• Matt

    Well you obviously have to go with Chris Britton first. He deserves more playing time!!! If Brian Bruney can work on his control, then I think he deserves a spot too. We all know that Edwar Ramirez has rediculous stuff IF YOU USE HIM MORE THAN ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS (hint, hint Girardi!!!). I think Sean Henn should be in there for lefty situations. I think Alan Horne can come in and do some pretty good bullpen duties, not with the same domination of Joba, but still pretty respectible. And last but not least, I think you need Jeff Karstens in there just as a mop up guy in case our starting pitching gets in trouble, which I don’t see happening too much this year. Notice I didn’t put in Farnsworth, HE SUCKS!!! Those would be my 6 bullpen guys. I didnt’ include MO because he wasn’t on the list

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    Mo’s already there. I guess it’s five other positions then if you assume the six starters will all make the team.

    • The Scout

      I’m guessing right now that only five starters (including Mussina) make the team and Kennedy begins the season in AAA so he can get regular work. He’ll be up with the (inevitable) first injury or when Mussina springs a leak.

  • steve (different one)

    if Henn makes the team, i will cry.

  • dan

    Don’t feel like making an account there, so if you don’t mind I’ll post my five here (if you do mind, then delete this comment, I won’t take offense). They’re not carrying 13 pichers, idk why he wants 6 guys on top of the 7 he named.

    1- Farnsworth
    2- Britton
    3- Edwar
    4- Albadalejo
    5- Ohlendorf (in the proctor/sturtze/’96 mariano role)

    And in case you’re wondering, I’d rather have Ohlie than some mediocre lefty.

  • dan

    And to add to that, Horne can come up as the swing man if Ohlendorf proves to be reliable enough in the late innings. The padres build a great bullpen every year with inexperience, why can’t the Yankees?

  • ……

    Starting with the guys that will guarantee be there:
    Mariano Rivera
    Kyle Farnsworth
    Guys that have nothing to do in the minors:
    Edwar Ramirez
    Chris Britton
    There will most likely be a trade for the lefty. For now it seems like Cashman is going hard after Damaso Marte. If I were him I’d try to pawn Kei Igawa off to the Mariners or Padres. The Mariners need SP’s and the Padres had interest in him. I like Ryan Rowland-Smith and Sherrill, although either would probably require more, the Padres have a ton of depth. I also want Ohlnedorf to find that second pitch in AAA. If Horne can prove he can be lights out in the bullpen, then I’d try him out for a while as the last guy in the pen. I’d also try to trade Farnsworth out to Baltimore as they had serious interest in him. I’d try to pry Jim Hoey or Cory Doyne, two power relievers.
    With all that being said, with no trades the last couple of bullpen spots will be Mike Mussina, Jonathan Albaladejo, and Kei Igawa. Mike Mussina can’t go deep into games, and he implodes if left out too long. If he can be a long reliever and a spot starter to relieve some innings from the big three, of course assuming he’s willing to suck up his ego. I like Albaladejo’s control and he’d be a solid if not unspectacular last man in the pen. Kei Igawa is another long reliever who can soak up some innings from the big 3.
    In AAA, Ohlendorf, Patterson, Whelan, and Karstens will battle it out. Whelan has to control his stuff though. Bruney too. Henn sucks let’s leave it at that.

  • ……

    Barring trades
    LR Kei Igawa
    LR Mike Mussina
    RP Jonathan Albaladejo
    RP Chris Britton
    RP Edwar Ramirez
    SU Kyle Farnsworth
    CL Mariano Rivera

  • dan

    From the comments I read at RLYW and here, it seems like almost everyone is in agreement over most of the ‘pen. Of course, we can’t speculate on trades, but we seem to agree on the internal options.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    For the five remaining spots to start the season I choose:

    1. Kyle Farnsworth
    2. Ross Ohlendorf
    3. Edwar Ramirez
    4. Chris Britton
    5. Jonathan “Alby-Quirky” Albaladejo

    Remember, this is the opening day bullpen to go along with Mariano and IPK or Moose. At th end of the year I full expect to see Humberto Sanchez and Mark Melancon apart of this bullpen.

  • save hughes

    farnsy, ohlie, alby, patterson, edwar

  • save hughes

    i would like to see sanche and horne later in the year as well

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    While I was on the Britton bandwagon as well for a while last year, he had a couple of outings which really made me question my support for him. I wouldn’t peg him as a shoe-in for next year.

    I’d like to see the Hornes and Marquezes of this world get a look. I’d also like for Edwar Ramirez to learn another damn pitch.

  • David

    I think you have to figure some of the other AAA prospects in the mix. I think Horne and Marquez will figure in the mix. I don’t think Sanchez helps this year. I think Meloncon will.

  • Stephen

    I’d certainly hope that Viz ends up back in the Bronx, but the FA reliever market is really getting out of control so the Yanks would have to pay a huge amount for a guy who, while very good at times, was awful at others.

    Also it’d be nice to possibly see Dotel but I doubt that’d happen cause he’s going to want closer money, not worth it for a decent setup guy who can’t stay on the field.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Dotel isn’t going to want closer money. He’s going to want Linebrink money which is absurd for a guy who hasn’t been healthy since the first term of the Bush presidency. As we’ve said ad nauseam, Dotel is no better than Veras, a cheaper internal option. The Yanks just shouldn’t get Dotel.

  • Jeff

    1) Karsteins (long man who should come in early in blow outs to preserve the young arms)
    2) Igawa (hopefully he could ramp up his fastball comming out of the pen)
    3) Veras
    4) Olendorf
    5) Fanrsworth (piece of garbage but he did look a lot better at the end of the season when he started going into the windup).
    – The more you look at the pen the more you see the need to do something about it.

  • Jerry

    I really think that Chris Britton should get a real shot this year. What about a scenario where we trade for Harden and make him a reliever? Would that be a worthy gamble of a pen spot?

  • Nefarious Jackson

    sanchez could be this years jaba

  • Chip


    I want to give Mr. Patterson a shot at the bigs but obviously this is all going to be decided in spring training aside from Mo and Farnz

  • brxbmrs

    Veras, Britton (.118 vs. lefties in 17 ab), Aby, Farns, Ohlendorf.

    Edwar, Igawa in AAA ready to come up at any time.

  • The Scout

    Am I the only one who finds the choices uninspiring? Oh, well, I guess we wait for spring training to see how it shakes out. The team had too many relievers last year who could not throw strikes. Alby does get the ball over, so I rate him as a stringer candidate than, say, Bruney. I don’t think Cashman is done, by any means.

  • Larry

    Farnz (sucks)