Bernie’s coming back!


Haha gotcha, it’s not that Bernie. The Yanks broke out the waaaaaaaay back machine and signed minor league free agent 2B Bernie Castro. Castro, as you may recall, was once a pretty big prospect for the Yanks before being traded to the Padres in late 2001 for Kevin Reese. The Yanks also signed journeyman SS Cody Ransom. I’m curious to see how these two signings affect Alberto Gonzalez, if at all.

Great name Chris Farley signed with Oakland, and Andy Cannizaro signed with the Rays. No big loss, just worth a note.

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  • Brian

    Arrrr….Candyzaro!!!!! I thought that guy would be with us forever! Not with the big club or anything, but really: WHAT GENIUSES AMONGST US SAW THE RAYS STOCKPILING THE TALENT THIS OFFSEASON? Look out AL East.

    • Ben K.

      Dude, Andy Cannizaro, not that good.

      • Mike A.

        He’s better than Josh Wilson, or whoever the hell it was that the Rays were throwing out there at short/second this year.

      • ……

        i’m pretty sure it was sarcastic though

  • Brian

    Didn’t you see that lone homer in that lone at-bat? Something like that…we got our own Mighty Mouse, Beantown! Er, the Rays have their own Mighty Mouse, Beantown!
    Yeah, I know, I’m just prepping to lose the BIG one later today…

    • Mike A.

      Shhhhhh…maybe if we don’t talk about a potential Johan trade, Hank will forget about it and we get to keep Phil!

      • Brian

        Let’s pray those BIG HIPPY WOMEN of Tennessee will distract them all…is Hank married by the way? If not, my bets are higher on him returning as Mr. Mrs. Tennessee than Phil getting traded.

        • Count Zero

          Or Mr. Love Hewitt

          • Jamal G

            LMAO, that was still one of the most honest/screwball answers Ive ever read in an interview.