Wasting money on middle relief

Twins' demands for Santana coming into view
Yanks, A-Rod settle on 30 million reasons to break the HR record

Hot on the heels of of the White Sox’s signing of Scott Linebrink for four years and $19 million comes the obvious story: The new market for relievers — set by the Yankees and Mariano Rivera — will impact the Yanks’ bullpen plans. The real (terrible) news however is that the Yanks are interested in Ron Mahay, David Riske and Trever Miller. Considering that these mediocre relievers, a speciality of the Yanks lately, are going to want multi-million-dollar, multi-year contracts, the Yanks are simply better off with their internal options. Maybe Riske is worth the risk, but Miller shouldn’t even be under consideration. I hope Brian Cashman realizes that.

Twins' demands for Santana coming into view
Yanks, A-Rod settle on 30 million reasons to break the HR record
  • Douche McGee

    I think signing Riske is too risky.

  • Ivan

    Over the years, bullpens for all teams not just the yankees are extremely difficult.

    I Too think that fixing this bullpen you might have to go internal here but that too won’t be easy.

    For starters, I not as high on Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez needs to improve his command (especially on the fastball). We don’t know how will Mark Melancon recover from TJ surgery, not to mention Kevin Whelan while is the closes one to the majors and may have the highest ceiling amoung the relief corp in our farmsystem, has major control issues. Not to mention Ohlendorf is a wildcard as well and Humberto Sanchez.

    Bullpens are really hard to fix. As for Vizcanio, I would let him walk and take the picks you know.

    Ireally like Kevin Whelan thoguh, if he can just throw enough strikes then were good money you know.

  • http://riveravenuewatch.blogspot.com Mike NYY

    Riske? The guy who was with the Sawx two years ago?No thanks

  • barry

    I think they go wit whats in the farm as well. They all looked better than the rest of the Yankee bullpen throughout the season.

  • Steve A

    Chris Britton deserves a shot, as does TJ Beam. Torre never gave these guys much of a chance to stick. Vizcaino should be brought back as well.

    Our best hope might be getting relief help via a trade. With so many teams looking for a closer, I wonder if an NL team might come knocking on Farnsworth as he’s in the last year of his deal. We might not get much back, but if the Yanks kick in some cash, we could get something of value.

  • PsiFighter37

    I’d agree with using the in-house options. Re-sign Viz, use Ohlendorf, Ramirez, and Sanchez, and see what everyone else has. If we really need a lefty, just keep Ron Villone; it’s not like there are better options out there. And maybe if Girardi doesn’t abuse him like Torre did in 2006, he’ll regain some semblance of form that he had earlier in that season.

  • barry

    throwing this out there, what do you guys think about trying to acquire dontrelle willis

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I’d rather wake up and get punched in the face everyday for the rest of my life. Dontrelle on the Yankees would be uglier than you could ever possibly imagine.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I was just going to say, “No. I hate the idea.” But Mike’s description is much more colorful.

      • Count Zero

        Agreed. :-)

  • BobK

    dontrelle willis – fuhgedaboutit!

  • Count Zero

    I would give Vizcaino another shot. He was Jekkyl and Hyde last year, but some would argue that his usage was a factor.

    Other than that, I agree that I would stick with the internals. There are so many possible options in the minors that I would just keep trying them all until somebody steps up and proves he deserves to stick. Britton, Beam, Veras, Ramirez, Ohlendorf, Patterson. Sanchez and Melancon still need more seasoning, but maybe come summer. I honestly believe somewhere along the line a couple of those guys will step up and deliver better than any FA middle relief we’re going to get. Well, other than that Jenks rumor that was going around earlier.

  • dan

    I think the opening day bullpen will consist of Mariano, Vizcaino, Britton, Edwar, Ohlendorf, Farnsworth, with Patterson having a shot to make it over Edwar if he has a great spring and Edwar struggles. I really don’t see them spending much money on more than one guy. If they sign Riske, then he’ll replace one of those guys, but the ‘pen will probably have 3 kids next year to start.

    • JP

      I can’t believe how much we’ve forgotten about Britton. Unless he sleeps with Girardi’s wife he should have a decent shot at the Yankees BP. The dude was a solid major league arm before last season started and then got buried in the minors. They should at least be fair and give him a chance.

  • Spike

    With Torre and his constant bullpen mismanagement gone, I expect the bullpen to be better next year. I would definitely look to trade Farnsworth, and I’d even pay his train ticket out of here. I would bring Vizcaino back, depending on what he wants, and look for internal options. I do really like Edwar’s stuff. Maybe he can turn the corner this year and become something special out of the pen?

    • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

      I like Edwar too….maybe he can eat some cheeseburgers this offseason dude makes Lugo look like Rich Garces

  • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

    But seriously I think Dan is right on…the Yanks always sniff around everyone during the offseason..the best option is what we already have and I’m fine bringing Viz and Villone back if the price is right…

  • http://www.baseballhotcorner.blogspot.com Mark

    More evidence that sooner or later Chamberlain goes back to the pen.

    • barry

      not gonna happen

    • RollingWave

      If they somehow get Santana and/or resign Pettitte it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to use the Francisco Liriano protection on him, start him as the setup and then insert him into the rotation later in the year to conserve innings. it also give the team some time to sort out the kids to figure out who’s got it and who doesn’t.

  • ohbwonhomie

    now see thats the ticket. I just hope we apply that thinking to the rotation as well. Our milb is stronger than its been in awhile. I believe brit and ohlendolf can handoff to mo till sanchez is ready. i would try henn out as the lefty again. ramirez along with either patterson or tj beam for long work. whelan needs to work out some mechanics. really cant have your bullpen guys going out throwing balls n walking guys. if need be sign mahay but thats all folks. farns needs a ticket out i’ll chipin.

  • Chris

    why not take the big market version of the san diego approach with middle relievers. they sign, for the most part young failed starters who couldnt make it because they didnt have a 3rd pitch or had injury problems.

    why not bring in kerry wood? put him in middle relief and if he finds success – his stuff dictates it would – then maybe he eventually becomes mariano’s successor. DOnt know if he would want to start, but i dont think his arm can take that and he knows it.

    • barry

      I wish opening day was tommorow. I wish Kerry Wood could still start.

  • barry

    A-Rod’s marketing bonuses detailed.

  • Fuzzy

    Next year’s bullpen will accumulate more frequent flyer miles back and forth to Scranton that it will remind us old timers of the Columbus Shuttle. One thing is certain, the bullpen in April will in NO fashion resemble that of September. NYY have some serviceable arms ready to give it a go in April: Edwar, Karstens, Veras, Chase Wright, etc. Everyone is hot on Ohlendorf, but I will argue that unless he dominates spring training that he’ll start at AAA. Look at the out of options guys and assume that they get one last shot: Henn and Bruney. Add to that Rasner who is either out of options or has only 1 left, and suddenly the pen is crowded with mediocre talent trying to hang on. By mid season we could see some help coming: Marquez, Horne, and J.B. Cox and maybe McCutchen. By the end, however, Sanchez and Melacon might be ready. These are the future arms of the pen – we’re kidding ourselves if we think that any more than 2 of the menagerie in April will be NYY quality bullpen arms. It will take more than just Joe Girardi to make these guys into a bullpen – it will take patience for the real arms to be ready.

  • Chris

    but how many games does it cost us while we wait…this is going on 3 or 4 years where the bullpen has stunk…why cant this be fixed? this is the richest team in basebal and i watch small market teamsput together great bullpens with pieces from other organizations. – Obviously the traditionalmethod of signing bullpen vets doesnt work too well although Grdon was a great “regular sseason” guy — can we try to get some good arms in here to ick up some inning rather than depending on farnswortheless and the kids

    i dont want another year where they are 10 games out coe the all star break. remember too if the yanks go into the season with three 22 year olds – those kids will be on pitch counts limitting their innings and making the 6th and 7th guys that much more important