    I also agree, the Melk\Cano\Shelley Duncan\Joba Yanks are very very likeable. Eventually though they are going to have to win something to keep that goodwill going.

    • LBA Prequel

      Brx –

      Bedard is likely untouchable, I agree. I have no idea why Angelos would let him go (other than the rumor that Nedard wants to head north, since he’s a native Canadian…possibly to the Blue Jays). Tejada? Notsomuch. He’s been floating on the trading block for awhile now, and agree on all the points you mention regarding him being a great asset. I think the O’s would like to dump him and his salary for some younger talent. Doubt they’d take a loss, but still, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to see Tejada in pinstripes…I’d be all for that. Not long term, of course. But still, would be a nice addition to the lineup.

      With regards to the kids winning something, I think it’s probably going to take another two years to filter out the last of the aging pieces before they get a *real* shot. Abreu, Damon, Giambi being gone will be big parts of it. I love Matsui, and I really hope he comes back strong after he gets his knee cleaned out this offseason, but he’ll be gone as well. Leaving a core of Jeter and Posada (and possibly Tejada/Jones/Hunter/etc.), the rest of the team should look considerably younger, from the rotation back to the outfield walls.

  • CB

    Good points. However, the Yankees scored 968 runs this season! 968 runs!! You shouldn’t need that many runs to win. Despite that they didn’t even win their division and had an awful playoffs.

    Enough with the offense. The Yankees do not need to “replace” ARod’s production (not that that’s possible. Even Arod wouldn’t put up those numbers again).

    Change the direction of the team – take your chance with good young pitching. The 968 runs approach isn’t working.

  • brxbmrs


    I think (and he got hurt and they shut him down at the end of the year) we might see Bedard usurp Santana as the best lefty in the game

  • LBA Prequel

    Very possible. My Dad went to Baltimore this year and got to see Bedard pitch at Camden, and he said his stuff was ‘electric’. Again, the rumor is probably false, cooked up by the silly season hot stove, but still, it would be like the Yankees saying they’d dump Joba or Hughes at this point.

    • Steve

      I honestly dont believe that the package for Santana will be greater than for Cabrera. Santana is 28 and has one year left. Depending on what Arod gets, its not out of the question that this guy gets 6-7 years at 25M per. So the pool of teams that can actually acquire him dwindles. As for Cabrera, while hell get a lot in arb, he is under a teams control for two more years, in his prime. I think the Red Sox package of Bucholz and Crisp might beat the Yankees for Santana, but it wont for Cabrera (excluding Hughes and Joba). Crisp has an affordable contract but I think the Marlins are looking for someone who makes practically nothing (in context). You can make an argument why any team would make room for Cabrera. But if its true that he cant get back into shape and become a 3B, he has diminishing returns. Power hitting first baseman are not as difficult to find as left handed starters or elite third baseman.

  • Jamie

    There is no way in hell the Orioles would move Bedard…..Period.

    Nevertheless, to the Yankees?? That is just idiotic to think considering Angelos doesn’t trade with ANYONE even if the trade makes more sense to his team in the long run.

  • Mike R.

    I love Bedard (and hate him on game day against the Yankees) but there is only one Johan Santana.

    • Ben K.

      I just had a Dane Cook flashback there. Yikes.

      • Mike R.

        I feel dirty now. Thanks Ben.

  • Greg

    The orioles are rumored to be interested in moving Bedard because he will be a free agent after ’09(i think) and the orioles will not be in contention by then so if they could get top prospects i don’t see why they wouldn’t move him

  • BiLLyBaLL3R

    miguel cabrera and D-Willis for melky, cano and mid level pitching prospect karstens or wright or of that calibre, Maybe throw in another hitting prospect Ausin Jackson ot Tabata?

    wang and kennedy with hitting prospect “Ausin Jackson ot Tabata?”
    for… Johan Santana!

    free gency

    2 for the
    bullpen and
    andruw jones

    • Mike R.

      I’m pretty sure neither of those trades would fly and if they did they would probably just make the team worse. You plugged the hole at third and left a gaping one at second.

  • Mike R.

    “Executives from other teams say the Marlins would demand a center fielder and one or two premier young pitchers in return for Cabrera. In the Yankees’ case, that would mean Melky Cabrera and Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, perhaps with Ian Kennedy thrown in.” — NY Times

    This is WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much. Even the middle ground between what the Yankees say and the Marlins say would be to much.

  • Rob

    Do folks really think Wang isn’t worth more than any of the three pitching prospects? Dude may not be a #1 but he is a legit #2 or 3. And with the last two very solid years, he’s proven he’s a very good MLB starting pitcher and one with three more team controlled years. The same can not be said of any of the three young arms. They MAY be fantastic, but you never know. Problem is, you don’t know which one to move, so why not none of the above?

    I honestly can’t see how Melky and Wang (with a Grade B/C prospect or two) isn’t enough for Cabrera. Someone want to enlighten me?

    Meanwhile, I understand it’s then the Yankees taking on more risk, but they should know they’ll win in the post-season with pitching but get there with hitting. Take the chance that of all their arms (Joba, Hughes, IPK, Horne, Rasner, Karstens Marquez, Brackman), they’ll get at least three above average ones in the next two-three years with one a legit #1. To me, that’s a better bet than think CMW will morph into an ace. So give it two-three years, meanwhile the Yanks continue to work in the youth and if they progress faster than expected the Yankees legitimately contend each year, especially based on offense.

    • Steve

      I think youre right but Wang might be cost preclusive for some of these teams. He is now heading into his Arb years and could cost a team some money as opposed to the other guys who have shown they have bigger upside and are cost effective for three years and controllable for another 3. Not to mention Wang is 27 and will start next year at 28. For a team like the Marlins, Hughes, Joba and IPK may be more attractive, for financial reasons and they dont have to complete immediately.

  • Ricochet

    Well the package that I suggested before was Melky, IPK and Juan Miranda but if they want a pitcher instead you replace Miranda with Horne or Marquez.

    Miguel Cabrera is a special player and you can’t let a talent like that get away if you have a chance to get him.

    I’ve been suggesting the Yankees role the dice in ’08 and that would mostly come from the defensive side of the ball in that I would spend any money to replace Melky if this deal actually happened and would go with Damon for 1 final season in CF and then he can finish his contract out as the LF. At that point Giambi’s contract is off the books and Matsui can be the CH in his final year.

    Another reason I mention rolling the dice is that I would have Miguel Cabrera at 3rd base for 1 last season before shifting him to 1st in ’09.

  • Rob

    I can’t agree that any of the Yankee pitching prospects has “shown they have a bigger upside” than Wang. Indeed, it would be a great effect if they’re even as good as him. Problem is, that’s still very iffy – see for instance the history of baseball littered with the charred remains of pitching prospects.

    My only reason to trade Wang is to avoid rolling the dice on one, or more, of Hughes, Joba, or IPK. You know what you have with Wang. The others are at best an educated guess.

  • Steve S

    Agreed but I think Wang has also shown what he is going to be and his limited ability to strike people out reduces his value. Teams are less likely to look at Wins and Losses when playing for the Yankees. They will concentrate on the so called peripherals and while Wang is a front end guy, he is a known commodity. A team like the marlins will favor rolling the dice on those guys who could are more likely to miss bats. And like I said are younger and cheaper than Wang.

    What I do think helps is the Red Sox seem closer to signing Lowell, which means the market for teams interested in Cabrera is one less and doesnt require the Yankees to give up as much. From all accounts there are very few teams that have a group of player capable of getting Cabrera free. It seems like its the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Diamondbacks (and they have a 3b and a 1b), and perhaps Detroit or the Indians. I think the Yankees should just sit tight and let the market settle. Arod is going to cast a huge shadow over everything. And everyone is waiting to see if they bluffed on this whole deal.

    • Rob

      Dude has had a 120 ERA+ for two straight seasons with over 400 innings pitched. Further, he’ll cost them significantly less than Willis (500k this year vs. 6 million) and has had much better numbers in a much tougher division.

      I honestly think Melky+Wang is a no-brainer. Question is: Would the Yankees see it that way? For the Marlins, they get significantly more than they got for Beckett.

      The only risk: Giving up a 2/3 rather than potentially trading away one or more 1’s.

      • Steve S

        wang is not running them $500- he is arb eligible this year which means hell cost as much much more. Especially if you’re his agent.

    • Rob

      Still less than Willis. He’s not getting >6 million in his first arb year.

      If they trade Willis too, they will have actually improved their team while saving money. Win-win all around.

      By the way, I think Wang’s value is at it’s absolute highest right now. Melky’s getting close there too. Sell high!

      • Steve S

        I agree with you, but I dont think the Marlins are interested. Unlike other teams, they consider arbitration to be cost preclusive, thats why these rumors have started now with both Willis and cabrera, and the willis rumors have been rampant for three years now. Also why they traded Beckett when they did. I think Melky, Wang and a minor leaguer can get you Santana. It will be hard for most teams to beat that. The Twins while low revenue and low budget have not sunk to the Marlins level.

  • JCP

    Seems like there’s a lot of optimism juice going around in terms of what the Yankees can get.

    Interesting thing I just saw – we all value Melky on the basis of his defense but the Fielding Bible has him as the second worst CF in baseball.

  • JCP

    If, as BP says, the Marlins want a slugger also, then there’s always Shelley Duncan, who has value as probably a league average (or slightly below) 1B or corner OF.

  • JCP

    btw, in case any of you haven’t seen this – it’s a nice summary of some ideas for the Yankees offseason over at THT

    • Mike R.

      The Bill james link was posted and discussed earlier. The hardball times article has been posted in previous discussions. I for one believe that the article is somewhat convoluted and based on author speculation. I’m not sure many of those moves even make any sense.

      • JCP

        apologies for being a bit behind. agreed that the moves proposed by the article are not entirely desirable (Jones, J. Wilson) and that you’d prolly have to give up at least IPK to get Santana, but it did stimulate some thinking for me

        • Mike R.

          No apologies necessary. It was more of a letting you know comment than a reprimand. :)

          I also agree on your IPK statement. I am only in favor of giving up pitching to get pitching. I think that’s the kinda deal we need to make. I have also advocated a 1 year $20 million contract for Andrew Jones since I read he was a type B FA.

          • JCP

            if you can get jones for the 1 year, by all means go ahead. but I think someone’s going to bite hard on this one and pony up the big dollars – which sucks because I’m convinced the guy is far from through offensively, and his defense is still out of this world at the 4th toughest position on the field.

            • Mike R.

              I think it’s a possibility. If the numbers that Boras is getting on long term deals is not to his liking he might sign a lucrative one year deal Jake Westbrook style

  • JCP

    I think a large part of the reason so many people seem willing to give up IPK is Joba and Hughes. Methinks without those guys IPK would suddenly be deemed ‘untouchable’. This doesn’t change the fact that the guy is the reigning MiLB pitcher of the year, and still a heck of a prospect with a heck of a lot of value in his own right.

    One could make the argument that he’s the 6th best SP prospect in baseball (ahead of Cueto, Bailey, Porcello)… that means he’d be the best pitching prospect on all but 3 teams (excluding Gallardo & Lincecum because of their loss of rookie status)

    not that I see anyone here arguing with this….

  • http://GulfSouthConference Eric SanInocencio

    I saw a post earlier that suggested we move Betances in a trade for Cabrera. In my opinion, he is one of the last players I would move right now. High ceiling power pitchers are the most important trading chips available, but also are the arms that win you a short series.

    The Marlins are notoriously known for liking high talent type of players (Hanley, etc.). They are Jim Bowden-esque. So if you are going to make a move for Miggy, you are going to have to include some power arms. Hughes and Joba are going to be the centerpiece of any trade you’d make. That is the question we should be asking here.

    Is Melky/Hughes or Melky/Joba doable? I’d say not. Not when you could just buy Miguel Cabrera in two years (free agent after 2009). Its not like the Yankees are going broke any time soon. But, if they choose carefully, they can properly shed bad contracts while supplementing the major league team with high end talent. It is the same thing with Johan, why give up anyone of substance for him when he is a free agent in a year?

    I am of the opinion of waiting for all of these great players to become free agents. If that means we take a step back in the short term I am ok with that. It is the best model for acheiving long term success. Use your money wisely (in the draft, young talent) and stop having to fix every hole with a older veteran that is past his prime.

    • JCP

      another issue to consider is that if you get Miggy via FA then you give up 2 high draft picks, which has to be factored into the equation somehow on the pro side of trading the prospects now. not sure what the end difference is, but it has to be discussed.

    • Mike R.

      Betances is a potential #1 but he is too far off. He hasn’t even pitched a full season yet.

  • Rob

    That’s why I don’t think you can give him up. There’s a chance, albeit it smaller than for Hughes and Joba based on “stuff”, that you could be giving up a legit #1.

    Trade Wang instead.

    (And yes, I’m going to keep beating that drum.)

    • JCP

      I don’t think the Marlins want Wang – he’s got the same issue (albeit lesser) of not being cost controlled.

      • Rob

        He is cost controlled and for three more years. As I pointed out above, he’ll surely make less than Willis next year and much more likely give a better performance in return.

        • JCP

          the Marlins don’t want arb eligible players in return – Wang’s probably a ‘super 2’, and I don’t think that’s what the Marlins are looking for.

          • Rob

            Why not? He’d be their best pitcher next year. He’s cheaper than Willis (and would free them up to move his raise). And they could turn around and deal him in a two or three years for more talent.

            • JCP

              not that they wouldn’t like to have Wang but I think they’d prefer IPK. that’s all I’m saying.

              • Rob

                Based on what? One year in the minors and some college ball? Sorry, but that seems absurd, because then on some level you’re valuing IPK as worth more than Wang. I can’t see any GM thinking that way. They still want to win games. Wang is much more likely to help that and at a very cheap cost relative to the market.

  • brxbmrs

    Just for fun, check this article out on Miggy, Andruw and Melk at the end – note the blurb on Sammy Sosa in re Melky:

    From the Sporting News via Yahoo Sports:

    • Ben K.

      Somehow, I don’t see Melky going down the Creatine/steroids path so bravely paved by Mr. Sosa.

      • brxbmrs

        Ben, there’s always HGH, until MLB spends a few dollars and develops a test.

        The thing I took from the article though is something I’ve believed for a long time – guys who stick with a ml club in their early 20’s are rare and most of them do improve. Melk did it with the Yanks as well.

        Check out my Gardner response to you above as well – Gardner hasn’t shown what Melky has in terms of power in mlb.

        • Ben K.

          I saw the Gardner comp. I’d much rather have Gardner’s .380-.400 OBP and speed leading off. Melky’s power took a step back this year, and Melky just seems to me to be something of a mediocre player. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think it’s pretty easy for the Yanks to find someone better.

          • brxbmrs

            Melk at Aug 15th had a .440+ slg % – he just ran out of steam – why? beats me, I’d like to think its just youth (not used to the grind and Torre not resting him) and a conditioning issue that could be remedied.

            I’m all for trading Melk while his value is high and for a young super star, and I’m all for giving Gardner a real shot, however, his AAA #’s were .260/.343 – not the .380/.400 obp you are projecting.

            I’m excited about his AFL #’s but 2 years ago Eric Duncan was the MVP of the AFL and we all know how that worked out.

            Melk proved twice he was too good for AAA – and he did it 3 years earlier than Gardner – all things that should not be dismissed.

            Bottom line, Melk was a much better player than Gardner at a younger age.

            A few years ago the Yanks were trying to get David De Jesus to roam CF – they got a better guy from the farm the last few years.

  • Perry O.

    What about our old friend Aaron Boone as a cheap 3rd base option, doesnt anybody know if he’s a free agent or no? he could platoon with Benemit. At least we made it to the world series with him as our 3rd baseman i know its not 2003 but maybe we will get good karma out of it.

    • barry

      he is a free agent this year.

  • Mike R.

    Aaron Boone can be on my team anyday.

    • Ben K.

      This made me laugh. Good one, Mike.

  • Mike R.

    What the hell would we be talking about if A-Rod had signed an extension?

    • Ben K.

      Yeah, I have no idea.

      • Mike R.

        Blessings in disguise my friend.

  • barry

    This is extremely random thought I had but if Miggy comes to New York and then goes to first base is it possible for someone like shelley to play 3rd, I don’t remember clearly but something tells me that I remember him playing a game or two at 3rd in Scranton.

    • Mike R.

      Shelley is no third baseman. I don’t think he is really an option at third. They barely trust him at first.

  • Perry O.

    I may get blasted for this post but commend me for at least thinking outside of the box for cheap replacements. what about mark teahan on the royals? he is a nice young player and wouldn’t take much to get him. We get a fairly dependable hitter with decent speed and great range.The royals do not need him b/c of Alex Gordon. They moved him to RF but his original position is 3rd base.

    • Kanst

      He would be a good pickup but I think you are wrong on your thought that it wouldnt take much. He is a young guy and they seem pleased with him in RF I highly doubt they try to move Teahan unless they are blown away with an offer

      • Perry O.

        you think we could get him for..hmmm idk…something like Melky, 2 mid level pitching prospects Clippard, White

  • brxbmrs


    The guy you can live with at 3rd is Betemit if Miggy plays 1st.

    I’d like to see Shelley get alot of AB’s this year though

    • barry

      If only we didn’t have Giambi or Damon then we’d have more room. I agree with the AB’s and I guess I just don’t want to see shelley disapear.

  • Mike R.

    I think Shelley’s AB will depend on Giambi’s health so he should be somewhere around…500 – 550.

    • barry

      If you had to guess what type of ceiling do you think shelley has?

      • Mike R.

        If I had to take an optimistic guess I would say a line of .260/.350/.550 with 30 HR 100 RBI. That would probably be the best we could expect, but I wouldn’t recommend expecting it.

        • barry

          The price is deffinately right with him then, and who knows what Girardi might be able to do with him. Thanks for the guess.

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  • Perry O.

    Btw, speaking of Afraud when is he going to man up and say something publicly about his opt out instead of hiding behind Boras. I’m glad hes gone because hes a cancer that can’t be cured. But I’m interested in what he has to say about the situation.

    • Ben K.

      Funny you should ask. See my most recent post for a few thoughts on that.

  • Mike R.

    Further proof that Will Carroll overthinks things way too much. This is from his recent column over at BP.

    “Speaking of Rodriguez, Joel Sherman of the NY Post reminds us that there’s still arbitration to contend with. The Yankees could offer Rodriguez arbitration to get compensation picks, but risk having to go to the hearing room with Boras, the best player in baseball, and coming off a great season. There’s plenty of other arbitration cases in what could be a landmark year for the process, so don’t expect the Yankees to risk it.”

  • giselle

    i think you are all too quick to trade joba/hughes/kennedy for santana or miguel cabrera. any way you slice it (keep the kids, trade the the kids), the yankees run the risk of having their decisions backfire if they player they make the move for doesnt pan out.

    I say keep the three kids. joba and hughes are amazing, and IPK has somehow proved himself as a top starter with only a couple of major league starts. (at least) one of these three is going to pan out to be better than santana, how would you feel if that’s the guy the yankees traded?

    imagine seeing IPK in a marlins uniform sporting a 3.33 ERA with 15 wins in 33 starts and 200+ strikeouts. that would only be a waste… i’d like to keep these kids and trade any jeff marquez, al horne types.

    we really don’t need the bat, any replacement at 3rd would suffice. now that the jinx is gone we can finally get back to winning some championships.

    • barry

      I agree completely I think that with the yankees having less power in the line-up as a team we can get back to more fundamental baseball. This all goes back to Joe girardi being the best choice for manager because of all the youth the team has right now. I think with the exception of Melky the young kid’s have extremely high ceilings while Melky’s D makes him unreplacable and his bat isn’t a bad option for 8 or 9.

  • Malcard89

    i cant understand why people are giving up on wang so soon. he’s a 19 game winner on the cheap with a 3.60 era and for those who say he cant cut it in the postseason, remember 2006 when he was the only starter that could win a game against detroit in the playoffs? wang AND melky for miggy? i wouldnt even trade wang alone for miggy considering how valuable SP are in this market and in the future. same goes for hughes, one young #1-#2 starter is worth a helluva lot more than one young power bat at 1B. however, melky and IPK for miggy seems like the perfect trade to me, both are valuable but replaceable in the near future. wang, hughes, and joba are essential to our future as our top 3, they should be untouchable for anybody not named johann.

  • Kevin

    If the Yankees “could” make this trade for Cabrera they could still sign Teixeira next year. All they would have to do is move Cabrera to LF and let Teixeira play first base where he gives them gold glove defense.

    They can do both, but it is going to cost $$$$ to keep both of them along with resigning Jeter after 2010. Not to mention that through arbitration/free agency, Wang, Cano,Hughes and Chamberlain should see significant pay raises. I know they have a lot of contracts coming off the books, but this will still be a ton of money.

  • Jamal G

    Iam just stunned about the amount of people making comments to Peter’s article about David Wright being a better 3B than A-Rod. Hate the guy all you want but dont be an idiot, Alex Rodriguez was arguably a Gold Glove 3B in 2004 and 2007. Although Wright one this year, he had 2 Errors their and Im sure we can all agree that he should not have won the Gold Glove this year. I dont know if it was because of lack of competition or just popularity but no way was Wright a Gold Glove 3B in 2007.

    • LBA Prequel

      A-Rod has a cannon for an arm, and (usually) can fire it over to first with no issues and good location. Wright is terribly inaccurate with his arm. I have no idea what the Gold Glove voters were smoking, but no way he should end up with a GG. Totally agree.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Eyes on the prize guys, the object here is not to win a bunch of 11 to 10 games it’s to be competitive in the post season. That translates into pitching, pitching pitching. The post season focus and any top shelf trade bait must be used to reel in Santana.

  • barry

    I bet they wai tto see what happens with pettite before they make any trades for a pitcher.

    • LBA Prequel

      I don’t know about that. I wonder if this talk of moving Damon to the White Sox would be for Garland instead of Crede. Not that I’d really want Garland, but I think I’d take him over Mussina at this point. Hell, I’ve heard that Williams has been trying to push Contreras on Cashman instead of Garland…kind of hilarious to me.

      Then, feel free to ship Mussina to an NL team, if possible, although he has the 5/10 NTC. Maybe they can finagle a deal for a bag of BP fastballs, though if the Padres really want Igawa, I’m sure there is a market for Mussina in the NL.

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  • Kevin G.

    Yeah, probably should have done that in retrospect