Yanks to rename new stadium A-Rod Park

Talks of contract offers fill the air
Cap'n Jetes in tax trouble

Just kidding. It’s going to be A-Rod Field.

In all seriousness, the Yanks are prepared to bend some of their internal contract rules for A-Rod. According to Tyler Kepner, the Yanks and A-Rod are working out some incentives that would kick in if and when the slugger passes the all-time home run mark. Kepner reports:

The sides are discussing a marketing plan in which Rodriguez, 32, would benefit financially as he passes hallowed home run benchmarks in the coming seasons. The Yankees typically do not offer bonuses to players who make the All-Star team or win postseason awards. But Rodriguez’s pursuit of the career home run record would bring increased revenue to the Yankees, and the team is willing to share some of it with Rodriguez who has 518 home runs and is already 17th on the career list.

Considering that baseball is very much a business, this is fair practice on behalf of the Yankees and a move of which Scott Boras probably approves.

When all is said and done, if A-Rod actually does return to the Yanks and signs a ten-year deal, they won’t name the new stadium after him. But it will be known, for better or worse, as the House That A-Rod Built.

Talks of contract offers fill the air
Cap'n Jetes in tax trouble
  • stuart

    the guy is a cancer why can’t people see it…. he is america today all sizzle and no meat!!!!!!!!

    I was so looking forward to getting younger and cheaper but what did the Yanks do!!!!!!Overpay for Posada(reasonable no catchers out there) but Mariano’s demands are INSANE, and now afraud will come back while facing almost no penalty for his disgusting behavior..

    the yanks will be starting 3 rookie pitchers so really where are the Yanks????

    • Jake S

      Stuart, go back to LoHud. I’ll take the “cancer” of lots and lots of dingers.

      A-Fraud! That’s pretty witty.

    • http://deleted Mike R.

      Tis the end of the world!!!! Repent heathens!! REPENT!!!!

      Why can’t you see we are living the End of Days??????

      You are a joke buddy.

    • Count Zero

      Reflections on the State of the Union aside…my IQ was reduced five points by reading this post, Stuart.

      HINT: Contrary to popular belief, adding multiple instances of a punctuation mark after every single sentence does not help with reading comprehension. Using a space after said punctuation does.

    • Kevin23

      Let’s see. Strong young arms, backed up by a potent offense. 56,000 screaming fans at every game (even cheered on the road more than some home teams). Yeah, that’s a recipe that has never won anything for anyone. Idiot.

  • Brian

    I keep going back to the idea that A-Rod, managed by Boras, really never understood the subsidy from Texas, nor the difference between his situation and Rivera/Posada. He just doesn’t understand how his situation is more like dealing with six Riveras at the same time. So, his basic reaction when everything went down was, “Huh? What…? Why’s everyone so mad…um…so what do I do now?”
    I maintain that he’s not nearly as slimy as he has been made out to be over the last few weeks. Awfully greasy and not particularly astute, yes, but not a complete slime. And give the guy credit, I’ll bet this is pissing him off, hopefully, because it messes with his regimen. That’s a credit to him, regardless of his vanity.

    • Count Zero

      I am inclined to think you’re right…at least partially. I think we sometimes give athletes credit for more…business savvy…than they actually have.

      Remember that when you consider the case of Mariano Rivera…

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I think that giving him incentives when he’s in pursuit of the record is a good idea no matter who he is. Boras wanted a piece of YES and that was ridiculous…there’s not a lot more the Yankees are going to offer….MVP, AllStar, silver sluggers, golden gloves…we got all those…no extra money…

    but breaking the tainted HR record and returning it to it’s former glory AND the Bronx? Hell yeah.

  • http://ibleedblueandwhite.blogspot.com Jamie

    Didn’t Alex get the incentives anyway the past 4 years because they were negotiated into his prior Texas contract? I remember seeing that on Cot’s Baseball Contracts.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    i too was looking forward to the circus leaving town. now we’ll have to deal with Arod shit for the next fucking decade! i’d rather let him leave, get the draft picks, and not sign a crazy 10-year contract (thats obviously going to be an albatross). i really dont care about Arod breaking the HR record, i care about winning. and $27.5 mil a seaon (PLUS incentives) aint a good deal.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I’m a bit concerned about the albatross potential myself, but I’m coming around on it. I figure A-Rod’s not a slouch, he’ll stay in shape and barring an unforseen injury, he should be productive into his late-30s and possibly even his early-40s. By then, guys like Miggy Cabrera, David Wright, Hanley Ramirez, Matt Kemp and Dustin Pedroia (hehe) will all be making over $20M per, so A-Rod’s deal won’t be THAT insane.

      Here’s the thing, will the Yanks even be able to get insurance on his deal on case he does get hurt? Who’d want to insure that?

      • usty

        Again…it’s like a credit card in those 40, 41, 42 yr old seasons. Yeah, we’re going to pay later for the luxury of having him from 32-3? whenever is going to be worth it. Plus, it’s only $. The Yankees poop money.

        All joking aside, the team is never going to be short on cash, yeah, so maybe we pay a half-effective A-rod in the last 2 years of his deal. Or maybe he outperforms a guy like Ripken, who didn’t nosedive until 40. Either way, we’re not exactly writing checks our bank accounts can’t handle. Nor will it preclude this team from going and spending money on some other guys they want to pick up. We’re not the Pirates or Royals or really any other team. We can eat 27.5 per and not really blink. Hell, they’ll just make beer 11 dollars a cup.

      • usty

        Since you brought it up Mike, I think the only thing that should worry us about this contract is the possibility of a career-ending or career-changing injury. I saw an article somewhere about the possibilites of insuring A-Rod during this deal and how unprotected the Yankees would be, but i can’t remember where at this moment.

        Keeping prospects plus spending what we have lots of ($$$) to fill a huge hole is a great move. I understand the hatred at opting out, but I still don’t understand the personal venom toward A-Rod now that he’s coming back. Or how anyone could think it’s a bad move for the Yankees. Like it or not, he’s our 3b for the forseeable future…and I’m very happy about that.

    • steve (different one)

      i can’t take anyone seriously who mentions draft picks as any sort of consolation for losing A-Rod.

      this is coming from someone who LOVES the draft and loves having the picks.

      but A-Rod is worth about 6-8 wins for the 2008 Yankees. without him they Yankees were not going to compete next year b/c any sort of trade of that magnitude (i.e. Cabrera, Santana) is going to be stealing other wins away from other places b/c you’d have to deal Hughes,Cano, or Joba in that deal.

      the present value of those draft picks are very small since the draft is 7 months away, the player you take may or may not pan out, and if they do, will be looking at 2010 at the earliest for impact.

      draft picks are great, but A-Rod is better.

      • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

        Mike, people were saying that after his deal in 2001. never happened nearly to the extent people thought it would. even Manny’s crazy contract has him making $8 mil less than Arod. is Arod worth $8 mil more than Manny? no way. look at the stats, Manny’s a better hitter.

        steve, ah yes, the short term look. Sure Arod will be good for .295/.380/.570 for the next few years. what happens when he starts declining, which could possibly happen even next year? y’all have to realize Arod had a CAREER year in 07. he’s highly unlikely to repeat it. historically speaking, he’ll only get worse from here on out.

        the draft picks MIGHT not be better than Arod. Who will have more value over the next 5-10 years, Arod or Joba and Kennedy (top two picks of 2006)? probably the pitchers, especially counting for VALUE. now not every draft is that good, but we know now that it CAN be.

        it ain’t just the amount of money (which is insane), but it puts the Yanks higher above the luxury tax. that money goes to make other teams better. i’m sick of handing out $ to make OTHER teams better. if the Yanks were run more efficiently (Lowell for 4, $60 mil?!), they would have a top team without helping out our competitors.

        the next DECADE is going to be a damn circus. it’s enough. let another team get the albatross, we get the picks and FINALLY move on. contrary to popular belief, Arod is not a prerequisite to winning. what happens when he has another 06 season? he’ll get booed. i really think its better for everyone to just split.

        and the HR record incentive is stupid too. what’s to stop him for solely trying for HRs from here on out? pride you migth say? the same pride that made him opt out DURING the WS? anyway, that seemed to be his biggest problem in 06 – always trying for the longball. now that he has a (huge) incentive just to hit HRs, why would he try to get that runner in from 2nd with a single rather than swinging for the fences?

        in closing, i’m sure i’ve overlooked some things but i tried to get all my thoughts out at once. they just came flowing.