A thought on the Mitchell list

Vizcaino to the Rox?
A-Rod: Opting out was 'a huge debacle'

Right now, a supposed list of names from the Mitchell Report is making its way around the Internet. We’ve gotten a few e-mails about it, and a few other blogs have posted it. But we’re not going to yet.

We’re not posting this list because it is pure speculation at this point. No one sending this e-mail has seen the list or the Mitchell Report, and we don’t know from where the list originated. We’re not going to smear players in advance of the publication of the report, and as The Big Lead notes, MLB is denying the accuracy of the list making the rounds. When 2 p.m. hits, we’ll have coverage for you, but not until then.

In a similar vein, as this list makes the rounds, the response seems to be some mixture of shock and outrage. But why? A few of the players that are bound to show up on the real list were named in the Jason Grimsely affidavit in 2006. It’s repackaged old news.

Meanwhile, Mitchell’s evidence is based entirely on things he heard and not things he knows. So he read the newspapers in 2006 and knows that Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens were mentioned. So he’s heard the same Miguel Tejada B-12 vitamin rumors the rest of us know. Great.

This report is an exercise in futility designed to rile the masses. In that vein, it will be a great success, but where it counts, it’s a failure tainted by biases and a non-objective stance. The sooner this is out and over with, the better off baseball will be.

Vizcaino to the Rox?
A-Rod: Opting out was 'a huge debacle'
  • Kevin23

    Dog and Pony Show. Period.

  • Dimaggio5

    If the list is based on hearsay than what purpose does it serve?

    • ceciguante

      its purpose is sensationalism…er…mccarthyism.

  • zack

    I think the only people who will be “shocked” and “awed” are 1) non-baseball fans, 2)the media 3)congress, and 4) people looking to hate specific players (aka, RSN). To anyone else, this list means diddly squat. To me, its one more embarrassing moment in Bud Selig’s tenure. Another farce to pretend he cares, when everyone knows he doesn’t.

    I WILL be outraged, however, if Bud tries to actually hand anything down because of this report. What a charade.

  • bkight

    You can see it already. Yahoo and ESPN are playing up the Yankees aspect because it helps ratings and they need their anti-Bonds type player in Clemens. We have heard all the names before. The A’s, Rangers, O’s and Yankees all had players associated with PEDs.

  • Glen L.