Yanks to offer arb to A-Rod for draft picks


The Yankees plan to offer A-Rod salary arbitration so they can pick up two draft picks when he signs with some other team. More on A-Rod later (for a change), but this is definitely a good move by Cashman. Even in the unlikely event that A-Rod accepts, the Yanks would simply be retaining one of the best all-around players.

Update: Sean McNally points us to a post of his from last week on RLYW predicting this exact turn of events. Now if only someone would tell that to Baseball Prospectus

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  • steve

    i’m perfectly happy with this. what’s the worst thing that could happen? he accepts and comes back for 25-35 million for one year ? it would be a slap in the face to boras. the odds of him accepting and coming back for one year is maybe 1%. but it’s worth it for the picks.

  • barry

    Seems like a “no-brainer.” You know he wont accept so whats the difference.

  • Mike R.

    Barry hit the nail on the head. This is absolutely a no-brainer.

  • huuz

    is this even a debate?

    there is no downside and only upside.

  • John

    Another upside-
    If he accepts arbitration, it gives the Yankees an ‘excuse’ to back off their hard line and offer Arod a longer deal.

    “He was going to be on the team anyway…”

    If he agrees to arbitration he gets to keep his no-trade, right?

    • Adam

      No. His old contract is gone, he opted out of it. However, I believe players on Arbitration can’t be traded before a certain date. So we can’t offer it, have him accept and then trade him. We’d have to wait until June or July, maybe a bit earlier.

  • steve

    i’m 99% sure that if he has a one year deal through arbitration he has no trade clause. which would make things pritty pritty pritty interesting

    • steve

      whoops. i meant doesn’t have a no trade clause. is that a double negative? he would be able to be traded without his consent. heh.

  • Andrew

    A-Rod currently doesn’t have a no-trade clause to keep, he opted out of that. With arbitration, A-Rod would get a large salary for one year, with no no-trade clause or anything. The Yankees could concievably acquire him for a year, and then flip him to any team for a pretty hefty package of prospects or good young players. A-Rod for one year = no risk, all reward.

    And that is why Boras will just have to reject the arbitration, and put A-Rod on a market where the Yankees actually and certainly don’t exist. Or, come to the Yankees with an offer of an extension, saying if A-Rod accepts arbitration, they’ll forgo the arbitration hearing and agree to a deal instead. Dunno if MLB allows for that, but it seems possible.

  • Sean McNally

    Not to toot my own horn here, but…. From Oct. 31 on RLYW

    I’m a genius!

    • Ben K.

      Ah, good stuff, Sean. I updated the post to reflect your powers of predicting the future!

      • Sean McNally

        And for those of you interested – tomorrow’s Daily Number will be 5 7… wait, whats that?

        Oh sorry, Yolanda Vega says I shouldn’t spoil the surprise. ;-)

        • Ben K.

          Hey, I’d be happy just knowing the weather for tomorrow.

          • Sean McNally

            Partly sunny. Chance of clouds. Maybe a shower. Start cool, then warms up.
            Sunset just before dark.

  • Jamal G

    I dont see how the Yankees could possibly trade A-Rpd in the distinct possibility that he accepts the one year arbitration offer. Who is going to give up the young talent that it would take to acquire A-Rod just to have him for one year? As for that 72 hour negotiating window I dont see how in the hell a team is going to hammer out a deal with Boras that THE TEAM is comfortable with. I mean the Boras camp would hold all the leverage.

    • Sean McNally

      I don’t know if it’d be a trade for prospects, but rather a trade for another free agent to be (READ: Sanatana, Johann).