Yanks to offer arb to A-Rod for draft picks

The asking price for Miguel Cabrera (or Filling the 3b hole, part 2 of many)
A few A-Rod conspiracy theories

The Yankees plan to offer A-Rod salary arbitration so they can pick up two draft picks when he signs with some other team. More on A-Rod later (for a change), but this is definitely a good move by Cashman. Even in the unlikely event that A-Rod accepts, the Yanks would simply be retaining one of the best all-around players.

Update: Sean McNally points us to a post of his from last week on RLYW predicting this exact turn of events. Now if only someone would tell that to Baseball Prospectus

The asking price for Miguel Cabrera (or Filling the 3b hole, part 2 of many)
A few A-Rod conspiracy theories
  • steve

    i’m perfectly happy with this. what’s the worst thing that could happen? he accepts and comes back for 25-35 million for one year ? it would be a slap in the face to boras. the odds of him accepting and coming back for one year is maybe 1%. but it’s worth it for the picks.

  • barry

    Seems like a “no-brainer.” You know he wont accept so whats the difference.

  • Mike R.

    Barry hit the nail on the head. This is absolutely a no-brainer.

  • huuz

    is this even a debate?

    there is no downside and only upside.

  • http://www.pinstripealley.com John

    Another upside-
    If he accepts arbitration, it gives the Yankees an ‘excuse’ to back off their hard line and offer Arod a longer deal.

    “He was going to be on the team anyway…”

    If he agrees to arbitration he gets to keep his no-trade, right?

    • http://sport.newsvine.com Adam

      No. His old contract is gone, he opted out of it. However, I believe players on Arbitration can’t be traded before a certain date. So we can’t offer it, have him accept and then trade him. We’d have to wait until June or July, maybe a bit earlier.

  • steve

    i’m 99% sure that if he has a one year deal through arbitration he has no trade clause. which would make things pritty pritty pritty interesting

    • steve

      whoops. i meant doesn’t have a no trade clause. is that a double negative? he would be able to be traded without his consent. heh.

  • Andrew

    A-Rod currently doesn’t have a no-trade clause to keep, he opted out of that. With arbitration, A-Rod would get a large salary for one year, with no no-trade clause or anything. The Yankees could concievably acquire him for a year, and then flip him to any team for a pretty hefty package of prospects or good young players. A-Rod for one year = no risk, all reward.

    And that is why Boras will just have to reject the arbitration, and put A-Rod on a market where the Yankees actually and certainly don’t exist. Or, come to the Yankees with an offer of an extension, saying if A-Rod accepts arbitration, they’ll forgo the arbitration hearing and agree to a deal instead. Dunno if MLB allows for that, but it seems possible.

  • http://www.replacementlevel.com/ Sean McNally

    Not to toot my own horn here, but…. From Oct. 31 on RLYW

    I’m a genius!

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Ah, good stuff, Sean. I updated the post to reflect your powers of predicting the future!

      • http://www.replacementlevel.com/ Sean McNally

        And for those of you interested – tomorrow’s Daily Number will be 5 7… wait, whats that?

        Oh sorry, Yolanda Vega says I shouldn’t spoil the surprise. ;-)

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Hey, I’d be happy just knowing the weather for tomorrow.

          • http://www.replacementlevel.com/ Sean McNally

            Partly sunny. Chance of clouds. Maybe a shower. Start cool, then warms up.
            Sunset just before dark.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    I dont see how the Yankees could possibly trade A-Rpd in the distinct possibility that he accepts the one year arbitration offer. Who is going to give up the young talent that it would take to acquire A-Rod just to have him for one year? As for that 72 hour negotiating window I dont see how in the hell a team is going to hammer out a deal with Boras that THE TEAM is comfortable with. I mean the Boras camp would hold all the leverage.

    • http://www.replacementlevel.com/ Sean McNally

      I don’t know if it’d be a trade for prospects, but rather a trade for another free agent to be (READ: Sanatana, Johann).