Torre’s memoir to hit shelves in 2009

Hughes and Melky for Jake Peavy?
Guess the PED users!

Joe Torre is going to write a book about his 12 years managing the Yankees. Not included in this tell-all memoir will be chapters concerning Jeff Weaver and the 2003 World Series, Kenny Lofton’s role keeping the bench warm during the last four games of the 2004 ALCS, the decision to not bunt against Curt Schilling or an epilogue by Brian Cashman on why, when you stop to think about it, Torre’s time in the Bronx should have been up three years ago.

Hughes and Melky for Jake Peavy?
Guess the PED users!
  • davi

    I really respected Torre and was pissed off when he got manhandled by the Steinbrenner clan. But since his departure, I have lost a lot of respect for him. I guess its within his rights to publish a memoir but with every move he makes he sheds his victim status more and more

  • Yardisiak

    The not bunting still drives me crazy……

    • steve

      the move that irks me the most is when weaver entered the game in extra innings during the 2003 WS , he didn’t pitch the entire post season and boom he gives up the game which was a huuuuge turning point. that still gets me to this day. I hated weaver and knew he was blowing the game as soon as he entered. still can’t believe we lost that series.

      the yanks almost won 6 world series in 9 years. can you imagine ?

      • Pfistyunc

        Let’s not let Aaron “can’t get a man home from third with less than 2 outs” Boone off the hook that easily. That game should have been over well before Weaver shit it away.

  • dan

    I can’t wait to read about what’s not gonna be in it.

  • Mike A.

    What about all the good moves he made though? Why is everyone so quick to dismiss those and bring up the negatives? He didn’t lead the team to 4 WS titles (and 6 appearances) in 11 years by accident.

    It’s all in the past now, no point in dwelling on it. Bah, shit like this bugs me to no end.

    • steve

      i agree, he has made some stupid moves and some good ones, but I can’t wait to see what he does in LA … it’ll be very interesting to see if he will be the sub 500 career record manager he was pre NY or if he will be the hero and bring the dodgers a championship.

      ps: any one of us could have led the 98 team to the world series. jk …. or am i ?

  • brxbmrs

    I’m glad Joe is publishing – the man needs the money and the publicity ;-)

    Ben, your opening blurb is classic.


    As for “leading” the Yanks to 4 WS titles – how long do we have to be grateful for something that not only happened 7-11 years ago, but are we supposed to ignore the team Joe was HANDED – gimme a break…